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March 30, 2008



Key Byline: Virginia Squealer

(Thanks to sjhaller)


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This is what happens if you give a mouse a cookie.

There is more news from England, but it's stuck at Heathrow airport.

How can they find the will to go on? They are so brave.

Punkin, or when you give a mouse spaghetti. I'm guessing the poor thing had a coronary when it saw the mum.

If you give a cowboy a beer...

Wyo, I'd give you a beer, just as soon as my luggage arrives from Heathrow.

Clearly England does not have enough cats ...

Well, she WAS looking for soft and cuddly . . .

spaghetti left on her table
I'm guessing this isn't the only mouse/rodentin this house

Jazzie killed the thread, jazzie killed the thread.

just taunting.

Wyo killed the thread, Wyo killed the thread.

annie's a copy cat.
annie's a copy cat.

Something tells me you have sisters, Wyo.

well I guess - double that? Or I brought the thread back to life?

Virginia Squealer - wasn't she in Deliverance?

Only one, annie, but she was/is quite enough. She's movin' out your way, you'd love her. (she votes wrong too.) ;) but I love her still.

The mum's a school cook, so I'm guessing the mouse is by now part of the school lunch program.

Meanie, Virginia was the one without the Banjo, and most of her teeth.

Wyo - sounds like a guy is involved in this move out my way.

like her, annie, you've some keen intuition. sometimes you amaze me. (really)

It's what I do, sir. ;)

forgot to mention, Wyo - that shirt has seen better days. I know you like it, but...it's time.

If only you knew, annie. if only you knew.

Whoa! Is that a mouse under your blanket or are you just glad to see me?

make it a rat, Jeff. trust me on this one.

Wyo - you're boasting again.

Am I the only schlub on here who saw "Stuart Little"? Send the tyke to my house, I have two cats love the little critters.

...wow, daughter, Jane is extremely pretty...is this story an elaborate excuse to print her photograph?


Wait...she's 13?!?! o_O

Joben, before you say another word, scroll down to her mum's pic.

That might merely be the results of havin' a baby @ age 42 ... or not ... ?

Oh, I was thinkin' she had her at 14, and therefore had no sense of boundaries.

Step carefully, OtheU....you're treading on thin, OLD ice....

Well, putting aside expectations raised by results-not-typical people like Elizibeth Taylor, Mum ain't looking too bad for 55. She was probably very pretty at one time too...

I think it's the hair, Joben. I immediately made an appt to have my roots done.

when they get to be that old, annie an' bali'll be way cuter!

*shamelessly seeks bonus points*

speakin' of "older women" my wife's gonna be a gramma tomorrow. (I'm still in denialhood.)

...and she did just have a mouse in the house. Plus I've heard having a teenage daughter can age you like nobody's bizness.

Wow, Wyo. Congrats to your wife! You did buy a teeny pair of roughouts for him, right?

Wyo, you just got Top Slot in the Will. Seriously. And yes, Annie, gurl children will make a Mum color her hair every other week. Just sayin'...

I got him a saddle, and am buildin' him some furniture. The roughouts are bound to come soon. and maybe a dress pair in red. kinda cool to have extended progeny.

Annie and Joben, you would be surprised how much you can learn about moms and teenagers (sisters too) from watching "Keeping Up with the Kardashians". It is so much more than just Kim and her hottie sisters. So often the real hoot is their stepdad Bruce Jenner, who clearly did not know what he was getting into when he married their mom, who by the way is still really hot. I just watched the episode where one of the younger sisters, Kendall, was just entering teen-hood, with all the biological problems that entails, and Bruce just had such a big look of relief on his face when he farmed out the task of explaining about periods and tampons to the older girls. I love how he always has this look on his face like "Oh god, what have those girls got me into this time?" And Wyo, you'd have loved the ending where they put Kendall more at ease and put a smile on her face by showing home movies of her first coming into the world. This show is way more fun than "Growing Up Gotti" if you remember that car crash...

I've never watched the show although I've seen it advertised. I didn't know Bruce Jenner was part of it. How's he looking these days?

I think he's having the time of his life, whatever problems wifey Kris and the girls get him into. I sense a marvelous chemistry between him and Kris and he really does try to understand what the older girls are going through but clearly he appreciates that Kris can talk to the girls and make it all come out right...

Wyo- sounds wonderful! I'm sure we'll see pics on your site.
Steve - I've tried to watch that show, but I can't get past the girls sniping at each other. They live not far from me in Calabasas, I believe. Bruce is funny, though, as the clueless yet loving dad who just wandered in and would really like to wander out once he raids the fridge. :)

CONGRATS, Wyo! You're going to LOVE the Grandpa gig. My grandson is 2, and he's the light of my life.

My mother used to have a plaque that said Grandchildren are God's reward for not killing your own children.

Now I understand what it means -- the best part is he's paying his mother back for everything she ever did to me. And I all I have to do is feed him cookies and send him home!

Finally heinzed the weekend's threads. Lairbo - you had me rooooolling several times! You're brilliant! The rest of y'all...keep it up!! :D

Glowing with fluorescence, blanket mice are neon candles in the dark.

Morning, y'all!

Been a rough few days for me- my estranged father has been sick, so my mom (his first ex-wife)and I drove down to Fla to get him into the hospital (there is WAY more to it and it wasn't as easy as it sounds). He and I haven't hardly spoken for more than 10 years, and that was at a funeral.

I need a hug.

*Places out fresh citrus salad from Florida for breakfast*

*Wraps roll of hugs (mouse-free) and airdrops over ddd's house*

Ugh. Sounds .... trying, doc. Good luck with everything.

Wyo, that is simply outstanding news. I look forward to the day I get to be in your boots. (Except for the spurs. The Mrs. hates those).

Oh- and Congrats, Wyo!!

Thanks, Meanie!

Hi guys, DDD, hugs from across the oceans.


*helpsself to fresh Fla grapefruit*

Congrats, Wyo!!

England ran out of news 100 years ago.

((((((((((Wyo)))))))))))) gramps!! *snickers*

(((((((((((ddd)))))))))))))) I'd give you one in person if I could, chica!

Little brown rodents all tied up with strings! These are a few of my favorite things!

*Sends DDD a puppy* Rough stuff, man.

Little brown rodents all tied up with strings! These are a few of my favorite things!

*Sends DDD a puppy* Rough stuff, man. Best wishes and good luck.

Awwww- a puppy! thanks, SpamLamb!

And thanks to all for the hugs.

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