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March 30, 2008


The dress code is strictly enforced.

(Thanks to MissV and Siouxie)


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They were wearing dresses? Or is that just me? I met a Patriots fan the other day and refrained from saying anything about the Super Bowl. Although I couldn't help but snicker.

I can't abide dress codes, my wardrobe's stuck at Heathrow.


*Reminds self to never eat at Annie's*

*wishes she wasn't eating right now*
*thanks Dave for that*

Sorry, Punkin. I would never do that to you. But this guy was sooo sensitive, and there was this biiiig silence, and I had had a couple of beers, and I really tried not to giggle, but....snork!

To put this in context, here's a quote from the "contact us" page:

The Kitsap Sun covers the Kitsap Peninsula — including Kitsap and North Mason counties
and parts of Jefferson County Wash. — west of Seattle, across the Puget Sound.
To reach us via mail, send your information to P.O. Box 259, Bremerton, Wash. 98337.

But didn't the Steelers fan know that Booger is now a Pittsbooger?

*snork* @ oneblankspace.

What the cook did was reprehensible, but what did it have to do with the restaurant's dress code ?? I'm confused ...

I think Dave was referring to the man's Pittsburgh Steelers attire. The attire of the spittee, I mean, not the spitter.

Incidentally, if I may wander off-topic for a moment, I've just come in from a quick trip 'round the blogosphere (doing a little informal research for work). Do you guys realize that this right here is the sanest blog on the entire Internet? Scary, no?

As a loyal member of the 12th man family who proudly displays his Seahawks ankle tattoo all the time let me say...

So let's see, we got guys having sex with picnic tables, all manner of toilet humor, nipple rings, guys tossing a headless sheep around on hoseback, wombat rape -- and that's just in the past week -- and this is as sane as it gets ?? What does that tell you about the future of mankind ??

* tosses an "r" up there*

Steve -- exactly.

Now I must go find the headless sheep post -- must've missed it!

And it's 8 PM, that means The Simpsons ... ! Woo hoo ...

Catch you all later ...

Just so all y'all Squealers fans know, this is common, and acceptable. Go ahead and wear your gear, just don't look too close at your food, dude.

What an irresponsible thing to do!

Snork, Meanie. It sucks to be Spitzer. From the looks of him, it sucks from the inside.

I was gonna post something about how nobody from California, New Jersey or New York is in a position to mock the others' governors but Spitzer is such an @$$hole.

Sorry if it looked like I was coming at it from a nose-thumbing point of view from across the river, Lairbo. Believe me, I am acutely aware of how glassy the NJ gubernatorial and political houses are.

Though I can't vote in NY state, my schadenfreude still comes from direct exposure to the state's workings. I also happen to be an employee of NY state, and I've seen for over a decade first hand how cynical, corrosive and exploitative the sham backroom government of the Empire State can get. I was truly happy to see the incumbent governor take his leave, and eager to see someone with real potential to do more than pay lip service to reform take his place. Of course with that kind of agenda you knew he would be stepping on a few toes, but The Steamroller apparently decided to be all @sshole, all the time, and wound up paralyzing instead of reforming. That he also turns out to be such a massive hypocrite is just beyond belief.

No, I would not like decaf. Thank you.

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