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March 31, 2008


A man is sentenced to jail for asking women to kick him in the groin.

(Thanks to Bob Brogan)


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One of the women, afraid of what the man might do if she refused, kicked him repeatedly.

That's not why she really did it, is it Siouxie?

This is a Canadian story ... does that explain NEthin'?

Jeff, I wouldn't have a problem whatsoever kicking a guy repeatedly in the groinage area. Some men ask for it, some deserve it ;-P

So, I'm sure she enjoyed it.


*Hopes that the groin kicking has damaged him enough that he can no longer contribute to the gene pool*

i am never in the right place at the right time.

*Snork* @ WW!

Idiot. You don't assault random women that way. You give all of us pervs a bad name. You find ladies willing to offer this service. That's what the internet is for.

The judge allowed Loft to serve his sentence on weekends so he does not lose his machinist job.

Shouldn't that be masochist job?

Chris, are you suggesting that's what this guy did ??

if they have to kick him repeatedly, they're not doing it right!

Okay, that made me laughoutloud! How desperate do you have to be to resort to that for physical contact from women? I so would have taken him up on it.

Guys that ask for it really turn me off.

In related news, a doctor thinks he has a chemical imbalance.

Way back when, a friend's boyfriend was being irritating, so I threatened to knee him in the groin. Which eventually I did. He didn't even flinch.



Either he's a tennis player, or a golfer ...

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