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March 27, 2008


Totally Understandable Canadian Birthday Stabbing Of The Day So Far

Barrie police Sgt. Dan Mafturack said the man asked the woman what she wanted for dinner by saying, "Do you want ham, potatoes and vegetables, or potatoes, vegetables and ham?"

The query apparently upset the woman, who then allegedly grabbed the knife and stabbed her spouse in the chest.

(Thanks to Onterrible)


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He obviously forgot to put the ham in a Tiffany's box. Some guys never learn.

Happy Birthday to you,
I made you ham & veggie stew,
I love you, dear wifey,
Please put down that kn..AAARRGGGLLHH.

Fun couple. I so want to party with them. NOT!

*pictures wife sitting on bench in jail cell rocking back and forth and laughing maniacally while stuffing birthday cake into her mouth.*

Dave, Barrie?

"He was probably being sarcastic."
Ya think? And she had a sharp response for that.

Amateur. Next time use a machete. That'll learn him.

*slices piece of cake for Siouxie*

Aw. I love a good love story involving stabbings.

No! I would not like them with a mouse! I would not like them on a house!

*carries cake to Sioux*

Ah, takes me back to the good old days of TV game shows...

"So, do you want Door Number 1, Door Number 2, or Door Number -- AAAAAAAGGGGHHHH!"

Thank you, gals!!

*stuffs face with cake*

It's not like he was offering her Kraft Dinner or baked beans or anything like that
Yeah... because then the stabbing would have been completely justified, alcohol involvement or not.

you can have Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Eggs and Spam, or Spam, Eggs, Spam, Spam, and Spam.

GMTA, Annie! Sheesh. Is this any way to be treated on your birthday by a smarta$$ husband?

I'd defend her for free. And he probably didn't give her a present either.

had the same thought braniff - only without the eggs. i'm having spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, and spam. i love it.

"Thanks for my birthday dinner, honey. Now let me cut your meat for you."

Dang it, Braniff77 took my line before I even got here...

Sarcasm, it turns out, truly is the weapon of the weak.

Cheesewiz, cut the ham, please.

I don't like Spam! (which is made by Hormel in Minnesota)

And spam is the wee-pun of the week.
*waves knife @ Hammie's potatoes*

Home sweet home

MKJ, maybe after foreclosure for a few folks.

Fist of all, leave me out of this. However, Canadian cuisine has been known to affect a lot of people like that, especially with winter being in its eighth month by now.

was the guy actually offering to make dinner?

that'll teach him!

This disproves, once and for all, the statement that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.

*Discreetly covers potatoes*

*Waves generous amount of flotsam @ Annie!!!*

Yeah, Hammie. With a knife, you can get to the heart more directly.

no Hammie, i've found that the way to a mans heart is between the third and fourth ribs with a very sharp implement.

*SNORK!* wicked!!

*sees Hammie's impressive flotsam*


Hammie - you call that a generous amount of flotsam? I'm with wickedwitch - we're holding out for large wads of cash.

(shhhhhhhh, Annie...I'm trying to make him feel better)

*Waves birthday cake @ Hammie!!!*

Thanks, Siouxie!


*smooch* Hammie ;-)

-.-; spam or ham... oh the choices i must make....

i'll take....

the chocolate please? with extra chocolate on the side. and chocolate sauce to drink.

screw the meat and veggies.

"Kraft dinner"?? *reminisces fondly about the Barenaked Ladies, a favorite band*

Guin--I thought the same thing! We'll just eat more of it.

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