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March 09, 2008


All that they can be.

(Tanks to Siouxie)


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All the more reason to drink whiskey and not vodka.

That was not me.

We knew that Bali. There was no mention of dancing.

No more Bud(™) for you.

"'Of course, there were violations but the crew acted in good faith to catch up with its unit,' said Colonel Konstantin Lazutkin, spokesman for Russia's Volga-Urals Military District."

This guy would make a great Press Secretary for the Oval Orifice.

The army ....... said the tank must have been broken and fallen behind a column heading to a test site for exercises. Earlier it said the vehicle slid on melting ice.

Apparently, the Russian Army has a prepared List of Official Excuses.

And owl has hooted outside of window all night long and is still hooting. A Russian tank would come in handy right about now.

Maybe you could get that golfer from the other day to come over with his 7 iron slyeyes.

*takes aim with a 7 iron @ the jugster and a Russian tank driven by drunks @ sly*

Hey, I didn't say I recommended that; it was just a suggestion.

sly, maybe you're getting a screaming owl mail?

Screaming owl mail *snork* @ the Sioux.

*smooch* Tex! thanks!

Man, talk about being in the tank.

He probably just had to pee. He said he was looking for the Urals.

Hiya Siouxie!!!

*Blows caffeine laden smooch toward Myammmmi*

I sent you a little pick-me-up in an earlier thread. You're absolutely correct about DST.

Potty *snork* @ SW!

he was looking for the karaoke...

lol, insom.

"...and the Kazakhstan-Iraqi Mountain high..."

So did their Florida drivers licenses get sent to them yet? :)

"Thank God, they didn't shoot," the house owner said on the video.

Those Russians - always looking at the bright side!

the tank hitting a corner of the house and a laughing, and apparently drunk, driver awkwardly trying to clamber aboard with two bottles of vodka
In that order?? Seems like the Russian Army missed the real excuse: the driver forgot to set the parking brake and had to catch up to it.

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