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March 29, 2008


The Large Hadron Collider will not destroy the planet. At least not according to experts.

(Thanks to Cheryl Howard, who says, "Waiter, make mine a double.")


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How many times has a scenario like this played out in a crappy Sci Fi Channel Saturday night movie ?? And of course in the movies it always turns out that the scientists are either eeevil or pursuing some well-intentioned protocol that would indeed bring an end to the world as we know it were it not for the untenured or disgraced college professor or sometimes it's a Podunk weatherman who saves the day in the nick of time ... ! So who knows, maybe the protesters know what they're talking about after all ... !

"It's expected to tackle some of the deepest questions in science: Is the foundation of modern physics right or wrong? What existed during the very first moment of the universe's existence? Why do some particles have mass while others don't? What is the nature of dark matter? Are there extra dimensions of space out there that we haven't yet detected?"
And, of course, how long will it take this contraption to heat up a Hot Pocket™.

History Channel is running a mini-marathon of their "Universe" series today and they had that lab explain what they were up to. I'm more worried about the drug dealer down the street shooting me than a mini black hole consuming me. I understand that death by black hole is kinda cool...in theory of course. ;)

Okay, who looked at it & thought it said The Large Hardon Collider?

Ah Scientists. Keep in mind, they are trying to prove theoretical mathematics correct. The theorists say it isn't possible, its all just a theory.

Truth be told it looks like the natural scientific mind might kick itself from this. Any scientist will hold an opinion, but will be willing to explain why the opinion is wrong. Science itself is just a bunch of educated guesses tested out to see what is actually happening.

We have no better a chance to see the Higgs Boson then causing a non dangerous black hole. Or creating wormholes. We don't really know, thats why we are studying it.

Best quote within the article--Newsweek: Will physicists find God?

Let's hope the last words heard on this planet are not, "Now watch this-

Scientists get bored sometimes.

You might be a Swiss scientist if...

Everyone assumes your new machine will put holes in everything.

Luckily they will be the size of very small atoms. I mean really, who doesn't have the occasional A-hole.

Okay, who looked at it & thought it said The Large Hardon Collider?

*raises hand sheepishly*

Black holes on Earth? Well, we've already got the Department of Motor Vehicles, HMOs, Immigration & Naturalization Service, .... shall I go on?

XKCD comic had a good one on this: http://imgs.xkcd.com/comics/large_hadron_collider.png

Janice- Thanks. To make a link just do a bracket like this < and type A Href="" and then get another bracket pointing the other way.
The link will go on until you hit < again and /A and then another closing.

I would show you the full code, but it wouldn't show up.

Meanie- Just saw the Simpsons Movie. EPA EPA

Um, Janice? That's the same one Alfred linked to ^ up there. ;-)

And Lizzy? You forgot the "Hey, hold my beer and...."


Heh. That could be fun.


Scientists get bored sometimes.

Just so long as they don't cross the streams...

I seem to recall reading somewhere that the scientists working on the Manhattan Project had similar concerns about the atom bomb, leading up to the Trinity test shot.

Which might explain why Oppenheimer had that Shiva quote - "I am become Death, destroyer of worlds" - on his mind when they touched it off...


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