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March 27, 2008


Police on trail of 'fat bandit'

Key Police Quote: "We just think he is fat."

(Thanks to The Perts)


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He might be a fat guy wearing a fat suit. "This will fool everyone!"

This story raises the question that "24" fans have been pondering for years: Is Edgar really dead? By now, he'd really need the money.....hmmmm.....

3 banks in 90 minutes? At least he's getting out and exercising.

*Snork* @ Annie

Update: The bandit was caught when he tried to hide behind a phone pole.

Second best key quote: I would never disagree with Dave. ;)
Since then, the SIU has identified two new police officers as important witnesses in the shooting, and the investigation is on-going.

Because police witnesses to excuse or justify explain police behavior are always important.

Annie, he also has money. Hmmm, can Heather Mills be far behind?

Annie, I'm thinking he's got a getaway vehicle.

Ugh...blubber crack alert on Siouxie's link.

Now that's a traffic hazard!

*snork* @ Sioux!

There he goes! Stop him!

he he...thanks *EG*

He won't get far on big fat feet.

Finally, a good reason for being fat.

run fat boy run!

I think the fake beard will be the clue that breaks the case.

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