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March 08, 2008


Before purchasing, please look up "embouchure."

(Thanks to Danny)


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Who, us?

A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.His name is Malcolm.

Those are neat dogs.

Yes Auntie. I would have better bio if I asked my 17 ex wives to collaborate.

Thanks, he's smarter than any dog I've ever been owned by, and a sweetheart. I've been thru a lot of drama recently, and he's an oasis. Okay, both him and the blog!

*flaps in for a moment*

Y'all had to know this was coming.

I, I love the colorful lips I get
And the way my whistle stays so warm and wet
I hear the sound of that gentle buzz
In the mouthpiece of my new Bach Strad trumpet

I’m feeling those good vibrations
My Vibrass has great pulsations
I’m feeling those good vibrations
My Vibrass has great pulsations

Good, good, good, good vibrations

Its small size
Fits right inside my horn
Just my style, my music is reborn
Then I play, win first prize
With Vibrass, my star is on the rise

I’m feeling those good vibrations
My Vibrass has great pulsations
I’m feeling those good vibrations
My Vibrass has great pulsations

I make first chair while my classmates glare
(Ah my my what a sensation)
(Ah my my what elation)

Gotta keep those Vibrass vibrations
A happenin’, yes, sir
Gotta keep those Vibrass vibrations
A happenin’, yes sir
Gotta keep those Vibrass vibrations
A happenin’

Good, good, good, good vibrations…

Drama is definitely alleviated by the blog. I speak from experience, too, bali. ((bali))

YAY, Ducky, very nice! Hw's things down your way?

WOO HOO! Duckness!! awesome job as usual!!

*raises BOB in your honor*


That's great. A smart dog is a godsend, and there is something soothing about just sitting and scratching them behind the ears. Sorry for the drama. I know how that goes.

jug, you can make stuff up for your bio, ya know. Just be funny. :)

Yay, Ducky! Again I marvel at your ability to lyric-write the hell out of any topic!

Thanks, Auntie M. Bachatchya!

Good job Ducky. Brian Wilson would be proud, if he wasn't laying in bed

bali, this group of crazy people have helped me through some tough times as well. Laughter is the ultimate cure.

*falls out of chair laughing at Siouxie's visual*

Laughter is not the best medicine. True friends are. And I've made a few through this place. :D

*flaps applauds Ducky* You're brilliant and there's no denying it.

heh! sorry, bali ;-P

*puts BOB back into goody drawer*

I decided it would be more circumspect if I didn't comment on the visual I had of Siouxie raising BOB :)

Thanks, y'all. Howdy to everybody! bali and Auntie, LTNS. Siouxie, I'm honored by your tribute.

jugheaded, I don't think we've actually met yet, but I'm glad you've joined us. I just haven't been able to be here much lately. Work and life have seriously interfered with my blog time.

bali, was your weather seesawing all week? We had cold, warm, then really cold and rainy, then back to sunny and warmer today. Crazy.

Nice to meet you Ducky

Ducky--the VA weather was just like that. We went from warm and sunny to crazy cold rainstorm in 3.5 seconds. I went into BJ's to shop for groceries, and came out in a dismal downpour. Weird.

Yeah, Ducky. We got everything 5 minutes before you did. Did you get snow? We were supposed to, but nada. Just 1000 mph winds. *sniff*

Work, Ducky? Oh, how sad. :( ;)

jug - you are wise indeed.

(pssssst, Ducky....jug and I are kind of an item. He likes my dog.)

Ducky, jug is a friend of Stevie's - don't hold that against him though. ;-)

How come we missed out on the snow? Oh wait, the Gulf of Mexico. Well, we had a good dusting back in 2004 so I can wait another hundred years till the next blizzard.

bali, no snow for us, either, although Dallas got quite a bit. We just had seriously cold rain and high winds. Brrrr.

Say, you and jug are an item? Does that mean we'll have another blog wedding? Seems I saw that El and igloo were married here recently.

jug is a friend of Stevie's? Does he have pictures?

Today I was out running errands, and it was snowing (lightly) with the sun shining at the same time. the weather gods are confused

blizzard?? snow?? wazzat?? ;-P

I should say, since jug is here: jug? Do you have pictures of Stevie?

*sigh* Miami folk. Y'all miss out on all the good stuff. Well, except for the hurricanes and you can have 'em. *holding out hope the big one misses us one more year*

Ducky, the only picture I have seen of SW is when he is wearing his tidy whities in the window at Macy's. I failed to save a copy.

Umm Bali, we haven't determined if we are musically compatible yet.

El and iggy? Geez, I miss everything!!!!

jug, that's a shame. Sounds like that pic would have been a hit here on the blog.

Oh, and you'll love bali. Trust me.

Gotta flap away again for awhile, gang. See y'all later!

Ducky, he's sending a pic to Wyo tomorrow. Once we've given him the once-over, I'll think about becoming wife #18. Sounds like a primo gig.

truthfully Bali, there haven't been 17 Mrs Jugheads, only 2.5

Night, Ducky!
Whaddaya mean, musically compatible? You don't own earbuds, Jug?

Doc, I have several relatives in the Houston area, so I'm crossing fingers, eyes and toes right along with you. Hurricane bad.

#3 is a midget, jug?

Niters, Ducky!!

Well I do bali, but you can't wear them dancing. Sheesh

So, you're currently married, Jug. Nice to see some men still notice before they make a mess. You can still flirt with me, I promise not to pick out the china.

Rick, we've dodged a few recently and I like it that way. I'd rather use my spare batteries elsewhere - IYKWIM AITYD

Siouxie--I was thinking he chopped the 3rd one in half, but I'm a little punchy from lack of sleep.

Well she was a foot shorter than me, but it didn't stick. I do have a significant other, so Bali's got her work cut out for her.

Auntie, Siouxie is the one with the machete, not me.

*snork* @ Auntie! I love how your mind works.

Dancing, eh? Well, I was raised Baptist, so if you know your Baptists, you'll understand when I tell you I'm a helluvu dancer out of town .

That explains the affinity for vodka too. "No Reverend Busybody, its water"

Triple simul and I'm in between. I like.

LOL, bali. jug, you dance?! *swooooon*

bali, if'n ya decide YOU don't want him....uh, what kinda music didja say ya listen to, jug?

Hey, jug--there's more than one machete in the world, you know. Ask Lorena Bobbit.

You mean "It's water. *hic*"

Auntie, my sister's name IS Lorena. Coinkidink?? I think not.

Well, hell, Diva, I'm not above sharin'. Done it before, tho it wasn't MY idea.

Did somebody say something about machetes? *ducks for whatever reason* :)

Siouxie--I don't believe in coincidence. That's just frightening!

It varies Diva. I am currently listening to Don Henley, but earlier this evening it was a bunch of old Grammy winners (Mack the Knife, the Girl from Ipanema, Georgia, Papa's got a Brand new bag etc) and coming up shortly is Vince Gill.

And dancing is always a lot of fun. I don;t get why more guys don't do it more often

Umm. Bali? You don't own any guns do you?

Relax, Doc. We're speaking hypothetically here. Unless jug is really a mass wife-murderer. He claims he's not, and he likes to dance, so it's probably okay.

Not anymore, Jug. Not since 'the incident.' heheh.


Oh, wait. He mentioned Mac the Knife...
*ducks with Doc*

Yes, Auntie M, I proposed to igloo on Sadie Hawkins day and he said yes! We had a terrific blog wedding celebration. I'm sorry you missed it. :)
I know we're still married because I said something to him on the blog and he said, and I quote: Yes, Dear. Too funny.

I agree, Siouxie, laughter is the ultimate cure. :)

jug, you have EXCELLENT taste in music.

(((((bali))))) You're an awesome lady.

Chill, Rick! I've put the machete away for now. sheesh. Don't make me whack ya!

Auntie, listen for the wooshing sound. Duck as soon as ya hear it. Doesn't alway work but I've managed to limp away from it.

*grumble grumble stupid work and illness grumble grumble*
I really need to figure out a way to beat my school's security so I can catch up on the blog at work.

Good advice, Doc. I'm also looking for my helmet and body armor....it's around here somewhere....

*always dangit* Siouxie, I wanna trust ya but I know better. Already have the Kevlar machete gear in place.

So on my iPod I have everything from "One Toke Over The Line" to "Seven Bridges Road" to everything by Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts, and ZZTopp, with absolutely no cameos by Whitney Houston or Celine. How's that?

Restraining order, huh? Those are dmmed inconvenient things

You had me at One Toke Over the Line! Great harmonies, great guitar work.

No restraining order. They haven't found the bod...um, how 'bout them Tigers?

ps thanks, Diva.

Just for Jug.

Hmm...you know what they say--a true friend helps you hide the body!

The Tigers? I like tigers!

*not that everyone else couldn't join in and click the link or anything*

Great music, bali!

When I got my new car in December, it came with 3 months of XM radio. I'm thinking of renewing that. I love listening to all my 60's , 70's and 80's music, along with some country and classic rock. WAY cool!

Great song, Rick! Auntie I was just thinking that too. My warped mind is a product of Stephen King.

snork @ bali's missing body
Thanks Doc. I love that clip

I got a new van in November, and it came with a year of Sirius. It's like crack--the first hit is free. They know you'll be back for more. No commercials is worth whatever they'll charge me!

El, speaking of iggy..where IS your new hubbinin??

I an considering a new car (the coupe is getting long in the tooth) and I think XM may be a must have

Siouxie--I avoid Stephen King. I have enough creepy sh!t in my head. I don't need someone to give me more ammo.

Exactly, Auntie. I also love the comedy channels. I was listening to Jeff Foxworthy yesterday - 'bout rolled outta the road.

I'm driving to New Hampshire this summer, and figure the radio will be worth its weight in gold. The comedy channels are great for longer trips.

jug, it's great. I've heard songs that I haven't listened to in ages. My daughter loves the alternative rock and top 20's on there.

Auntie, to me, he is the master of all things horror. I've been reading him since HS. Meeting him was a dream come true.

Siouxie, I don't know where he is. He didn't come home last night. *sobs*

Doc, thanks for saying that *others* could look at your link. I wasn't going to intrude before. It's great. I've never seen it before. I love Don Henley's voice.

Foxworthy is a very funny man. I love some of his stuff

Well, kids, I hate to say it, but I'm gettin' all sleepy-eyed. Guess I'd better call it a night. Y'all say nice things about me, let Jug find out the truth on his own. Night night kisses to everyone!

Good night Bali. Sweet dreams

Oh, don't get me wrong, Siouxie. I've read bits and pieces of his work. I even read one of his novels. I completely accept him as the master of horror. I just want to hear about it second hand with all of the gory details left out. It's the same reason I avoid both dramas and horror movies. There's plenty of drama AND horror around. I'd rather escape into the fake idea of happy endings and neatly wrapped up plots.

Night, bali! *smooch!*

PS - Seven Bridges Road is my all-time favorite song, I think. You have some good music tastes there, too.

Stephen King is great, but give me a good ol' cozy mystery every time.

A few weeks ago I had it in a rental car I had. It certainly made the trip from Columbus to Cincinnati and back tolerable. That's what got me thinking about it

You ever read any Ian Rankin Diva?

Okay--we're losing an hour tonight and I have to get up in the morning. I'm off to bed. Sweet dreams, everyone!

I don't think so.... Mysteries?

Smoochies, Auntie! It was great to spend some time with you. :D Hope all goes well with the musical!

Scottish mysteries. His characters all have interesting flaws

I'm outta here too. Good night folks

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