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March 31, 2008


(Thanks to Danny)


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man, if i had know this, i could have donated to his cause. what was his cause again? oh, Scranton, that's right, he doesn't need to have another cause.

CSI? Sounds more like "24".

For two months, police in full camouflage hid in the woods and staked out spots in unmarked cars

And yet no one does anything like this to pretect us from (any of the) Spears, Hohan, Paris, ... who dump their crap on us daily.

OK, I'm not sure which is more offensive: the fact that this guy was going around for months tossing out bags of used kitty litter at random, or:

For two months, police in full camouflage hid in the woods and staked out spots in unmarked cars along Union Street, Keyser Avenue and near Stauffer Industrial Park.

For a litterbug. Wow, they must not have a lot of crime there...

Maybe he was just trying to get that cat out of the wall...

What kind of town would name its newspaper the Times-Shamrock?

The pussy police finally catch the feline...felon. Note to self: self, do not bring cat litter with me when breaking the law in Scranton.

He was charged with littering. Pay attention, England - THAT made sense.

For the record, this did not occur in Scranton. It was in the suburb Taylor, just over the border. Scranton Police are far too busy arresting people who curse at their toilets to engage in such trivial matters.

It was all over the news here this morning, that and the fact that both Hillary and Barak will be here tomorrow. Apparently spreading sh!t was the theme of the news today.

obs, the paper is the Times-Tribune, the company that owns it is Times-Shamrock.

And I was extra careful putting my garbage out on the Scranton curb last night. It did contain used cat litter.

That's two pussy stories in a row that my end up costing a LOT more than Elliot Spitzer paid.

Thank you Layzeeboy for clarifying that. Also, it should be noted that Obama and Sen. Casey of PA went bowling in PA yesterday, and their total, TOTAL, was 118. Obama rolled a 37. As the AP writer said, they brought their "f" game to the lanes.

Now if the Clinton campaign slips him a beer in a dribble cup, he may completely lose the blue collar vote there.

I come from that area, and I well remember some of the odd things that happen. Like the first fire the town's volunteer hose company had to quell after the dedication of their newly built firehouse -- the newly built firehouse. As someone once said, I am not making this up.

Scranton, the Electric City.


P'haps they thot they'd nabbed Arlo?

After two months of undercover work, I certainly hope they have more than 27 8x10 color glossy photographs to show for their efforts!

"...and would also take dirty litter from his neighbor’s garbage"

Ahhh, a cat litter burglar

Spambot must be sleeping.

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