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March 27, 2008


Take a tip from male river dolphins: Wave your flotsam.


(Thanks to sjhaller)


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"You don't bring me flotsam, anymooore."

Waving your flotsam...isn't that illegal in some states??



Guess what!? The last pile of snow on my front lawn melted this morning!!!!!!! Whoo hoo!

Thrashing Dolphins WBAcompletelyfittingNFARB.

Glad the article clarified WHERE it was being carried.

Just be sure to conceal your jetsam.

Punkin- LOL I bet Barbra could add in some dolphin sounds.

Hi Punkin!! ((((((((Hugsssssssss back)))))))))

YAY for Global Warming!!!

Just as men can use fast cars or showy clothes to impress the ladies...
'Showy clothes'? Who wrote this, Bigfoot?
And what if you're only packin' jetsam? Can you flaunt that?

What, no *waves flotsam at Hammie* from Siouxie??

Steve, I was going to ..when he got here ;-)

Now you've gone and ruined my surprise!! *pouts*

I thought the Dolphins were flotsam? Wait, the story was about the animal and not the football team. My apologies to Flipper for the insult.

No, I just wear showy clothes because I like them . . .

Well gee I'm sorry Siouxie, I didn't do it on porpoise ...

*SMACKS* Rick!!!

*catches Steve on the rebound*

Yeah, THEY get written up in a scientific journal. I just get a restraining order.

*snorkles* to fivver and Steve.
Perhaps Flipper could use a wet dream catcher.

*snork* @ wet dream catcher link

I must say...that's a pretty long flotsam he's waving.

I like his flotsam, too. Nice technique.
MKJ - your flashy clothes are back from the dry cleaners.

I'd say these are researchers with waaaaaay too much time on their hands. Or horny guys looking for new pickup techniques.

El - they're nerds scientists, so both of your theories are correct.

the large roll of cash usually works better than a mouth full of flotsam, for me anyways.

ww, you trollop.
Let's party.

Heck, the last time I waved some flotsam to attract a girl, her father and brother chased me half-way across town.

Just as men can use fast cars or showy clothes to impress the ladies...

oh yeah and gold chains. they love that.

LMAO @ thought of Mot waving his flotsam.

Anybody notice that these researchers are Scottish? Also, the last guy who waved his flotsam at megot popped right in the jetsam!

Great, now besides everything else I have "flotsam envy" to worry about?

I wonder if dolphins with small flotsam drive Porsches.

or Vettes, Layzee.

Rock out with your flotsam out!

If I could put my flotsam in my mouth, I'd never leave the house...........

LMAO Jazzzzzzzie!!!!

Your wife wouldn't let you ;-)

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