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March 28, 2008


(Thanks to Andrew Hoenig)


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So many key quotes, so little space.

I know we're not making fun of Mr. Tits.

And they look as alike as a pair, of, well ...

that must be dr. tits. in either case, lotsa good choices for rock band names. dr tits and the medicine show.....

"I send my heartiest congratulations to two giants ..."


Actually, in the pic T*ts looks a little wrinkly and saggy. NNTATWWT.

Boobs, Jeff??

The heck with Thompson . . .

ok, I knew thsat looked wrong. NTTATWWT. Better?


t h a t.

coffee, coffee...

preview, preview...

Jack Jacques Tits... My wifey told me not to do that.... too messy, she says.

Well it's nice to know Fred Thompson and his wife won something this year.

He introduced what is now known as a Tits building


*plays his favorite LP of Groucho Marx singing Tit Willow in The Mikado*

Shouldn't he have won the Booby Prize?

The work of Thompson and Tits is one are three of the outstanding accomplishments of modern mathematics. The American Mathematical Society extends its warm congratulations to them on their award of the 2008 Abel Prize

...and the award goes to John Griggs Thompson and Jacques Really-Oh-Jeez-You've-Got-to-be-Kidding-Me-Oh-That's-Awful-Snork-Sorry-Snork Tits.

Why did I immediatey think of them?

Lairbo - I can see them snickering and trying to hold back the ROLFMAO!

And of course a great mathematician like Dr Tits would know this algorithm ...

thanks, Steve. i had, until this point, managed to NOT snork coffee all over my keyboard.

I have the feeling this guy would not be a hit at Mardi Gras.

Sometimes you get an earwig for no apparent reason...

The original.

Tits wins nobel prize? Well it's about time....

Now if we can just make oral sex an olympic sport....

Cat, I love that song! and Bette!

Clearly, among all the candidates, these two were (wait for it) the Breast and the Brightest.

Thank you ladies and germs, I'm here all weekend; try the veal.

When I was doing my Master's, my advisor and her husband were working on the Kneser-T*ts conjecture. His name just doesn't get any less funny over time.

Mr. D: Was the conjecture about telling the difference between Knees and tits?

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