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March 28, 2008


Now they want to take away the fundamental American right to write checks on toilet paper.

(Thanks to Baron vonKlyff, Keli Minick, Jeff Meyerson and of course Siouxie and also of course DavCat)


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As soon as I saw this in the news I had an inkling it just might end up on this forum

I would strongly consider paying those bogus late charges with some use floral print paper. Or call Gloria Allred and negotiate the assinity of it all.


If it was not previously used (eeeewwww) then what's the problem?

Legal tender, I say. Extra soft for extra tender tushies.

That kind of water bill would wipe out my assets too.

LMAO Meanie!

At least it was 2-ply.

Why not? The Dollar's worth crap nowadays anyway.

Maybe 2-ply is the problem. That extra ply jams the check machines.

He tried to be reasonable. Time to pay in pennies...

your mouth shouldn't write checks your butt can't cash or something like that...

I can understand the clerk not wanting to accept such a check, but as far as I know if he included the proper bank-routing numbers and such he is OK and the clerk is wrong.

I think the first time I noticed this form of protest was in the Seventies, when a man wrote his check on the side of a live bull - and the banking authorities said it had to be accepted.

Cow checks!!! Where can I order them?

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