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March 24, 2008


Don't dunk and drive.

(Thanks to Jazzz, Angie, DavCat, Meanie the Blue, Philip Snyder, Jeff Meyerson and Siouxie)


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So we've evolved from the Twinkie defense to the Oreo defense ??

Words to drive by:
Oh a kid'll
Eat the middle
Of an Oreo first
And save the choc'late cookie outside for last.

I guess the oreos and milk just couldn't wait another minute.

So that's what they're calling it now. Dunking the Oreo. i learn a new euphemism for sex/self-service sex every day around here.

They really need to put warning labels on the cookie packages. Especially the double-stufs. ('Justin Vonkummer'?!? - tee-hee!)

Otherwise, don't you know, BMW drivers never, ever speed.

LOL wicked.

I hope it was a double stuff chocolate creme.

Mot? What were you doing in Connecticut?

mmmm - Oreos

*crunch, crunch* The breakfast of champions!

Wherever Oreos are, there I am.

O/t Smokers beware, Britain has now banned all displays of cigarettes in stores and also cigarette vending machines from pubs and restaurants. My advice, give up while you still have a choice. o/t

Here ya go, Mot - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

*tosses Mot a double-stuffed chocolate*

Last one in the package.

thanks for the suggestion, Puff. they will have to pry mine out of my cold, dead fingers (which, because i smoke, will be sooner rather than later).

Those fascists!!!


Thanks DL2BH. *Slips another cushion onto seat to soften the effects of Sooz's spanking, frantically wipes lipstick from cheeks before Mrs. Hoople sees results of all the smooching*

*slathers red lipstick on and ruins Mot's efforts with a whopping SMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCH on the cheek*


his car has been renamed the 'oREO speedwagon'...

Of course, Oreos were involved.

Keep on dunking...keep on dunking...

nice earwig, insom!

*snork* at "dunking the Oreo"*

And of course: Justin Vonkummer & the Oreo Defense WBAGNFARB.

Mot, Happy B-Day! *Catapults a case of double-stuff Oreos in Mot's direction*

Remember, no happy dunkin' behind the wheel, at least not with the engine running.

Tex, unless Mrs. Mot is the one doing the dunkin'.

Sioux, in that case, we may no longer be discussing Oreo dunking. Jus sayin'.

Jeff, that sounds more like a kids' book title to me!

Tex, she could be lending him a hand (iykwim -aityd)

Don't block the box.

Or spill the milk.

Or strip the gear.

*zips in*trade;

Me too, wicked. *lights one up in defiance of the Brits*

Congrats to Jazzzz for being FIRST credited poster. *winks*

Or lube the gasket.

*tucks "lubing the gasket" expression into Texgal's memory bank for handy reference use during her next (hopefully almost immediate) encounter with an unlubed gasket*

Or get off without signaling.

Or rear-end while parking.

Or take the top down without releasing the latches.

good thing he wasnt talking on the cell phone too. this dude needs to be inducted into the excuses hall of fame for that whopper.

Or blow a header....or a heeler...or...

...never mind.

Or pass on a curve.

or tailgate while merging.

hey,I wasnt pulled over,the cops are liars on this one,and although crazy,its the truth,I crashed,then the police showed up...

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