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March 29, 2008


Man Wakes Up Inside Garbage Truck

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, who notes that, incredibly, alcohol appears to have been involved)


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I've been ejected from the back of a pickup truck that drunk but never almost squished with garbage. Had he died the tombstone could have been hilarious.

"There was no telephone listing for Bowen in the Muncie area."

I guess Verizon™ has figured out how to get Fios into garbage trucks yet.


Has NOT figured out.....awwww, screw it.

Dang it. Nearly had another one.

At least he didn't wake up on top of a picnic table. He wouldn't have been able to live with himself.


He's not the only guy who woke up next to trash this mornin'. Just sayin. < EG >

Dude, I was, like, so trashed .....

He told police he couldn't remember how he ended up there "after a night of drinking."

That's how you ended up there, idiot.

services would have been held at the municipal landfill (don't bring flowers, the seagulls just eat 'em).

In my younger days, I was in a room when the Mayor, Chief of Police, Fire Marshall, several uniformed officers and an Alderman entered our smoke filled room and the mayor asked the Police Chief, "is that incense I smell?" It was 1966, and Dave an I were in junior high. What do you want?

Hey! you haven't REALLY partied if you've never woke up ...


i (in my car) got pulled out of the ditch one New Year's Day BY a garbage truck. on my way back to my parent's house, home on Christmas (now Holiday) break, after a NYE party i slid off the rode and into a snow filled ditch. a friend whose Dad owned a refuse removal biz drove by in one of his old man's trucks and pulled me out. we shared some herbal hangover remedy and then went on our way.

this might have been (was) over 30 years ago.

*warms up the geezer bus for lil and rickh*

One lovely evening about a million years ago my roomates and I enjoyed an adventure that has since been refered to as the dreaded "Tequilla night".

(everyone has at least one...)

We roamed the streets of our hometown, bouncing from apartment to apartment like gleeful sprites sharing our meriment and our large bottle of tequilla with everyone we met along the way.
At some point one roomate picked up a HUGE (you could have fit a body or two into this thing it was massive) suitcase from some neighbors trash heap and took it home.
She woke up the next morning in as foul a mood as I had ever seen her, demanding of the pile of passed out revellers in the living room that someone confess to bringing this massive smelly piece of genuine retro 70's crap into our nice neat little apartment.
The look on her face when she was reminded that it was indeed she who insisted just hours before that this testament 'naugahide' had to be carted all over town like treasure, was priceless.
All it took to reign her in when any of us got to silly for her tastes was,
"well, at least we didn't drag a suitcase home with us..."
Not quite the same as waking up in a dumpster but then,
we're not men....

I hope my 14-year-old daughter never reads this blog. It might give her too many ideas. There have already been the following incidents:

1. Daughter and friend supposed to be in bed during alleged sleepover in our house. Daughter and friend sneak out and spend the night driving around in a car driven by a teenage boy, drinking and smoking pot.

2. Friend takes empty water bottle and fills with white wine from parents' wine bottle. Takes to school and stashes in locker. During break between classes, takes bottle out of locker and passes around to friends, including daughter. Someone squeals. Daughter tells principal she did not get drunk, only took a sip, so should not be big deal. Principal is unconvinced by this line of reasoning.

Now, if somebody else from the party was caught by the police having sex with a picnic table, THAT would be a good party!

Trailer trash?

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