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March 07, 2008


As always, ready to surrender.

Stupid Key quote: "The good old dichotomy (male predators, females patiently awaiting the warrior's return in front of the cave entrance) is in big trouble", said Le Nouvel Observateur.

(Thanks to Baron vonKlyff)


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Well, I guess there's a certain screening mechanism at work: if two passive organisms are involved, nothing happens. If it's two aggressiv ones, they collide in mid-air and explode. But if there's one of each, you're (we're/they're) in business!

*Time to switch to mojitos*

*throws up an 'e'*
*apologizes for throwing up*

LOL sly! what a visual. nttawwt.

good morning Siouxie

Betsy, my first read of that was "if two passive org@sms are involved, nothing happens. If it's two aggressiv(e) ones, they collide in mid-air and explode.

And I thought, "I'll take two exploding ones, please."

And wouldn't you know that I'd get here in time for the lesbian cows. :-)

*whew* glad the lipstick was on before I read about slyeyes's HoLC.


Hey, I just discovered a webcam viewer makes a great makeup mirror.

(Not too addicted to my new laptop, no siree.)

"Heard O'Lesbian Cows" WBAperhaps not universally appealingNFARB

P.S. Dave? Wake up! In your absence, we're sliding into discussions of bovine perversity.

"O'Lesbian" Would that be the Irish branch?

they are booked from now through the 17th Iggy

In a dairy in Derry there once lived a cow,
Who dreamed of a studly bull right then and now.
But no bull was near her to rough out her leather,
So she did it with Bossy, saying "I can't wait for heifer."

Adora-bull effort for a Saturday morn, annie.

Put me in the moo-d to go see The Vagina Moonologues.

Do lesbian cows produce homo-genized milk?

Is Heifer out of jail and back on the set of "24"?

Good one, Annie!

Well, off to do Saturday stuff. Have a great day, everyone!

*slinks out*

I herd that some buffalo are bison-sexual too.

SW, you are just FULL of it, this morning! Um, full of funny, that is.

Animal mating habits:


I don't know whether to believe this stuff or not . . .

flamingos orgies . . .


Apparently male-male pairs of flamingos steal someone else's egg and bring it up as their own . . .

Isn't it a wee bit early to be talking about bizarre amorous animal behavior? I'm still recovering from last night. NTTAWWT.

OK, now I'm having images of bird Pr0n.

Sly - that's why they're called flaming-os, remember?

I have not had enough coffee. I read that as "awaiting the warrior's rectum."

*goes back to bed*

Guin, that's a stretch. NTTAWWT. Nighty-nite!

Rim shot for annie. Pa-dump bump.

Oooh, rim shot for SW for 'rim shot.' Just got that. I think. With daylight savings tonight, it gets late early for me.

You both are making my butt pucker...sheesh.

Yes, annie, I'm on to your multiple entendres and you should be on to mine by now, too.

Enjoy the beautiful day ;-)

Thank you, Stevie - even if you didn't tell ME ;-P

Tell you what, sxi? To enjoy the beautiful day? That's cos you're not here is SoCal, where it's clear and high 60's with a light breeze. I just didn't want to make you jealous.

Stevie, it's a gorgeous sunny day here in su.so.fl. Clear and high in the 70's. Jealous?? No way! Just teasing you.

Sadness and melodies.

Usually, when
the sound of
a pine-wood
touches a care and
a beautiful darkness,
I hear a picture
and a fallen desire,
and here, in my
childhood, a flower

Francesco Sinibaldi

Hey, Frankie - you're really in Italy, right? How'd you hook up with the Dave Barry blog?

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