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March 28, 2008


Key Quote, With Surprising Part In Bolfdace: "The suspect driving the Stratus got out of the vehicle and accosted the driver of the white Blazer, threatening him, using bad language and hitting him with McDonald's food,” Mark Dalpiaz with Boise Police said. “Apparently the suspect was under the influence of an alcoholic beverage." 

(Thanks to Woozy Barnes)


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Another victory for alcohol!

Bolfdace? Is that near Boise?? I would be surprised.

Would you like fist with that??

What is it with all the bad behavior at McDonald's today? Did they close down the local Chuck E Cheese ??

Siouxie, you beat me to it.

Good one.

"Don't Fish Filet me dude!"

♫ You deserve a broken jaw today ♪

Thanks, Jeff!! ;-)

(btw, loved that article on the tiny house in Brooklyn) sooo cute!

I worked at a Mickey D's back in the '80s and the McNuggets were frozen rocks out of the box. Honestly, they could pierce the armor on a M-1 Abhrams from 300 yards if fired from the right kind of weapon. Still, they taste great with BBQ sauce.

Ah, Mickey D's. Worked there for five or six months in 1979. I think Big Macs were 89 cents. Borg, did you work the closing shift? I hated cleaning the shake machine.

Good times.

Deputy Sheriff’s were on scene first and he resisted their efforts to control the situation so he was tased by the deputies.
Deputy Sheriff's what? His nuggets? And they had to remove taser probes at the hospital? Are taser probes like colonoscopy bots run amok?

I wondered about the taser probes, too. Yikes!

I worked at Mickey D's for one night... that was enough... Never even picked up my paycheck. But I DID keep their fashionable black pants!

^ There were no taser probes involved, tho...

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