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March 07, 2008


As always, ready to surrender.

Stupid Key quote: "The good old dichotomy (male predators, females patiently awaiting the warrior's return in front of the cave entrance) is in big trouble", said Le Nouvel Observateur.

(Thanks to Baron vonKlyff)


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Aw heck, why weren't they that way when I was single?

. . . and don't say "just choosy I guess"

France's First Lady (NSFW?) You're welcome, men.

Bien sur!

Only since they are women acting like men, they are also known as "sluts".

She wasn't the first, for as we all know
**there's a place in France where the naked ladies dance . . . **

i'm so confused. when they are talking about the average number of sexual partners they had, do they mean at one time or in their lives?

I guess the men will be holed up in their ivory castle . . .

I suddenly feel the urge to become U.S. Ambassador to France.

That's actually a pretty cool castle.

We're assuming the women they surveyed all told the unvarnished truth about their sexual exploits. That may not necessarily be the case ...

*Easy peasy sexual snorks* @ Wench and witch!!!!

"A woman's average number of partners has risen from under two in 1970 to over five today, while a man's has remained the same for four decades, almost 13."

Somebody, please send math assistance!! Just who have the men been boffing these last four decades -- each other, or do a few women really get around?

Democrat men

Just want to be friends(or surrender)


1970-68% of French women had only one partner.\
1970-The average number of sexual partners for French women was just under two.
How many sexual partners must the 32% average, for the whole to average 2?

MKJ, what are the shipping charges for the "Small Medieval Moated Castle in France?"

"While researches found that guys for the most part lie about nothing, unless it's to get sex. If that does not work, money is offered in which the woman is immediately forced to lie and say she is attracted to said man, proving yet again that all women are sluts and men are fine upstanding citizens who never lie about women at all."

can't answer that one igloo, i was too busy raising the average to learn much math.

Steve, believe me, you can always "trust" me.

Nouvel Obs quote not so surprising given the Cro-Magnon attitudes of some of the guys in that country . . . or this country

Funny, I keep thinking of last night's "Lost":

Ben: I give you my word that I will tell you everyth-
Locke: See, that's the problem. I don't trust your word.

And these are two *men*... !

But at least guys wouldn't go for revenge . . .

As a P.S., I have never watched "Moment of Truth" and have no desire to. The whole premise of the show is reprehensible to me. I have a sneaking suspicion that if it weren't for the writers' strike which resulted in so many cheapjack "reality" shows flooding the airwaves, none of this would have happened...

Look Wench, if I acted the way the First Lady is acting, I would be a slut too. Man or woman, there is something disturbing about publicly declaring monogamy to be "terribly boring" a week after you get married. I predict their marriage to be long and fruitful.

SH: sure, right, uh-huh . . .

I, for one, have never started a sentence with "Look Wench,"

Ms Jeeves, I'm sorry to say the cad who went on eBay is not alone. Here's another recent case in point ... Bill Maher always talks about the bad things that are done in the name of religion, but what about the bad things that are done in the name of *love* ... ?! I guess it simply shows you need to have faith for *both* to work ...

MKJ, that's cold -- but funny in a very sick way.

SH: Not Ms (I'm a dude, dude!)

Well, if that weren't her name, I would have started the sentence that way either.

Why are we talking like Hurley ??

Seriously, sorry about that, the coin came down tails...

There are all kinds of 'revenge' items on ebay all the time (trust me on this), the ones actually selling stuff are usually bogus. But I get a kick out of some of them.

Dunno, who's Hurley?

Elon: I'm sure, it just made me laugh . . .

"Somebody, please send math assistance!! Just who have the men been boffing these last four decades -- each other, or do a few women really get around?"

you are not the first person to notice.

Here's the Nouvel Obs article (caution on link) for any francophiles around.

MKJ...Thanks for the link. I see they try to make the story more easily understood with a scientific illustration. (What DOES her tattoo say, anyway??)

Betsy: she wouldn't let me get close enough to figure it out . . .

Well, Elon, I would have to agree. I was mostly referring to the loose French single women though. As opposed to the manly studly women's men.

(sigh) clearly, dude Jeeves is not a "Lost" fan...

From Elon's link;
"...they can’t be true, they just “reinforce the stereotypes of promiscuous males and chaste females[my emphasis].”"
We all know that the Dave Barry Blogettes are the only true chaste females on the planet.

A castle fixer-upper with a MOAT! Pretty cool, except for the septic tank part.

And if we're doing sexual math, studies have shown that 73% of all women have faked an orgasm and 73% of all men say a woman never has with them because they would know. *snork and chortle*

Aside: My numbers might not be exactly right but you get the idea....

Well, igloo, I know that I get chased a lot.

What? "Chaste"? Oh. Nevermind...

ig, of course we are!!! That's why we walk the streets at night to make sure that the world stays pure and safe for democracy.

*yells "Hey sailor, new in town . . ."*

How come "sexual math" was never offered when I was in school?

And, El? 94.3% of people who provide statistics are making them up on the spot. *grin*

Lady el, would that be the old "73 skadoo?"

Democrat men

Just want to be friends(or surrender)


Posted by: lil rascal | 03:56 PM on March 7, 2008

I was waiting for you to post. No slanderous Obama comments though? I'm disappointed.

And if we're doing sexual math, studies have shown that 73% of all women have faked an orgasm and 73% of all men say a woman never has with them because they would know.
Posted by: Eleanor | 05:21 PM on March 7, 2008

El, that's one of their DISTINCT charms ! Even as the glow wears off (of one of us, anyway), they bask in the knowledge that their prowess is secure for the moment !!!

You mean some women actually fake it? Dadgum, you learn something new every day.

Trust me, jug. I never have with you.

Newsflash - guys lie.

Women too.

On that note, gotta get ready for Friday night. I've finally finetuned my two-step and dusted off my cowboy cha-cha, so I'm hitting a much bigger club tonight. Wish me luck and a big, tall, er, hat!

*zips up & out*

Nuh uh, Annie. So not true. When I told Mr. Ex he was the best ever, I meant every word. And when I tell Mr. Telecom he's the best ever, in all ever-dom, I mean it. Every. single. time.
I'm not lying. I mean it. I do. Every single time. I really really mean it.
Um, what were we talking about again ???

Oh, and Annie ? Have a great time !
But watch the cha-cha thing - those of us of Latin persuasion have a different, um, meaning for that.

*continues to practice French*

Whewwwwwww! Finally caught up reading.

Annie, have a wonderful time!

Ok...what did I miss??

Telecom, that's the great part, isn't it? *snork* And they sound so definite when they say it:
No woman has ever, ever....

gjd, I thought that number was 84.6% but I could be wrong. ;)

On a somehow related topic. (uh what was the topic?)

It was just pointed out to me by one woman that a) tomorrow is International Women's Day, and by another that tomorrow is "Check Your Batteries Day".


Mahatma, I'm sure AmerinParis would LOVE that item on her special someone ;-)

Steve, looks like we watch the same things. I'm a "Lostie" and I also watch that train wreck of a show.

No coincidence pogo. I'd say it's a perfect fit. *ducks*

Thanks, Tex. I absolutely knew that.
And Annie, have a swell time and watch out for the guys wearing chaps. The might just be Village People fans

*checking battery supply*

I'm good.

I think I read that in a bathroom somewhere Siouxie

Fortunately, I have to run the oldest child on an errand so I'll have to wait on the inevitable machete blows. Back for my punishment a little later. Peace out homeys! *or whatever the kids are saying these days*

jug, that's my old number.

Annie, don't forget to vacuum! Have a great time, can't wait to hear of your exploits.

Pogo, I thought tomorrow was DST "battery" day. I better go check the warehouse.

Oh, El, I am sitting here just cracking up. I even asked Mr. Telecom how he could be so sure, and he admitted that he really couldn't tell physically, but he could tell "other ways". Lord help me, it was all I could do not to laugh. Men are so much fun ! And I mean that in the BEST possible sense.
Don't smack me, Doc !

Hallelujah, Pogo ! Now there's some holidays I could get into ! Heh heh heh !

Checking out for the evening, folks. I'll leave a 5-pack (I took one) for the thirsty. I'll leave a 40 pack of triple A's for the ladies.

see ya.

Telecom, I wouldn't smack you just for that little ol' dig. * smacks her upside the back of the head just 'cause ;) *

you mean 1-800-HOT-STUF isn't your number any more?

That's how I knows you loves me, Doc !

Ooooh la la !! I was #69 !!

Siouxie, I don't know that I'd go so far as to call it a train wreck -- just because nothing so far this season has approached the absolute rush of Hurley and the big blue bus in last season's finale...!

Jug, I'm pretty sure she changed it to

*wishes a pogo a box of Ds*

That would be a lot of folks Dropout

Aaaaawww, Jug, I was just funnin' ya !
Your sense of humor alone makes you very sexy ...

Steve, I meant the Moment of Truth as the train wreck show.

I LOVE LOST. Hurley's one of my fav characters on there, DUDE!! This season's still a bit confusing but it's great to get more of the back stories and flash-forwards.

jug, I no longer have the need to advertise in men's bathrooms, thanks to the Innernets. ;-P

Thanks Dropout.
And Siouxie, I thought Innernets were liners for those old fashion pantyhose with the seam that runs up the back.

trouble is they went and put Lost opposite Reaper, and I've loved Ray Wise (in a manly way of course) since Twin Peaks...

LOL, CJ. You're so thoughtful........

Steve, Ray Wise also appeared (which I'm sure you knew) on the blog's favorite show "24" as the Vice President 2 years ago. A brief, yet commanding, performance.

*waves @ Med*
Will be leaving shortly, for the nightly commute and bowling. Had a fun day with y'all, thanks !

Hi Med, and a belted Hi to DocRick. She doesn't have that spoon handy does she?

Tel, have a safe ride home and fun @ bowling!

Steve, you watched Twin Peaks too?? LOVED that show. It's great to see Kyle MacLachlan on Desperate Housewives. I've never seen Reaper though.

The butt monkeys who schedule the programs have it in for me, I think. Even before they moved Reaper to the 9 PM Thursday slot, they had Supernatural opposite Lost -- I mean DAYUM, why do they do this to me?? Good thing the CW site lets you play back the episodes because choosing between Hurley and Ben versus Sam and Dean Winchester would tax even King Solomon...

I don't know how this woman President on 24 is going to work out, when you stack her against an icon like Palmer or the duplicitous Nixon Logan...


I think there may be a glitch with the strikeout thingie, I put a second after Nixon and ended up with everything after that struck out all the way thru my name, Email Address, URL and Comments ... ! I had the same problem with the for italics a while back, the whole thing ended up italic (!) -- think I better forget about using both of them for the time being...


Thanks, Siouxie - you have a great weekend !
Congrats again on your daughter's (and yours)accomplishment.
Everyone have a wonderful evening !


As that great philosopher Charlie Brown once said: AAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!

Uh Oh...I think Steve broke the blog....

oh dear...



geeezzzz...italics AND strikeouts...we need a geek....STAT



Looks like everyone's wearing those blackout glasses !! LOL !!!

I don't know why it's not working now.

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