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March 07, 2008


They like outdoor cooking.

(Thanks to Emily Sheehan)

Literary Update

Literary Update Youtube Update:


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I don't see anything out of the ordinary here.

Only pansies use a jet. Real men use LOX.

Now THAT's a weinie roast, Southern style. Right next to the woods. Good luck with that.

and surprisingly, it appears that beer is involved....

Guys=Environmentally friendly and always thinking of their neighbors saftey and property. And also, Cool!

Jet-broiled... yum! Well done lads.

Yeehaw! NOW we're cookin' with gas!

We're gonna need a bigger grill.

So, umm, by the time you got one marshmallow on a stick ready to go, the fire has burned itself out.... And this makes sense how exactly?

This must be a guy thing....

Robin soon learned not to walk behind the Batmobile when Batman was firing it up.

ellie, i think we've found the appropriate torture device for Mr. Golfer.

Heck, that's nothing. A good human anal "fluff" with fuel generated by a double order of TexMex refried beans can do the same thing.

And yes, alcohol's always involved.

*flames a fiery snork* @ wicked!

"Jane... did you say you wanted your burger well done???"

that guy with the LOX looks like my uncle and the pavilion looks just like the one at the fairgrounds that holds our yearly family reunion. this is why i never attend family reunions. if they don't have at least two truckloads of illegal explosive devices, they postpone it.

On second thought, cow flatulence is not the cause of global warming.

I know that guy (George Goble) from my days at Purdue. One of the smartest people I've ever met. Nice guy too.

Steve, are you using 'smartest' to mean 'craziest'?

Well, from that video, crazy for sure.

George invented the dual-VAX (old time geeks will remember that one) and invented his own refrigerant. I mean, who invents their own new refrigerant? Wild stuff.

His office at the time was great too. Only one on campus that had a pinball machine in it. :-)

oh, now THAT's cool.

A friend of mine once decided to grill out on the spur of the moment, after a hard day's work. We used a paint-stripping torch to light his charcoal. It was set up in 45 seconds or so. His wife still doesn't know how we were ready to cook before she came out the back door with the meat.

However, I must opine that LOX is not something to mess around with.

...... pondering....... if we knocked out this wall.....

*hands judi a sledgehammer*

Judi, you're a pinball fan? Me too! I have an Eight Ball Deluxe that I bought for $400 when I lived in Coral Springs. There was a guy in Palm Beach Gardens that had many, many machines for sale. You might look around. Brand new machines are pretty pricey ($3500-$4000), but older machines can be less than $500.

I got "Pinball Hall of Fame: Williams Edition" for the Wii when it came out a couple of days ago. Excellent game. (Gorgar, Black Knight, Space Shuttle, and many others). Takes up a lot less room than a real machine too.

...and if you're not a pinball fan...er, nevermind. :-)

....doesn't know what we are doing with sledgehammers, but wants to join in....

i've actually got a really FUN pinball game for the pc... but i haven't played it in years.... it was one of 200 free games i got from someone wayyy back when the world wide web was new (about the time Dave wrote this column). i'll have to dig it out and put it on my current machine.
(where do you PUT a real pinball machine?)

My ex's workplace was in a big warehouse - cubicles around the edge, with pinball, billiards, UV air hockey, and all kinds of vintage arcade games in the middle. They made video games.

Judi, when we lived in FL, it was in my home office. When we moved back up north, it's been set up in the basement. Since the last move to the new house it hasn't been set up; I have to get the electrical cord fixed for it. Here's a link to what my machine is like from the Internet Pinball Database:


I have a Pachinko game too. Much more office friendly, unless the pachinko balls get loose... You can get those from anywhere from $50-$200 these days, on E-Bay or from distributors.

I love how you can start at the top of the posts and work your way down and it's suddenly a completely different subject....

My ex's workplace is a big warehouse with cubicles in front and giant stacks and stacks and stacks and stacks of different kinds of beer. They make and sell beer.

Neener, Annie !

Tele - trade ya.
On second thought, not enough beer or games in the world.

Careful, Annie - they're not called "exes" for nothing !!!
I should be kinder - he's actually quite handsome, charming and funny, if you can get past the philandering part.


Oh no. He has a philandering part? And I bet he has no idea!

Oooooohhh, Wench, he knows, he knows !

Telecom, that's what the charming, funny and handsome ones have a tendency to do. It's a b!tch, isn't it? :)

So true, El, so true.

Tele - if you ever need me as a ruse to set him up for a heartbreak, let me know. I'm in one of those moods. ;) And I'm 20 minutes away. Bwahaha....

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