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March 28, 2008


It turns out that the guy who claims he was raped by a wombat is... dating Eliot Spitzer!

But seriously, you will be stunned to learn that he is unable to substantiate his claim.

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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using a phone for a fictitious purpose

no comment necessary

Did anyone else see Wombat Slanderer on their last tour? Pretty good show if you ask me, I didn't hurt my bum at all.

I told you it was consensual!

SNORK at Annie-wom-bat-here!

I'd call the cops if a wombat raped me.

Sure. Blame the victim, as usual.

'Wombat rape victim' cried wolf

Oh, really? Then why isn't the wolf in jail, I ask you! Was it a gang rape?

Also, I thought you're supposed to cry "uncle" when you want someone to stop what they're doing.

I'm so confused....

Having seen a wombat up close, and knowing how short their legs are, therefore postioning their 'equipment' very close to the ground, I'd imagine the victim had to have buried himself in the ground with only his bum sticking out ala 'bicycle stand'.

He was asking for it.

*snork* @ bali. Morning!

Mornin', Diva. I'm on my 4th cuppa, how about you?

A New Zealand alcoholic makes a drunken prank phone call.

The news heard 'round the world.

Sorry. That may sound a little cynical, I guess. Just bewildering when you stop giggling for a minute and realize that this is actually being reported on, and followed up on, in England and all over the world. Slow news day in... everywhere?

On the other hand, I was relieved to hear his bum is ok. Wouldn't want the poor drunk to have to get a robotic colonoscopy or anything.

Off to do Friday stuff, blogits! Carry on -- cheerio!

*Slinks out®*

bali - that you use the term 'bicycle stand' is somehow at the same time disturbing and appealing.

I can't believe this guy struggles with alcohol, he seems to be able to consume vast quantities with no problem . .

pretty pussy, Cat. alright guys, get your mind out of the gutter.

He probably cried wolf because to cry wombat would just be lame-brained

Wait, he did cry wombat . . .

Maybe the cops thought he cried wombat, and he actually said 'not that '.

Or not.

Note to self: check to see if bali's bike has a kickstand.

The lemur made him do it.

Scratch that. The prairie dog made him do it. (careful with the sound on this one, cube-dwellers)

*snork* @ jug and Annie's 12:31.

wicked, it ain't only the guys with their minds in the gutter. just sayin'.

I would think that an attack by any marsupial would lead to hand to hand wombat.


LOL Pinky!

*taking a break from the numbers*

thank you, and that's all of news for wombats

Boy. Talk about your kiwi fruit!

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