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March 08, 2008


Before purchasing, please look up "embouchure."

(Thanks to Danny)


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Does it play "chords"?

I think it's for people who play the organ.

hmm massaging the lips....I'll say no more.

Does it take AA's??

Hola Siouxie!! Just got back from Me-he-co and, boy is my embouchre tired!!

*tosses a 'u' to above post*

I didn't even know I had an embouchre. Glad someone else let me know!

Vibrass my ass!!

Butt, Vibrass sounds like something a drummer would enjoy.


What, have none of you people ever taken band practice? Embouchure is simply the way the mouth and especially the lips need to be applied to the mouthpiece of a wind or brass instrument, and it takes years and years of practice. ("bouche" is French for "mouth".) If this admittedly poorly named device will help a musician keep his lip muscles limber, it would be very helpful. A piece like the French horn concerto of Richard Strauss or the horn concertos of Mozart is tremendously difficult to play, while wind and brass players in a marching band have to have lips of steel to keep playing at loud volume. The horn parts in a film score like "Star Wars" or any of Jerry Goldsmith's "Star Trek" scores are no cakewalk either. So whatever the musical genre, anything that will make things easier for the winds and brass is a good thing. I just wish they'd come up with a better name for the thing...

Is "Vibrass" a drum stool?

(Background info: I play trumpet for a living)


I remember one guy who, when faced with swollen lips after a hard session of playing, would apply Preparation H to them. Of course, he was kind of an asshole. =)


Drum stools belong in the toilet.

Makes me think of that SNL skit...

I got CHUNKS o' guys like YOU in my STOOL!

Steve- I personally play three instruments involving the embouchure, and find it absurd that there is a machine to do what a reasonable "motorboat" impression can do for free. And without batteries.

Siouxie proposes a much more better use for the machine, which I suspect is actually a beard for the lonely bassoonist.

I can see a whole lot of hookers paid escorts purchasing this product.

One time, at band camp...

ddd!!!!!!! I was JUST thinking about you last night (*wink*)! I'm going to call you pronto and catch up, amiga!

Sooooooo Steve, this device makes you blow better?? hmmm??

Or "elephant kisses" as we used to call them, ddd.

Siouxie, you know how to whistle, don't you?

I just pucker my lips and blow...

Oh you mean ...


I made a half-hearted attempt at trying to learn how to play the cornet in junior high so I can appreciate how this is actually a needed product. Sadly, the name of it makes me giggle.

Yes, I do it whilst I work ;-)

"A Beard for the Lonely Bassoonist."

Sounds like something by Gilbert and Sullivan.

No wind instruments for me. Just the acoustic geetar.

Wonder if this device is "G" rated enough to send to my Mormon Clarinet playing, band leading, daughter??

It WOULD make good joke present....


*snork at SW*

Sio- still uploading pix, but they are nearly complete. The diving section is done (column to the left at the bottom)

Cool - gonna check 'em out.

*going diving with ddd*

heh! should I practice my embouchure? ;-P

Joining the throng of former brassy types...

"Hi, my name is Richard, and I'm an ex-trumpeter."

"Hi, Richard!"

... and a crappy one, too. I joined a junior high band in mid-year with no training. The band director told another trumpet player to "teach me the scales", and that was it. Never got the embouchure right, and I'm not at all sure this contraption would have helped.

Doc, if you think the Vibrass has a funny name, what about this ... ??

Thanks Steve! I just snorked up a perfectly good Gatorade all over my new keyboard.

Steve- I think Schwartz had some issues. That's pretty funny.

yes, steve, *I* know what embouchure means. it was kind of a ... pardon me... joke. but apparently not, if i had to explain myself.

It's a good thing Courtney hooked up with David Arquette and not Jeff Zucker.

ddd, the pics are AWESOME!!! WOWsa! I miss diving now ;-(

I remember Chichen Itza - I climbed that thing..outside and INSIDE. Course I was 24 years old.

I'll be breathing compressed air two weeks from today; St. Thomas, VI.

The optimal length of time to use VIBRASS differs according to personal taste.

"Sweetie, we're running late and you've been in there for 30 minutes. And what's that humming noise?"

"Optimal length...personal...taste...GO AWAY!"

And judi, once again you corrupt my virginal mind with your saucy french words.

judi, I followed your instructions. I looked it up. Imagine my disappointment. ;-P

*snork* at Epic

Send pictures, Slyeyes!!

Sioxie- still working on captions, and TypePad doesn't like my hi-res camera much.

invented by 'doc' severinsen?

That's OK judi, I had to check my Grove's first just to be sure...! I don't play an instrument myself, I just write about them for ARG ...

If you cross one of those Cox Zucker gizmos with the Vibrass to you get a Vibracox or a Zuckerass?

*snork @ Jug* Nice!

LOL , jug!

I'll take the Vibracox for $200, Alex!

I am trying to picture the logo possibilities for a Vibracox.

do you want the 110v Vibracox, or the battery powered and portable one Siouxie?


*zips in*™

If it's for your mouth why didn't they put that word in the name instead of ass?

just wonderin'....;)

*SNORK* @ El!!

VERY observant!

jug, the turbo charged one ;-)

Sioxie- that only comes in a floor model.

“You know you don’t have to act with me, Steve. You don’t have to say anything and you don’t have to do anything. Not a thing. Oh, maybe just whistle. You know how to whistle, don’t you, Steve? You just put your lips together and blow.”

To Have and Have Not 1944

Somehow, I knew that you were gonna say that

We're not heading back down that road where all the dialogue is poorly dubbed, are we??


You just put your lips together and blow

Here's how it's done.


'cause if we *are*, I found this the other day; turns out the posters are just as sloppy as the looping...

When I purse my lips and blow, most people would call it spitting, not whistling.

Nice u.w pics, ddd, I recognise the resort! I'll be tere the first week of April. Looks and sounds ( reads) like you had fun!

Howdy Bali
How's things?

Welcome back, ddd! Morning, all!

*looks at clock*
*does doubletake*

Um, late afternoon, all!


*snork* at daisy.

Me too, whistling is something I never got the hang of....:)

Evein', Jug, doin' swell. You? I can see how you're doing, Diva!

insom - couldn't tell whether you knew this or not. "Doc" Severinson was the trumpet-playing band leader on the Tonight show when Johnny Carson was the King of Late Night.

No kidding, bali - and what am I gonna do when I have to pop my clock up tonight? Waaaaaaaaah!!

I am just right as can be Bali Howdy DD. I think toady is Battery Day, DD. Maybe your clock is trying to tell you something

Who is Toady?

Hi, jug! You're so right! I forgot that. Hey, it's 5:00 here! BAR'S OPEN!!!

Isn't Toady Ms Piggy's other boyfriend?

pogo, I think he means this guy.

You're drinking already?

Well, not yet, jug. I don't drink alone. Join me? What'll ya have?

Jameson's neat please

As you please, Sir!

*presents with a flourish*

well done!

Ah, Jug, my son's name is Jameson. Not after the whiskey, after the cute guy on 'Simon and Simon.' So I'll have a Dirty Martini.

Dang, I forgot about DST. I hate DST.

Who's Johnny Carson?

Speaking of DST, I just checked in while I reset a customer's systems for DST because they couldn't do it automatically.

Chores done, I'm heading for the beer cooler.

See ya.

Stevie, he's Toady's dad, why?

*smooch* bali!

I just finished Ridley Pearson's latest murder mystery novel - Killer Weekend! AWESOME!! highly recommend it. (if you like that kinda of reading)

being Irish, and therefore troubled, it is my drink of choice. Cool name for your son.
Dirty martinis are good too

*curtsies politely at jug* Why thank you! :D

JUST for you, bali!

SW, you frighten me. :)

Looks like Bali is gonna have olives for dinner with a side of vodka

*waves @ jug*

Have a good one, pogo!

Howdy SW

hello Siouxie. How are you this fine day?

Ciao, pogo!

She likes it that way, jug. ;)

Anyone else for a shot o' somethin'?

*waves @ Siouxie & bali* Don't tell pogo but I stole a perfectly good beer from his cooler. He'd do the same to me I'm sure.

I am great. I love laying in bed reading a good book. Something I seldom get to do. I am off now. Catching a movie with #2 daughter. Her choice, so GOD knows what I'm in for. You all have a wonderful evening. Catcha's later.

Save me some rum.

Dive, I'll take a chocolate martini...the perfect mix of chocolate & booze. Yes.

Pogo's been all productive today. hope it's not contagious. ((((siouxie)))) How you doin'?
Diva and Jug, that's exactly how I like my martinis.

It's a good day.

Daisy - this looks so good, I'm tempted to take one myself.

Diva, I made those on Fat Tuesday for my galpals, but I didn't have vanilla vodka, so I used plain, and added Godiva chocolate liquer. Mmmmmm.

Godiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiva!!!! Oh, that stuff is divine.

Hi guys! Diva, that 'tini looks good. I need one- my daughtger has two friends spending the night. One of them had ADD and doesn't medicate. *GAH!*

Glad its a good day for you Bali. I can't drink those foo foo martinis. They're too sweet for me. But then again, I am seldom invited to galpal gatherings

Make that HAS ADD...

Good luck Ellie. You might need more than 1


Change in plans. We're going tomorrow. NOW I can drink ;-)

ellie, I feel your pain.

(psssst, bali?? whenever you get your butt down here, you'll have to mix me a few of those 'tinis)

I see the blog bar is open but PLEASE don't pour me any one of these drinks.

However, if you've had personal "experiences" with after effects of one of these (or something equally bad) - do tell!

Let's hear the confessions ; >

The 10 Worst Shots Ever Created

*smooch & wave @ Rick*

I'll sneak off to bed with 2 martinis and the vibrass and hope they won't notice.

*tosses ellie a few extra AA's*


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