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March 27, 2008


They are everywhere.

(Thanks to Barb Goldstein, sjhaller, Chuck, Heather and we think some other people whose emails we deleted by mistake, sorry.)


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Okay, mind is officially boggled . . .

"All the pieces just came together"

See, that's why Dan Trelka is Police Chief and you're not...



Future presidential candidates????

Is stupid contagious? If I keep reading these stories, I may get the urge to put on a fat suit, drive the wrong way to the bank, give them my number on a pot-reeking note, and then do something really stupid, like write a run-on sentence and abuse punctuation!!!!

Annie, at least your participles aren't dangling. Now THAT would be stupid!!!

(2nd story) That's why you're supposed to launder the money first!

I love it when stupid criminals turn themselves in!

Who knew that odiferous cash was against the law?

Has it been confirmed if this was in fact a Jack Bauer thigh shooting incident?

I'm wondering how the first guy managed to survive to 18, the second guy I can understand, he was spaced out on weed.

Siouxie, but are her infinitives split?

Layzee, if they were, I'm sure she would have felt a draft ;-)

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