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March 27, 2008


Cabbie Bites Woman Over Fare

(Thanks to Katie Silverthome, who says, "I don't think we should show this story to Aunt Shelly.")


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Aunt Shelly, run for you life.

He prolly just mistook her for a doughnut hamburger sammich

And also add an "r" to that too.

This guy looks familiar. Didn't he take me to Grand Central Station in NYC?

See, this is how us taxi drivers gets a bad name...

It's ok, Aunt Shelly, Tsang has bitten his last fare. He's now tsinging in prison, so it's tsafe for you to visit tSarasota.

LOL Annie. Tsi!

"Florida. Free from biting cabbies for 127 1 day(s)."

He misunderstood her request to "bite me"

She's lucky she wasn't in a cab in Miami. They'd have just shot her for slow pay.

They have their best man on the case.

I tried to post a respectful (har!) comment on the t3sticle thread, but the bot did not like my links. *innocent look* Can't imagine why.

(And for all the Chicagoans who grew up listening to him on their parents' and grandparents' radios, Rest in Peace, Wally Phillips.)

Gotta run, blogits. Have a great Thursday.

*Slinks out®*

authorities, who later caught and arrested Tsang, who was transported to jail.

At least he has a cell phone...

Yumm. Tastes like General Tso's chicken!

but did she pay for the ride?

Tsnork @ Annie! Tsorry. It was just tsilly. Tso tsue me. Tsayonara!

mahatma: i don't think so. i think she was probably offering him some ham. or something.

"Taste like Chechen."

in new york, he'd be sent to tsing tsing...

did he see jon voight bite kramer on 'seinfeld'?

Shouldn't that be "tseinfeld," insom?

And SHODDY reporting! Did she ever get her phone back?!

tsnork @ tsang, blue & insom

tso tsolly!

hey now, my last name starts with 'ts', does that mean that i'm more prone to biting? it would explain so much.

There once was a Florida cabbie
Some days he could be quite crabby
A woman did dare
To stiff him his fare
So he bit her arm's turkey neck flabby.

LOL Layzee!!

That is shoddy reporting. Not one reference to the fact that the cabbie was a 6 legged critter.

Perhaps it was a pre-emptive strike?

I'm not buyin' it. She was a skank and totally stiffed him. I'd have bitten her too. Taking her cell and risking skank cooties, however ...

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