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March 24, 2008


Don't even bother. Ladies, this one's for you.

(Thanks to Ginger in Las Vegas)

What? The Blog is not out of town? And soon there will be a loud and angry firing of a certain stealth bloggerette??


Yeah, It's worth it.


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There's a nice set for us, too!

Wow, judi, those are terrific. I think drool shorted out my keyboard.

The Elvis fake surfing pic is priceless!

shhh, jon! we're concentrating!

Thanks, judi!!!!!

Thanks, jon!!!!

Thanks, judi...it took me nearly an hour to find my way back to the blog, but it was worth it. I think I voted, but....it's all just a lovely blur. :)

I don't see why you need to fear the Blog's wrath, judi; like you said, something for everyone ...

*swoons at Cary Grant*
*thanks judi for link, and will remember her after she is surely fired*

I know this qualifies me for the Geezer bus, but--on the guys list, they left out Gina Lollobrigida, Ann-Margret, and Sophia Loren --http://www.movietreasures.com/SigPix/04b/b017_loren.jpg

Don't know how to make the hot link

Goldie Hawn in First Wives Club said it best:
"Sean Connery's...three hundred years old, but he's still a stud."
Thanks, judi!

To put in a link: <a href="http://www.mcclatchydc.com/qna/forum/dave_barry_for_president/index.html">Link text goes here</a>

If the Blog's not out of town, well then, he should be if that is what keeps you from posting this kind of educational material every day, judi!

obs, tried it with your directions. The bot didn't let anything through.

Mama, you know he wore a kilt in the Avengers movie -- might want to check it out...

(Note that this movie is not recommended to anyone who actually watched the Avengers series. The fact that Patrick MacNee only signed on when he realized he would be playing an invisible man should give you some idea of how abysmal it was...)

Steve, I used to LOVE the original series and decided not to see the movie. I am looking forward to Get Smart though.

Cary . . . Grant . . . *swoon*

Hey, I got the same top three as the readers poll. In order even. I'm a conneser ... conesewer ...coinesoir ... I know alot about guys in skivvies.

Nothing there was sexier than Sean Connery in DR. No - nothing... Even those hipbones...

I'm with Kathy. Sean Connery. Mmmmmmmmm, mmmmmm, MMMMMMMMMMM! But lets face it, he could read the phone book and that would do it for me.

Matthew McConnehunky is a fine figure of a man too.

Did I miss it? No Tom Selleck?

OMG! How could they leave this one out!!!


Judi - Do me a favor and try not to get fired before you manage to get that package I sent to his Blogness.


Being at work I was going to pass on looking now...but for Cary Grant? *droools*

I vote for Brad Pitt.

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