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March 27, 2008


Whoa, that narrows it down.

(Thanks to scmommy)


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Won't load for me, but from the link I'll be the FIRST to guess some burglar dudes left the toilet seat up.

and sprayed all of the bottom of the seat and tank.

It's taking forever to load (heh!)

Must be clogged.


Actually, it works, but horribly slowly.

Someone get the Drano™!

Actually, it seems to me like their whole site is having problems.

Toilet seat big clue to burglar's gender
Thursday, March 27, 2008

A female burglary victim deduced that a man must have broken into her North Charleston apartment because the toilet seat was left up.

The St. Johns Avenue resident was out of town for Easter and discovered the break-in when she returned Tuesday night and found the front door ajar, police said. A DVD and VCR were missing, according to a report. The burglar apparently left behind an empty 24-ounce soda bottle, police said.


Annie wins!

*tosses Annie a Honey Baked Ham™*

Thanks, Siouxie. You're a big help. Really.

Thanks Siou

Thanks, but ham is bad for my cankles. Makes them sticky.

Annie, I can use my machete to take a little off the sides.

Welcome, MKJ!

I think SHE must have left it u . . .

uh, never mind . . .

He stole a DVD? Was it blank?

Siouxe, good thing you didn't include the potatoes and vegetables with the ham.


I've got my own sharp instrument...I'm good ;-)

BJJB - Hammie kept hiding his potatoes so we couldn't get a clear shot at them.

But I think we got him now.

LOL Annie

Note to lady cat burglers, leave the toilet seat up, they'll never suspect you.

*makes mental note*

Got it, Mot!!

I would never burgle a cat. I'm allergic.

well, you'd just have to take a shower after.

In their shower? Ew. Plus I just took one last month. And I'd be accused of soap theft, a felony.

Or in this case, a feline-y.

*meowwwwwwwsnork* @ Annie



Hmm? Who's burgling a cat?

Leapin' lemurs, not me. Achoo.

Thanks, Annie. I'll be seeing those eyeballs in my sleep.

lol cat. i love pics like that ^^

and yay for stupid burglers (either that or some smart woman who felt like throwing cops off her trail) they sure are entertaining ^__^

ah, the joys of being three hours behind (or something kike that... i miss the convo by like an hour every time...*sighs melodramatically and goes back to her manga*

I just don't understand the issue. A toilet seat is a binary device. Up. Down. If you want it up, open it. If you want it down, close it.

Why is it that those of us who can stand and aim must cater to thise who prefer to sit and if the seat is down, open it and then close it on completion in case the next user might want to sit rather than stand?

Note that peeing on the seat is never going to be approved by anyone.

He took a dvd, a vcr, and a leak.

You mean he worked for a plumber?

Evening, peeps!! How are things hangin'?

Same as usual Siouxie. How are you doing?

still recovering from Legoland yesterday. Ugh. But I do have peeps. Yellow ones. Da best.

UGH, Annie! I hate those things. Btw, who won the water squirting war??

juggie, I'm good. Having my wine and trying to chill for a bit before LOST. Full day at tax central is catching up on me.

I, too, am having a glass of wine. It is, so far, alleviating the stress of a day that if it was a fish it would have been thrown back in.

Annie, do you heat the peeps in the microwave?

A loaf of bread, a jug, some wine, and thou.... ;) A good start on the evening!

No, peeps in the microwave, I'm not that cruel. I bite their heads off the old fashioned way. Poor fishy day, jug!
Siouxie - working that water war into a blog post - hopefully done late tonight when the boys go to their dads and I can have a beer concentrate.

*cheers* jug!

Annie, send it to me when you're done!! I'd love to see!

Evening Diva.
The subtle approach, huh Annie?

Men will never learn. *sigh*

*jumps behind the blog bar and slides Annie a cold one to get her creative juices flowing* (and you can interpret that one as you wish)

Evenin', jug! Sorry about your crummy day. Been there, one that, threw up on the T-shirt.

Learn what Eleanor?

Some things are best left out of my wicked imagination Siouxie.

Thanks, Sioux, I think. Jug, I used to work for a guy who would sneak up behind animal crackers and bite their heads off. Yes, he was in marketing.

S'ok Diva, tomorrow will be better. I get to tell a bunch of doctors what to do tomorrow. That ought to be good for some laughs.

Marketing guys think like that Annie. Its the sales guys that try to bite the heads off of 6 at once that you need to keep an eye on.

To put the seat down when they're finished, jug. Seems like a simple thing...

It is a simple thing. I, for one, don't understand why guys don't do it. Its even better just to close the lid too.

*faints dead away at jug's near-perfection*

Near perfection? Hardly. I suck at housekeeping. And laundry sometimes is a challenge (like when the gym sock come out pink-sheesh)

jug, you need to keep your red thong away from the whites ;-P

Just one? OK. That's funny.

Siouxie - did you know Lost was a rerun tonight. I'm bummed. :(

tosses the errant 's' up.

See jug, therein lies the problem. If I don't have the lid down then I don't want you to put the lid down when you use the toilet. My pal CG does that and I don't understand why he just can't put it back the way he found it! Why is that such a difficult concept?

Oh, now that's an idea! Its pola dot and I always get confused on whether it goes with the whites or the rest of the stuff. Thanks Siouxie.

♪ He wore an itsy bitsy teenie weenie red & white polka dot thongkini... ♫

I dunno Eleanor. Its probably a male genetic/mental deficiency.

*refuses to make a comment about playing "connect the dots"*

If you aren't careful Siouxie, I'll make you look at the pictures of me in it.

Seat up, seat down, minor issue. I wasted hours, my hands, and weary muscles trying to pull-start a new generator on which somebody had put the sticker marking the Choke, upside down. I blame a female cat-burglar. Beer, puhleeze?

What's a 'pola dot'? Not sure if I want to know, if it concerns jug's undies. The thong's already too much for me to envision.
I believe El is trying to start a potty war. Seat down, lid down, nuff said. Bring it on, grrrlfriend!

LOL promises promises, jug.

Pull-start choke - minor issue. One yank on that thing and you should know something's wrong. (yeah, there's a straight line for you, SW)
*slides a cold one to CJ*

But I will say, to conclude the toilet seat discussion, that I'd rather he put the lid down to, than leave the seat up. :)

*slides a cold Heiny over to CJ*

You were supposed to be upside down too, silly!

Its a Ralph Lauren knock off with an accent, Annie.
Hands CJ a cold beer.

strategically placed, I'm sure, jug.

Uh-oh, I think CJ's writing a monologue/lecture for me on chokes. Sigh...I can almost hear him typing from here. Unless that's jug chafing on his pola dots.

Of course Annie. I just have to be careful with the dadgum polo mallet.

No chafing Annie. Give 'em a liberal dose of WD-40 and you don't have to worry about it.
I think CJ is typing upside down, to match the choke.

Annie, he's got 3 beers...it may take a while.

That wouldn't be cg's generator by chance, would it, CJ? Oh, the things we do for love. :D

¡¿ǝq ʇɐɥʇ p1noʍ ʎ11ıs ʍoɥ ʍou ¿uʍop ǝpısdn

Nope; I was just checking out the POTUS Q&A. Darn "universal language" stickers; if it had writing on it, it would have been obviously upside down, butt it just had a Choke symbol and an arrow. Bastids!

At least now I'm drunk!

snork @ diva

Yay, jug!! I needed that snorkboost today. =^D Thanks!


No it's a new one I got when mine got stolen; haven't had any hurricanes, so it was still in the box. We now have electricity, hot and cold water, and lamps, and Christmas lights, and, well the campsite will be upscale. There are two recliners at the curb in my neighborhood, but cg drew the line at recliners.

WOW. I got a snork from CJ. THAT is a rare honor!
*drops curtsy*
*picks up dropped curtsy*
I SOOOOO think you should have grabbed those recliners, CJ!


isn't it obvious? we leave the seat up just to piss you off

it's how we entertain ourselves

well, that and picturing you all naked

No recliners? That is criminal.

Hey, TC! How are ya? Nice to see you out here for a long overdue change. Been busy?

*flaps in for a moment* *Waves @ everybody!*

Prop the lid up on the toilet, and you’ll die
Lord, you took my electronics, but you don’t wanna splash my thighs
Take my loot with a grin, you’ll be sad if I fall in
Prop the lid up on the toilet, and you’ll die

Just let good manners be your guiding light
Or you’ll burn in hell; you’ll feel those flames so bright
Fix that loo when you’re done, or I swear I’ll find you, son,
Put the lid down on the potty, or I’m gonna get my gun


Don’t make the right selection, you won’t be doin’ time
You treat me with no respect, well, that’s a hangin’ crime


always busy

way too busy to put the seat back down, if you must know

Let's hear it for JD!

TC, I always thought that was the real reason. Thanks for confirming. ;)

Evenin', All. Nice job, Ducky! Quick, Jug, slide me a beer, doll, I'm parched.

Slides a beer to Bali.
How come you're parched?

Hey, bali!

TC - I think I'm changin' your name from TCK to TMI. ;o)

Thanks, El & bali! How are y'all doing?

jug, if you're serving, I'm drinking!

The seat controversy has a simple solution: Look before you leak.

That is all.

Beer? Wine? What's your pleasure JD?

Hey, Diva! Brought you a little tiramisu. Even saved the chocolate bean for you.

Jug, I'm puppy sittin'. I now have two little Cavies runnin' through the house, delighted with the toy cats I've provided for their entertainment.

The cats...not so much.

*zaps in for a min*

*smooch* to bali & Ducky (good job!!)

Hi TC, bye TC! El, jug..etc.

Niters all!!! don't let CJ drink all the beer now!

Have fun!

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