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March 27, 2008


Awareness Test

(Thanks to diverdowndoc)


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*zips in*™

Since I didn't get the FIRST part until the second time I looked, I think this is dumb. Not me, it. ;)

Excuse: not enough coffee yet.

Since I didn't get the SECOND part, etc, etc.

Hat trick?

OK, everyone. Time to come out and play. :)

Great video and message.

*wonders how many she can do in a row*

Starting out the morning with a simul is always a good omen. :)

I missed the bear, but saw the wombat.

They made 13 passes. As for the moonwalking bear, I hated break dancing and just ignored him anyway.

Way to get posted, DDD!!!

I saw the bear the first time, but it was actually in my livingroom. It was not moonwalking then, just surfing the cable channels with my remote.

And the Leprechaun was washing my unmentionables.

Oh, gotta go, this nice astronaut says it's time for my pills.

*snork* at Punkin. :)

*Is honored by El's snorkage*

*wipes some off with tissue*

I saw Bigfoot. He flashed at me. The PERV!

Don't worry- he won't get far on Bigfoot.

*decides not to tell Punkin she was snorking at the astronaut* ;)

I did miss the bear. But that is an excellent ad - it's easy to miss what you're not looking for, indeed!

btw, I did see the bear the first time around.

I notice crazy crap like that. I blame Stephen King.

I did see the bear, however, I did hit a cyclist because I was watching the video while driving. I blame Stephen King and his Bosox.

So long as the bear didn't wave his flotsam.

I watched twice, and didn't see a bear OR a cyclist.

wingpup, you can open your eyes now.

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