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March 07, 2008


On South Beach, the omelets contain a secret ingredient.



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I wonder what the cheeses favorite gay song is?

lol wut

um, is it me, or is the link missing that we should click on?????

assumes it comes with fruit on the side.

um . . . never mind.

Swish Cheese W[not]BAGNFARB...

NTT . . .

Perhaps "It's raining Gouda men"

Was it supposed to be a secret?

Oops, didn't see the title (too busy going cross-eyed trying to read the crap-cam pic)

Who knew that there is a YMCA on SoBe?

Peccers are extra.

That crap-cam pic was crappier than usual.

They also make fine watches . . .

"Great cheese comes from gay happy cows."

Whatever you do, don't go back at lunch and order the Swish Steak.

Seriously, with the crappyness of the crap cam and my bad vision it looks like it says peccers, swish cheese and tomsasses. What sort of cafe is this?? Why is Dave eating there?

The answer is that someone else is probably paying or it.

*rim shot*

Thank you. I'll be here for the 2nd show. Please remember to take care of your servers.

*throws a "f" up there*

*wonders what's in the holes*

You have to love those flamboyant South Beach Omelets.

Bãrön, PLEASE don't tell me what's in the eggs....

Eggbeaters, DD. Real eggs aren't allowed in the establishment...

LOL, ec!

I'd Edam.

SoBe has swish cheese. SoHo has something worse:


I'll bet on the lunch menu that the spinach salad has fey-ta on it.

They had better not serve orange juice with that or Anita Bryant will really be ticked.

Danny's link, and it should be noted that they also have Swish Chocolate

Danny, I think you might have put several of the women right off chocolate with that thought....

Inspirational item: I have just read a wonderful article about an amazing woman. I am proud to say that she was one of my colleagues in the library here until just before her graduation. Her name is Rosemary Bichage, and she is the subject of the cover story of the University's magazine, Perspectives. To read her story - and please do - click that link and then click on the magazine cover on the right side of the page. Her story, "Unbreakable," begins page 5. You will not look at your life's adversities the same way again. //inspirational notice

Does Swish cheese come as a wheeeeeeeee...l

I'm guessing the crapcam was fuzzy because Dave was laughing hysterically.

Wow... those wacky New Yorkers... Thangcksz Baron. I'm throwing away my Fannie May right now.

There's gotta be a tie-in to "flaming" here somehow, but I got nothin'.

So a Florida Cheesehead would still be a Packers fan? Just a little different? NTTAWWT.

Wouldn't Flaming Swish Cheese be a homoerotic fondue? NTTAWWT

*YUCKsnork* @ Bãrön!!*

Baron - only if served on a Schicksa-BOB.

AWbh - is that one that we have to peel ourselves?

Annie... does a Schicksa-BOB use AA, AAA, C or D cells? Oh, and how do you keep if from melting when you have flaming Swish cheese impaled on it?

Ok... the visual is now getting a little disturbing.

*gets the brain bleach ready for the inevitable answer*

*swishes in*

*orders omelet*

*sashays over to table a la Nathan Lane in Birdcage and takes a seat to wait*

Baron, me thinks a Schicksa-BOB is a plug-in, IYKNWIM, AITYD.

Lady Swish, what would be your pleasure?

*limp-wristed wave to Eleanor*

"Funny, he doesn't look Jewswish."

Perhaps that's cheese they swish around in the lemon wedge bin? And there is something wrong with that.

Thanks, but I think I'll pass on that South Beach diet...

Mushrooms and cheese (swish of course) and you singing Bohemian Rhapsody while serving me, IYKWIM...;)

Foppishly excellent choice.

Ru Paul just announced the end of his presidential campaign.

Wait, that was Ron Paul announcing the end of his campaign. Never mind.

Alien8, I can understand your confusion.

*snork* @ alien8!

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