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March 28, 2008


But she can kiss good-bye her hopes of being Mom of the Year.

(Thanks to jon harris, whose fault it is if this has already been blogged. Right?)


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"Hey mom! You remember when . . . "
"Shut up."

We know Judi's never wrong, so...

I can't read her name without saying *SNORK

But then again, I'm juvenile like that.

I Wounder if baby face nelson started this way

All she was trying to do was teach her baby the family business.

I think she probably did little Junior the biggest favor of his life. Or Juniorette. I forget which one it was.


Hello, Stacy? Can you babysit tonight? No? Alright, thanks. [Click]


Hello, Sandy? Are you able to babysit for a couple of hours tonight? Really? Shucks. OK. [Click]


Hi, is Kelly there? [Waits] Kelly? It's Sarah. Can you .......

Well, getting a sitter on a weeknight is damn near impossible.

Maybe she's a distant relation of Jacques Tits. He could probably think up a swell jailbreak plan for her.

Was it 'bring your kid to a felony' day?

She's a mom? She looks about 14. How sad is that?

*SNORK!*@ Tex.

Off to the home state. Cheers, all!

On one of those "Most Daring" or "Most Shocking" or one of those interchangeable shows they play endlessly on Court TV TruTV, they recently showed footage of a bandit who took his little boy along with him while he held up some convenience store -- looked to be maybe 5 or 6 years old -- and the poor kid almost got knocked over in the struggle. I can only imagine what the boy told Mommy when they got home ...

Steve, sure, but you can bet he got a good grade in 'show & tell.'

I wuz sorta thinkin' along those lines, MtB ... and I'd also venture to guess that the Day Care wuz fully booked ...

Mark - no but Billy the Kid did.

The family that preys together...

...slays together.

Of course, if she'd left the kid at home alone, or in the car, she'd get in trouble for it, too. You just can't please everyone . . .

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