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March 28, 2008


Nothing is more important.

(Thanks to Baron vonKlyff)


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In order to keep people safe, I call upon Congress to enact legislation outlawing estuaries.

Oakland Estuary Blend ain't cheap. No wonder she salvaged it.

With what Starbucks charges for a large coffee (I refuse to use their cutesy Venti Latte terminology), I am not surprised she tried to save her coffee.

*understands completely*

At our church, we leave the communion wine on the shelf and keep the coffee under lock and key.

Somebody snatch her up for an endorsement deal for a coffee commercial. And also, a geico commercial.

Unfortunately, she was over on her daytime minutes.

That so could have been me. Last summer, I took an extremely ungraceful fall on my front walk. I dropped my keys, lost a shoe, and ended up with four stitches in my knee. But I managed to keep my coffee cup upright and full, a fact which consoled me deeply in my time of need.

*is proud*

*loves the java*

Of course she saved the coffee. The car was insured.

Didn't Sharon Stone do this? Maybe it wasn't coffee she was cradling. Nevermind.


In college, a guy fell off a balcony, safely on to a giant tree branch below. You guessed it - he didn't spill his beer.

Let me see, one hand for the coffee, one hand to reach for the cell phone, and the car takes care of itself? Obviously a FLORIDA DRIVER'S LICENSE should be on the way.

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