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March 28, 2008


Sleep, sleep...ACK!

(Thanks to Russell Mc)


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paranoid much?

Looks kinda like one of Siouxie's contraptions. And I notice it offers no cure for snoring.

Where'd you nimrods get the specs for my bed? That's classified information ... !

What happens when the biological attack comes from under the sheets??

How wombat resistant is it?

... has a flip guard to prevent accidental release during an emergency condition.
What guy hasn't wished for one of those every now & then??

Ladies, here's a casting call to be an extra in a Johnny Dep movie . . .


With my luck I'd probably have him coming at me with a razor ... !

Was this bed on an episode of Knight Rider?

LOL jon

Control, dude...control!

I just want to know if it will lower cholestrol.

Siouxie - sometimes you just get distracted by a big play on ESPN...

No comet deflector? I didn't see that in the specs....

Annie, you don't mean something like this? IT's the latex latest in bedroom contraptions - I'm sure it controls snoring *EG*

jug - only if you move to the first floor.


That is available by special order only, MtB. you gotta read the fine print.

I really see no need for this kind of bed, Dave.

"The bullet proof polycarbonate barrier is designed to ... provide a sealed temporary safe room and environment."

Um...looks more like a coffin to me!!

LMAO looking back at my own link...it's like the "Space Bag" for pervs!

I kill me.

Siouxie...that's creepy. Shrink-wrapped humans. Ick.
Good job!

After the Northridge Quake out here, earthquake beds were popular. Think four-poster made from cast-iron. For about $10k. Seatbelt optional.

It protects you from "robotic arms"? Man, talk about being thorough with your paranoia.

Siouxie, you seem to be intimately familiar with all of the products on that site or were you just browsing? NTTAWWT.

Wait.. the latex bed has "A reinforced hole for the vacuum cleaner attachment."

I don't even want to know what you do with the vacuum cleaner (and I've got a pretty dirty mind already!)

daisyj, the robotic arms are defensive. In case the tear gas and weapons don't get the intruders, you can give them a nasty pinch on the arm.

jon, you use it to suck the air out, silly! (like the space bags).

wicked, just browsing ;-) Really.

la la la

Anyone else see a problem with this design (think couples)?

jon - that vacccuum is used to provide the suction to pull the latex top sheet down onto the bed (and any occupying human(s)). If you want to do anything naughty to the shrink-wrapped human with a vuccuum, you'll need a second shop-vac. Not that I have any personal experience...

and now i lay me down to sleep
hope my defenses are deep
if perimeters get breached
suppressing fire will get them teached
kevlar sheets to keep me warm
and help the bad guys buy the farm
filters to keep w.m.d's
(at least until i have to pee)

This seems contradictory to me:
"make sure that your bondage partner is comfortable"

Umm, DPC? You weren't recently doing some construction work were you?

Meanie - people that paranoid usually aren't part of a 'couple'.
*yes, I'm baiting for horror stories of paranoid spouses*

AWbh, my ex's weren't paranoid, i WAS out to get them.

Can anyone remenmber the days when you called a number hoping that the person you wanted to speak to would be at that location, and that was all the phone was good for? Or remember when a TV was piece of furniture that stood in the corner and all you had to know was how to program the VCR? Or remember when a bed was merely a thing that you slept on? Or remember when your car could be tuned by a guy in an overall with a spanner sticking out of his back pocket and a cigarette sticking out of the corner of his mouth?

*cranks up the geezer rocket*

Ah, the good ol' days, Mot.

Whoo! insom said, "perimeter!"


**swims up from the depths of he!!**
Hey Mot - I can even remember when changing the channel really WAS changing the channel - with a DIAL ! *click* *click* click* We had a cabinet TV, and VCR's were not invented yet. At about midnight, the Indian would come on the TV and emit that droning buzz noise to let us know it was time to go to bed already.
**rides Siouxie's geezer rocket back to he!!**

When I think "protection in bed" this is definitely NOT what comes to mind.

my dear old Dad told me that the only reason that i was conceived was so that he would have someone to change the channels for him. i'm not really sure that he was kidding.

Tel!!! LTNS! how's it going???

I remember that and the rabbit ear antennaes

I sooo gotta have one! They even protect against tornadoes!

Wicked - my mom told us that was why she never needed a dishwasher - she had 5 pairs of spare hands !

Hey Siouxie ! Miss you all like crazy, but we are at the end of our fiscal year. *sigh* I know this sounds bad, but being the only one who can run the programs around here SUCKS OUT LOUD !
I blurk every moment I get and you are my sanity - you keep my spirits up !

jeez Tel, she must have had a bunch of dishes to do. fortunately, my parents only had one TV.

WE are your sanity????

Oh you poor poor woman!! ;-)

(miss you too, smoooch!!!) I'm going a bit nuts here with April 15th almost here, but I have my moments I can escape).

She's an EXCELLENT cook so by the time she got done with dinner, there were always pots, pans and seven place settings to deal with. She didn't care - she had 5 kids to do the work. All she had to worry about was referee-ing the inevitable fights over who had to do the pots and pans - roundly hated by one and all !

Is this like Schroedinger's cat? Are you both dead and alive while sleeping in the bed?

Telecom...we had a VCR with a "remote". It was attached with a cable that was a useless 3' long. We still had to get up to rewind or pause, but we didn't have to walk as far.

I suppose I should get one. Seeing as I'll be at the Rice Quantum Institute in the summer, it seems appropriate enough.

Well, I'm under 5'8'' so I definitely qualify to be an extra in a Johnny Depp movie!! But it said this: "It can be a wonderful, life-changing experience. It can also be incredibly boring." What the hell?! Which one is it?

And Siouxie, that link! My god!
*wonders how many men have escaped from Siouxie's house*
*wonders how many haven't*

Siouxie - you keep me in stitches ! And your links are lethal - but I use them as self defense. When my boss wants to hang over my shoulder, I show him a link or two of yours and he runs screaming for the hills !
Right now, I've taught him how to look stuff up on the interwebs, so he and my co-worker are looking at baseball stats. Woo Hoo - break for me !!!
I'm trying to get him addicted to the net so he'll leave me alone.
Glad to be back to the living again !
(((((Siouxie))))) for April 15th - it's getting close !

The very first remotes made a loud click sound and were even called clickers. Everybody also had their own idea of what the picture quality was like and we all endlessly fiddled with the bunny ears.

*snork* @ Wench !!! Don't go to Siouxie's basement !

Anyone remember those hand-cranked VCRs? Man, those were a pain...

Mot, and we'd be fighting over how "orange" or "red" the faces looked.

Tel, thanks :-) i'm glad to know I can scare your boss into leaving you alone. It's a gift.

Lizzy, "the world may never know..."

Wench - extras stand around waiting for ever on a set...that's the boring part. That's funny you have to be under 5'8" - he must be pretty short so you can't overshadow him.

Annie - but the eats are excellent ! I guess at 5'9 1/2", I'm out of the running for that one.
Siouxie - I forgot to say THANK YOU ! You had one a couple of days ago that was like a shroud, but with strategically placed zippers - that one was sooooo worth it ! That was conversation fodder for the whole day !!! He's prolly still having nightmares, but doesn't want to admit it ! Heh heh heh !

hehe! you are so very welcome!!

Annie---if I was starring in a movie, I would have to request that all the extras be 4'11'' and under. Preferably well under, cause I want to look tall for a change.

Yes, Tel, the eats are wonderful on a set. Glad to see you're entertaining your boss.

"It can be a wonderful, life-changing experience. It can also be incredibly boring." What the hell?! Which one is it?

Wench, may I add that's also true about marriage?

"It can be a wonderful, life-changing experience. It can also be incredibly boring." What the hell?! Which one is it?

Wench, may I add that's also true about marriage?

Hi Annie -
I did a bunch of work for Warner Bros. back in the day when I was still in telecomm, and we were allowed pretty much everywhere there was a phone, or phone jack. Pilfered some good eats, while zipping around on my golf cart !
My boss needs a girlfriend or a hobby - I'm trying to work on the hobby part, with the computers !

Baligurl, that is what chocolate is for. The downtimes. I'm sure it has saved many a marriage.

Wench - yup. I used kisses to wake up my ex. Hershey kisses. Airborne ones.
And stay outta our food service, dammit!

HA ! Did I beat Siouxie to #69 ???

...fired from a potato gun....

Annie, the number one rule of marriage is:
1. Never throw the chocolate.
Plates are much more expendable. Chocolate is forever.
And I couldn't help myself! The food service was just so tempting!

The only place chocolate is forever is on my thighs.

Annie - I woulda stayed out of the food service, except that they make it look so darned yummy, I couldn't stand it. And that way I didn't have to go to the commissary at lunch - neener !

My ass.

*Slinks in®*

Mot, your post brought up a funny memory. When I was a teenager, "On TV" came out. It was the first (I think) pay tv service here in Chicago.

The channel (yes, I think it was only one channel) was broadcast over regular airwaves, but scrambled. If you purchased the service, you got a de-scrambler of some kind.

Of course, we didn't subscribe. But sometimes if you were regular-channel surfing, you would catch moments of the On TV channel that were unscrambled.

And late at night, On TV ran "adult" fare. Very adult. Very, very, adult.

I will never forget when my parents were in the other room, chatting away, looking for a program to watch. Click-click-click on the manual dial (those were pre-remote days, at least in our house).

Conversation I overheard:

"Find something funny. Is Johnny Carson still on?"

Click. Click.

"What's that?"

"It's that new channel."

"Why is it all wavy like that?"

"You have to pay for it."

"Oh, look! The waving stopped! [click] Wait! Go back!"


"See? It's not waving anym...

What are they doi..."





"Aww..." *


(This is a particularly funny memory for me, because my parents were such church-going, clean-living people. It was all I could do not to SNORK out loud from my room, once I realized what they found themselves watching... for FREE!)

* signal re-scrambled

*snork* Cat ! That's HYSTERICAL ! Loved the way you wrote that - I was right there with ya !!!

Cat, that is priceless!!! LMAO

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