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March 31, 2008


This is ironic.

(Thanks to Willie Rainier)


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Key Quote: "You Google it and here it comes."


OK, could someone who's into pop music please explain the header to me? Skimmed over the whole Wikipedia entry with no clue...

Steve, my guess would be that she copied "My Humps"???


hey Steve, when did you arrive on earth? how did you miss "Isn't it ironic" that played on every radio station in the solar system for 6 months at least twice an hour. Makes me wish I was in a coma for that entire time period. I like Alanis, but the same song over and over is what caused my current mental problems.

And isn't it moronic? Don't cha think?

judi, thanks for changing that. NOW we get it ;-P

Witch, it's easy for me to miss "Isn't it Ironic" because it's simply not my bag. I groove to the oldies, and when I say oldies I mean oldies ... !

Don't remember hearing it
**self: get out more**

"Don't remember hearing it?" I just wish I could forget it...

...Especially Alanis' voice. Fingernails on a blackboard...

Now, the "Ironic" Symphony by Emil Nikolaus von Reznicek, that I know ...

You Google it and here it comes.
That's the consequence of the Internet and the availability of things

I think I said this already once today.

um..I actually LIKE Alanis and own "Jagged Little Pill".

*runs for cover*

"Jagged Little Pill", that's Viagra, right?

Siouxie, I have all of her stuff. i think she is a very imaginative songwriter and a great singer. that said, i don't ever need to hear "Ironic" again, ever. Hey, it's not like admitting to owning all of BM's stuff, is it Siouxie?

wicked, as God is my witness I only own ONE BM album. I actually found it the other day going through my old vinyls. Lots of classic stuff in there too. Again, I blame that on drugs and/or being young and stoopid.

I agree on "Ironic". They did play the crappola out of that one.

My parents still have a playable 8-track of Barry's Greatest Hits. I still remember Copacabana from the skip from track to track.

Oh, fortheluva.....first the Yankees last opening day at the old stadium gets rained out, so I come here for solace and solecisms, only to find Alanis and Barry earwigs. Isn't a rainy Monday bad enough for you people?
Siouxie, he wants to know if you'd like to play with his GameBoy.

What our dear blog is referring to is the fact that the only thing ironic about "Ironic" is that there isn't a single reference to anything truly ironic in the whole song. Rain on your wedding day is not ironic, it's inconvenient.

Good point Neil. Never liked the screechy beeotch anyway. Anybody who's slept with Dave Coulier is a bit suspicious in terms of personal judgement.

Neil, you mean our dear s.b., don'tcha?

Annie, YES! *drool*

Chase away the bad Monday earwigs...

Siouxie, you and Annie can play with his game boy. i'll check out all the other entertainment options he has available.

Back(?) on topic:

Four score and seven years ago, on a date that will live in infamy, I asked not what my country could do for me, but what do we have to fear except fear itself. I had a dream that one day, college students would realize that we must fight plagiarism on the beaches, the landing grounds, the fields, the streets, and the hills. I told the students to "Tear down this, y'all!", that they might live to see the day when there are no editorial police to kick them around anymore.

This, my friends, will be academia's finest hour.

Let me add my name to the geezer list of "never heard it, ever and glad of it."

I prefer this.

*takes Meanie's meds away*

lalalalalala, i definitely can't hear you Jeff, and no, Siouxie, give him some of those special red, shiny pills. he'll be just fine in about 15 minutes.

This is moronic . . .

Might be Alanis . . .


*smacks MKJ with Siouxie's BOB. Your taxidermist wears army boots, Mahatma.

Oooh, I've been waiting for a reference to Siouxie's BOB in order to post this:

A lady named Siouxie from Dade
Said "I really need to get laid"
My BOB makes me tingle
but it's not cunnilingual
and that's how orgasms are made

*sees Siouxie rolling up her sleeve and reaching for her machete*

*backs away REEEEAL fast...*

I, um, never heard it either and assumed it was one of your old fogey songs. But apparently it is only 10 years old, and I just don't listen to any music.

Elon, this will explain everything, especially the irony of Alanis calling her song Irony. The big bonus: you don't have to listen to Alanis

JAG - That's hilarious!

Actually Alanis herself has acknowledged that the biggest irony in the song is that there is no irony, which is kind of meta-irony. So how many levels of irony can you have, anyways? At least 25, according to this article.

Now, haven't we then gone on to the 26th level, now that the irony behind the non-ironic song with Irony in it's title has reached exposure at a hugely popular blog via a link to an undoubtedly less popular blog with the, in this case, ironic title of The Heuristic Squelch?

At two score and eight, I'm officially a geezer, but I love Alanis. I'm fortunate that I rarely listen to any pop radio, so I wasn't over-exposed. That gal just plain jams.

JustAFunnyGuy, thank you, I am hugely honored!

and a *snork* @ Ed Byrne! thanks, random.

*gives Meanie back his meds*

Thanks for the Ed Byrne, random. Very funny.

Of course, being a geezer I expected this guy.

Following Neil G's link, I found this hilarious political calendar.
Strong language and Dem's(Hillary and Obama) and Rep's(McCain) are skewered.

Above trophy in action . . .

they plagiarized our Honor Code? I'm guessing it wasn't the whole thing whole thing

*flaps in for a bit, holding her sides*

First I was giggling uncontrollably at Ed Byrne, then I clicked on igloo's link and laughed so hard tears are streaming down my face.

*Sinks onto blog couch, tries to recover (har!)*

MKJ ... if you find that link to the boobosity item is moronic, I think it's ironic that they offer to deliver it with "standard flat rate shipping" ... merely sayin' ...

Double snorks at Igloo's political calendar.

...Except for the "Daily Squelch's" having penciled in June 5th, 2008, as the date when Americans become "sick and tired of this bull$#!t." I think we're pretty much already there...

Excellent, igloo, especially Across the nation, tranny hooker slayings decrease by nearly 50% as various GOP leaders clean up their act in anticipation of being named McCain's VP.

iggy, that was great!

" ... suspension bridge from Puerto Rico to Las Vegas ... "


Maple Story mesos??? Me thinks the spaminator is on the fritz...

Amorous Eli

Amorous eli

Amorous eli

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