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March 31, 2008


Workers are slowly dismantling a home in an effort to remove a cat.

(Thanks to to Siouxie)


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did Dave take Adderall this morning? jeez, can't keep up.

He managed to snap pictures, but has yet to actually capture the cat.

Duh. If he would quit scaring the cat off with the flash from the camera he would have the cat out by now.

Poor kitty. He's probably scared to death.

I wonder if they charged extra for the built-in mouse exterminator.

Sheesh. Just use a heavy duty shopvac for cat extraction. Buncha rookies.
Yay for Siouxie finally getting posted. And Happy Cesar Chavez Day!

*removes bull costume. adds coffee*

Ceiling Cat? Is that you?

Just put something valuable and shreddable in the middle of a room. Guaranteed the cat will show up in no time.

Perhaps they should place food and water by one of those holes and then leave. The cat will probably come out on its own when the commotion dies down.

ellie, I think you may have a point there. That and all the hammering to knock down the walls. They'll never get that cat outta there.

KOW, in my case, that would be my arms. My kitten's having a field day shredding 'em.

As I have said before, there is no problem that cannot be solved by the proper use of explosives.

That, Hammie, would be a cat-astrophe.
*waves PETA membership & favorite Glock @ Hammie*

**tries to make a comment using 'Spitzer' and 'cathouse'**

*WAVES some TNT @ Hammie!!!*

Has anyone called the cat hazmat hotline?

Do this with the cat's carcas. Instant cat ass trophy.

You mean the 'Cat Haz Matt's Cheeseburger' line?

That'll never work with Hammie.

*waves this at him*

Now let's get that kitty out of there ...

*SMACKS* Steve!!! Dang you...that was sneaky!

*pours eye bleach and stabs eyeballs with dynamite sticks*

Someone put me out of my misery and light me up???

But a lot more humane than TNT, right?


*pages frantically thru bound minutes of Geneva Convention...*

*loads shotgun with humane 00 buckshot*

Perhaps they might try an exorcist?

Maybe the cat's a bit busy...

*gouges eyes out with a spoon* Thanks Siouxie! I really needed kitty porn at 10:45 in the morning.

Careful, Siouxie, kitty porn is illegal.

Yes, it is.

Hey, at least it wasn't Manilow for a change.

What did they expect? It's a housecat.

Smacks Siouxie with whip. It's opening day. Yankees are on in one hour. NO DISTRACTIONS, M'HIJA!

M'HIJA ?? Is that a Yankee battle cry ??

hehe! sorry ;-P

*zips in*™

Opening day!

Yes Steve, it is. ;)

But to get back on topic, which in my NYY excitement I forgot for a moment, all they need is a bb gun, or a can of cat food and an electric can opener. Idiots.
*eye roll*

Just wall it up. It'll stop crying sooner or later.

Sorry, Eleanor, no interest in baseball in this house. (*)

And it's the Tigers opening day too, after all...

(*) Although Max Cat is really good at shagging flies ...

Open can of tuna, put it in non-lethal cat trap, leave house, come back in the morning, find cat in trap... Gad! Have all thinking people gone to Bali or something?

UPDATE: Cat stuck betweens walls of Gilbert house removed safely<

YAY! thanks, Scott!

Cat is in non-lethal cat-capturing device with can of... what? ... sardines instead of tuna? Brilliant!

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