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March 07, 2008


But there is a certain poetry to this idea.

(Thanks to chicomathmom)

LITERARY UPDATE, thanks to Steve Lancaster


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I don't think so.

If this is the case, I don't think anyone in the UN has pooped...ever.

Shouldn't Poop for Peace day be in December?

Howdy ho!! *waves*

I'd like to have a little peace for pooping myself.

On the BBC show, "You Are What You Eat," the hostess/dietician examines the "poo" of each one of her captives patients and gives them an embarrassingly detailed report on its consistency, smell, texture....UGH! It's perfectly disgusting.

Lizzy? Lock the door behind you.

Did Dave's doctor come up with this crappy idea?

Daylight savings time starts Sunday. Poop.

"Side by side in a public bathroom, any two human beings are stripped of their differences and reduced to their most basic essence: a pair of feet sticking out below the stall, and a pair of butt trumpets performing a greasy symphony to lament humanity's non-negotiable deference to the call of the vile."

Hmmmmm, I feel a 'wide stance' joke about to explode from a "Poop for Peace" solidarity stool.

didn't they notice there were TWO i's in Shi'ite?

love tom lehrer. speaking of going...
we will all go together when we go, every hotentot and every eskimo, when the air becomes ur'anius, we will all go simultaneous..we all will go together when we go.

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