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March 28, 2008


Oh, really? Try telling that to this guy:


(Thanks to Doc Rick)


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Isn't that Lee Harvey Oswald?

Nice picture, Dave!

*snickers* Nope, not geeky at ALL!

Shortsightedness? Moe, "I got short eyeballs."

I think lens Crafter has a fix for shortsightedness and maybe even an astigmeister.

I consider that guy to have within him the raging intelligence and incredible potential studliness to someday reach the highest office in the land -- P(YOTUS)

*swoon* at ungeek.

I wear bifocals, so I guess that makes me twice as cool. Right? Right?

It's okay, Dave--I'm sure you were wearing those glasses ironically.

Dang black and white photo - can't tell if the geek Dave is wearing a blue shirt or not.

Lee Harvey Oswald. That's Uday Al Obama.

Why am I suddenly humming the themesong to My Three Sons... ?

I just wanna know how Doc got a hold of your high school yearbook, Dave.

WTG, Rick. :)
Page won't load for me but I think the headline is really all I need to know.
Great picture, Dave. I'd have dated you, because you look safe, IYCMD. :)


But weren't you a little young for a combover? ;)

El?? safe?? hmmm kinda looks like he's about to snap.

Dave, the geeky 5th Beatle?

Diva, this looks like an inside job to me, and I don't mean Walter IYCMD ...

I guess it's all relative, Siouxie. You should have seen some of the guys I went to high school with. lol

My dad's worn glasses for years and can still kick my butt at almost every sport and out run me to this day. Glasses rule!

Very retro look, Dave. I'd have dated you, too, if you had had the guts to ask me out.

I should add that back then I was a real hottie in my baby blue cat's eye glasses. (No, that's not me, but same hottie idea.)

Annie rockin' the Lisa Loeb look before it was hip. I've worn flannel and ripped blue jeans for years but that's just because I was spending the clothes budget on beer.

I wore the grunge look, too, Doc, but only because I was feeding the cows. I saved my bell bottoms for church.

People with myopia were no more likely to be introverted, though researchers did see a little more likeliness to be agreeable, they said.
*agrees with that*

Dave, that picture explains so much about your life and the direction it has taken without any words spoken.

Looking more closely at the picture, I see the resemblance to Sam more so than now. Uncanny, actually.

If you've still got those frames, Dave, you could use them in a Remainders tribute to Buddy Holly.

Shades are HAWT!

Hair looks like that rocker dude on American Idol. (just glad that isn't me...)

RESEARCHERS??? You mean those guys in white smocks (even though they've never seen the inside of a lab), carrying clip-boards, using their pocket protectors to prevent damage to their new glasses' cases? Those guys? Oh.

You just can't judge a book by its cover - this is a guy who has the ability to edify, engage, entertain and uplift every human of every age, all at the same time. Yay Daveboy!

We need about 100,000 Americans to go before a judge and publicly declare
that their middle names are their legal names for all public purposes.
And they should also declare themselves as supporters of the Hussein
for Imam--whoops I mean president coalition. Hussein will be the
first Muslim president. Free Burkhas for everybody! Hussein's first
act will be to replace the flag with the red crescent. Hussein has
always hated that other flag with every fiber of his being. Which is
why he won't pledge to it and won't wear a flag lapel pin. But Hussein
will proudly salute a flag representative of a non European religion!
When Hussein takes office every child will be required to attend a
Madras just as Hussein did when he was a child. It is so good to be
able to use a candidate's middle name and talk about his formative
years and his education. Because if you couldn't that would mean
that the candidate is ashamed of what he was and what he has become.
Welcome to a pork free world with no ham or pizza. You must not offer a pork chop
to Hussein. You must not put pork grease on your hands or your money
and certainly not hallowed ground. No pork anywhere!

Alice Jones, tinfoil hat wearing saucer nut recently came out of the closet and
revealed that she is a radical Muslim and a supporter of Hussein for
for president. Alice, who had previously grown famous for taking Klan money
for bringing up black people exclusively in conjunction with disease, violence,
and/or poverty, surprised everyone by endorsing a black candidate for president.

---coming to you from under the straight talk express.

****Hussein '08 !!!*****

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