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February 26, 2008


Policewoman sacked over porn film

(Thanks to Siouxie)


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And the guy watching the porn gets off scott free

"Livia Kovacs, 36, from the Budapest police force was spotted in the Triple X rated movie by a colleague who then told superiors."

The superiors were then forced to watch the movie at least a dozen times to ensure that they were properly identifying the rogue policewoman.

What? Free? Cool!

I'm glad she got fired.

Is the video up on YouTube yet?
And where are the pictures?

To serve and project.

Your government in action . . . yet another pubic service moment.

I'm telling you. Fascism is everywhere.

Her reaction is priceless. I wonder though if it counts as moving up for her. And does she get to keep the uniform for future performances? And her resume must be one heck of an interesting read.

"...I don't care about being fired. Since news spread about my acting debut I have been flooded with offers from producers to do more films."

She's got a great attitude. That should be an asset in her new career.

Ufff... where is pictures... Jam!

In the movies, she plays a dominatrix cop who uses her police handcuffs and a truncheon during a wild sex session.

...Personally, I'm just as happy that the pictures were omitted. Especially if her "prisoner" was male.

I think you pretty much have to use your truncheon during a wild sex session.

Like if you're playing truncheons and drag queens?


penny drops

"In" as in acting in, not as in as in at a theatre, watching.

Geez, my gutter-dwelling mind must be on vacation.

*borrows Siouxie's hair-flip*

*sees newly-sharpened machete heading her way, quickly returns hair-flip*

Awesome career move.

Mot hit the nail on the head. I remember hearing a story about a girl expelled from a Christian school when a parent - Lord knows how - found out her mom was a stripper.

Maybe one of the congregants slipped a Lincoln into her g-string.

Merri - what did the kid's MOM'S job have to do with the girl's education?! That's ludicrous. Punish the kid because of mom's morality?

Right about the time I'm about to totally rant that women are still being stoned for basically being women, you read something like this which demonstrates that we (the entire planet) still has a long way evolve. Not that I condone the morality of being in a p@rn-film, but hey for being fired for it--after a male coworker watched the same film? A supply and demand lecture comes to mind.

No one else low enough to be amused that she's being "flooded with offers"?

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