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March 08, 2008


Before purchasing, please look up "embouchure."

(Thanks to Danny)


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Fire in the Hole WBAGNFARB

How's this, ellie? :) And howdy!

Dav, I'm very glad I have not had dinner yet. BLYECH!!

I thought those took C batteries Siouxie? ;)

S'okay, Jug, I'm only good 3 or 4 times a year for frufru drinks. The rest of the time, gimme a manly drink and a bloody steak, and I'm good to go.

ellie, they're teenagers. they'll notice, and then they'll throw a party. :D

Thanks Sioux, it could be a long night!

Doc, why is Jagermeister in so many of those shots? My favorite hangovers were the result of Jagermeister!

DavCat - had 'em?? I invented the Nasty Bitch!

What is your manly drink of choice Bali?
(man that just sounds wrong...)

SNORKS @ Sioux. Thanks for the drink Diva!

*wonders how Doc knows about the vibrass batteries*

Ellie, God hates liquor thus he made sure Jagermeister was a key ingredient in most mixed drinks...or so I'm told. That's why I stick to good old beer. *mmmm...beer....ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh*

thanks, ellie ;-)

I was wondering the same thing.

jug - wrong is apparently right around these parts. ;D

Here's the description from the page, properly censored:

VIBRASS is a completely new device for massaging the **** and ***** muscles. A vibrating mouthpiece gently massages the ***** increasing the blood circulation. VIBRASS helps to relax and regenerate the embouchure after ***** a ****. Tired and aching lips are no longer a problem. Use VIBRASS after strenuous ******* and you are able to begin afresh within minutes. All ******* and ****** fit comfortably into the ******. VIBRASS - for the use of professionals, amateurs, students - for everyone!

A small electric motor drives a shaft which in turn vibrates the ***** into which your ****, *****, ***, ***** or ***** then fits (a separate adaptor is supplied for each *****).

Before *******, VIBRASS should be only used for about two minutes to avoid too much blood flowing into the ****. After playing, VIBRASS can be used for 5 - 10 minutes to relax and regenerate the *****. The optimal length of time to use VIBRASS differs according to personal taste.

Ellie, I worked at 2 TV news stations for about 6 years. It's amazing what women will talk about after a few mixed drinks after work.

*snork* @ Jeff - that's like seeing the written lyrics for "I'm ******* Matt Damon."

DavCat, that liquid steak sounds pretty tasty to me.
Manly d o c, Jug? Prolly vodka martini (don't even open the vermouth, just pass the the bottle overhead) very dirty. I do like a nice bourbon, neat. But I don't drink as often as I pretend to here on the board, I'm busy getting in shape for scuba season.

Diva, you're (not your) ******* Matt Damon? Lucky!

God doesn't hate liquor Doc. God hates jagermeister

*MartiniSnorks* @ Jeff

Dang, snorked my 'tini. Somebody get me a Jagermeister!

Mmmmm...thanks, Diva, that's devine (and so are you...hic)!

Jagermeister! And I thought shots of HotDamn 100 were nasty. (They work for a cough, let me add.) Jug, what's your manly d o c?

Not me, bali. Liquid steak sounds waaay too much like baby food to me. *turns up nose* However a beautifully done medium rare steak? Well, that's different. NOT that I have one, mind you.

A triple with ellie and jug on top of a chocolatini...mmmm!

LOL very good Jeff!

Its still too cold here to even think about any sport that involves water. I am sooo ready for warm weather, and getting out on the trails on my bike. Last night I was driving home, the wind chill was 5 and this guy behind me (with a handlebar mustache) had the top down on his Miata. I think he decided it was time for spring already

You bet, bali! Don't tell him, but every time I just lie back and think of Johnny Depp. :P

Aw, daisy - that's just the booze talkin'.

My d o c is Jameson's either neat or on the rocks (if the situation dictates that I need to nurse it) If there is no Jameson's then bourbon otr

Actually jughead, Jagermeister is God's favorite drink. Note the Cross on the bottle.

I think that's secretly a plot by the Catholic Church to recruit. You drink too much of that, wake up needing religion, see the Cross and immediately want to go to Mass

Ellie, the cross is to warn you that you're about to get up close and personal with God, as you swear you'll never drink again if You'll just make this stop!

Jug, I started teaching in Feb, I don't get in warm water til next month. Come on April!

Next month? You're lucky. Most of the boats here won't even be launched again till May. Even then, most people won't get in lake Michigan til Memorial day at the earliest

It should have a toilet on the bottle to remind you of the consequences.

Lake Michigan?? BRRRRR! I'm a Southern gal, accent and all, and I love my 8 months of summer. One day I'll move to Cozumel and have 12 months of it, the way God intended.

*snorks pepitas out her nose*


bali, if you get the 12 months of summer, can i have your winters? please?

I do miss the weather down south. When I moved up here all my family thought I was nuts. I have learned to appreciate Spring and Fall, and being able to go without a/c for at least half of the summer (usually)
You can always add a layer of clothing if it gets too cold; the reverse is sometimes frowned upon.

After looking at that list of nasty shots (see my last post above)... anyone tried one they think was worse?

SNORK@ellie! Diva, you can have my winters right now. No waiting.

I've taken one shot of Jager in my life and the world immediately turned upside down. I thought I was this guy for a second.

Rick, was that your mullet at the beginning? Very Zexy! (Evenin'!)

That must have been a sight Doc. I'm sure you get mistaken for one of the Commodores all the time......

Perhaps just a seaman, jug. :D

I could use a shot or two of Jager just about now. It is CHILLY out there!

LOL Rick, somehow I doubt a white dude like you would be dancing like that. I'd pay to see it though.

Mullet: business in the front; party in the back!

DavCat, in Coz the have a drink called a Mexican Flag. It's:
1 oz grenadine syrup
1 oz green creme de menthe
1 oz tequila
Carefully layer ingredients into a highball glass (using a spoon), in the order given; grenadine, creme de menthe, tequila.

The layers form the mexican flag.
It tastes like ear wax and Nyquil. Woof.

Siouxie, what's your definition of chilly?

Nite guys and gals! I'm off to hide in my room with a good book and my Vibrass ear plugs!

Night, ellie!

Bali how do you know what an ear wax/Nyquil combo tastes like?
On second thought, nevermind....

have fun Ellie

*seconds jug's not wanting to know*

Night, ellie!!

Like none of y'all ever bought Bertie Bott's every flavor Jelly Beans and tried the ear wax one. Yeesh. (That sardine one's nasty.)

Nite ellie!

jug, anything below 70. So it's freezing here.

Speaking of shots, I had one in Cancun called the "Cucaracha" - I believe it's tequila and coke. Nasty!

It could have been a blended roach though. UGH!

I try to avoid certain candies Bali. especilly those that were created by the former makers of Jagermeister. If I were to eat those during the day, I might become Lionel Ritchie too.

Below 70 is chilly? Sheesh, you must have thin blood

Sorry! Distracted by a friend's account of his BBQ cook-off success. As for weird drinks, a former co-worker had a drink he called "Sniper Fire". It had a lot of the usual liquors plus a touch of Pepto Bismol. I abstained needless to say.

Ohhh, bali. OK. Yes. Er, I mean no. I didn't have the earwax one. My little cousin thought it was hysterical to make everyone try different ones. I....got vomit. Thanks, Mikey. :P

I try to avoid certain candies Bali. Especially those that were created by the former makers of Jagermeister. If I were to eat those during the day, I might become Lionel Ritchie too.

Below 70 is chilly? Sheesh, you must have thin blood

Siouxie, I thought of the Cockroach one, but I didn't know what was in it. Thank God.

Heheh, Diva. That's how I got the earwax one. Children are evil.

bali, I just looked it up. It's kahlua and tekillya!

jug, I am a warm blooded Cubana. I don't do cold.

I have never actually tried Jager. Is it worse than the earwax bean?

Kahula and tokillya? Umm, ewwwww

I'll just avoid Bott's Beans whenever possible. I refuse to purchase something that includes "vomit" as a candy treat.

**I'm NOT SPAM YOU STUPID STUPID BOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yay, Kahlua! Ick Tequila!
Any White Russians hanging around the Blog bar?

exactly. ewwww.

Jager, otoh, is quite good.

Auntie!!!! How ya been, girl?

I seem to remember is licorie-y tasting, but it's been years, and I only did the one.

Hey, Siouxie! I had something horrible last week that knocked me out for three days. I've been running 3 days behind ever since. Other than being incredibly busy, I'm good. I might eventually someday update my own blog soon, even.

How are you?

Hey, Auntie M!!!!! *waves wildly* LTNS!!

Kahlua is my fave. One white Russian, coming up!

Auntie M, I thought White Russian was without the Kahlua...wait a Black Russian is without the cream. Pffffft. And they say college was wasted on me.

ACK! sorry to hear that. There is some nasty crap going around. I'm great. Had college girl here for Spring Break this past week and getting ready to ship off the other one, once we figure out where! Still waiting for a couple of college acceptances and then the scholarship/aid letters. Exciting stuff!

bali, white russian gots da wodka!

Thanks, Diva! bali, White Russian = Kahlua and Cream...and maybe some vodka. Think Baryshnikov.

I'll take THIS white Russian ;-)

Big fan of the vodka. I'm watching Rachael Ray and her hubby just made up a batch of Bloody Johnny's. Yum. I ran downstairs and made up a batch of mix, sans vodka, very tasty. Love the horseradish!

OOhhh, Siouxie! College time is nerve racking. My senior year I did early decision and knew by Christmas where I was going. It was a lot less stressful.

LMAO GMTA, Auntie!! ^5!!

So when I think White Russian, I should think "White Nights"? Cuz I did.

Yummy Russian guy with my White Russian. Life is good. I can actually type because the kitty is sitting on a pillow across the room. For a change. She's been attached to my lap since I got her.

D'oh! *smacks self* I was trying to think of a man to post there, but NEVER thought of Baryshnikov!

I love White Nights, too! Good thought.

eh, he ain't no Jughead.....

That's so sweet, Auntie. :) I loves my kitties. Except when they shred my NEW couch....

jug, that's too true. ;-)

Okay ladies, if it's a white Russian your looking for, here ya go.

Diva--I'm going to get some "Soft Paws" for my kitteh. I want some hot pink ones, but I need to shop around to find some.

Okay, jug--show the blog your picture and we'll let you know how you compare...

*notice the subtle "Lionel Richie" theme*

Doc, are you having Lionelfest tonight, or what?


ooh, Auntie M, I hope jug falls for it...

Auntie, Sushi is always messing up my typing. He loves to step all over my laptop. Cute though.


how would I do that Auntie M? I am still a neophyte

jug, send a bio and pic to Wyo. He's got a "blogger" site with a lot of us on there.

We're still trying to get Stevie to do it. He's playing hard to get.

My Dory will put a paw on the laptop, but is more interested in taking up space on my lap. She escaped from the chaos that is my sister's house, and is soooo happy that she can just sit on someone's lap in peace and quiet.

Was there a Lionel Richie theme? I missed it. Does he need the Vibrass?

A bio? That could be dangerous. I'll send a pick to Wyo

I don't have a cat for my laptop, but my puppy can hear me pick up a glass with ice in it and he's right on top of the keyboard. He loves ice.

Dave's Bloggers!

All the more reason to Drink your whiskey neat, bali.
What kind of dog?

jug--I've only been around since August, but everyone is pretty helpful to us newbies. Send to Wyo, and he does it all for you!

jug, nothing too personal. We know some people prefer their privacy. That should give you an idea.

Thanks! I will do that manana. Of course I might need help with the bio.

But I know better than to ask this crowd to draft one for me

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