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March 28, 2008


Don't mess with them.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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They could always tell the tourists it was a Moai statue of Van Gogh...

I say they sic Indy Jones and his bull whip on the creep. Friggin' tourists!

They better not chip off the old stone penis...

I couldn't agree with the honorable mayor more. except I would cut the guy's ear off after I used a supersoaker filled with gasoline and long butane torch on him. While riding a bicycle.

AOL had one of their non-scientific polls on this, and the great majority of people indicated they thought he should serve jail time. And 15% thought the "ear for an ear" idea sounded just about right.

I knew about the Easter Bunny, never knew there was an Easter Jackass. Figgers.

I'm one of 85% who voted to castarate him and feed it to pen of chickens.

The Easter jackass leaves a different kind of egg Bali.

'Ello, 'ello, 'ello, what 'ave we 'ere?

Friends, Easter Islanders, countrymen ......

Snork @ Meanie!

Jeez, lil rascal, what is it with all the supersoaker threats? At least go high tech, OK ??

Because the first thing I do when confronted by ancient priceless objects is immediately rip off a piece as something to take home. And you just know he was going to eBay it too.

In related news, does Walter have security for this reason?

“If an ear is cut off, then an ear gets cut,” [mayor] Edmunds Paoa told Cooperative radio. “Eye for eye, tooth for tooth: That would be my form of justice.”

Paoa then threw some money lenders out of a local temple and sent down a rain of frogs and pestilence on city council members who'd voted against his bond fund initiative.

We won't . . .

I am already annoyed. Another pathetic little brat to push me to the brink!

Hiho, silver - Walter doesn't need this protection. He doesn't have ears.

FIRST to say that the photo of the statues looks like a couple of giant pe...

*SLAPs self back to family friendly mode*

I'm sorry, but people like him irritate me greatly. I went to stone henge a few years back and we weren't allowed near the structure due to the number of people in the past chiseling off hunks of it as souvenirs. Idiots.

"Please, sir, can I have some Moai?"

My first thought when I read this story earlier this morning was, "Thank heavens, at least he wasn't an American."

Whatever is done with him, let's make sure he's permanently banned from the Lascaux caves, Stonehenge, and Greece in general.

It absolutely stuns me when idiots do things like this, although it's not really a modern phenomenon. When I was toured Egypt, it was not uncommon to see graffiti carved into ancient monuments by Victorian-era tourists. They often took great care in carving their names in precise serif fonts. The highlight was when a tour guide pointed out a similar defacing in one of the walls of the great temple at Luxor done by Alexander the Great.

The mayor is right. I remember hearing a story a while ago about a 13 year old putting his gum on a priceless painting on a museum field trip. They tried to give one of those 'he didn't know what he was doing' [email protected]$$ arguments. Let's see, putting your gum on something that is not a gum wrapper is wrong, now, isn't it?

At a volcano in Hawaii (I forget which), park rangers always tell visitors the "legend" of the volcano goddess who curses any and all who take souvenir chunks of lava. Even though they just made the legend up to stop people from carting off rocks, several times a year someone comes by to contritely return a chunk of lava they took on a previous visit because since then they've had terrible luck and are sure the curse is why.

Lairbo - I did the same thing with my post-its at work. Anyone who took them came under a horrible curse - they continued to work there.

Note to self: gather up all purloined paper clips and return them to office supply closet first thing Monday...

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