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February 23, 2008


We report; you decide.

Key Quote: Unsurprisingly, fashonistas are jostling to buy a pair.


(Thanks to Siouxie)


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Annie's making cookies, med's making doughnuts...a word to the wise - if Jugs offers you some of his homemade doughnuts, just say no.

that's right, CJ, blame it all on me. I've got big shoulders.

A french actress just said she was having a 'eunuch' moment. Hmmm....

Posted by: Annie Where-but-here | 07:40 PM

Didn't know that Siouxie was performing 'cut rate' circumcisions, etc. at the Oscars. She sure gets around.

SW, what a lovely link!!!! Now I need my own butt plug.

*Chases actresses on the red carpet, trying to steal a butt plug. Success!!!*

Ah, that's better.

COOL intro!!

Tex, I was no where NEAR L.A. Any resemblance to me is purely coindikental.

Jon Stewart cleans up nicely.

and coinkidental too. Dyslexic moment.

private message to Siouxie - should I ship your machete back via FedX or DHL?

Hi Siouxie
Want a donut?

Jon Stewart DOES clean up nicely. Incredible stage, too.

shhhhhhhhhhh Annie...keep that one. I have spares.


NO, Juggy...thanks. I'm trying to cut down & keep my girlish figure.

YUM!! George Clooney is HOTIMOUS!!

OK. I'm calm again.

Siouxie, Gary Busey was definitely under the influence of something. And I agree, jug, and I'm not so sure he was OK before that.

Thanks Med. :)

George Clooney. *sigh*

Remember Billy Crystal riding in on Butterscotch and using his car remote to set the alarm?

uh huh!

I can't wait to see "Get Smart" with Steve Correll. The trailers are hilarious.

Ok, clearly I am 'lingo challenged'. Just what exactly does HOTIMOUS mean?

That 'history' moment made me start crying and now I need a commmercial because I have to go to the bathroom.

George Clooney would be drop dead handsome even if he was covered with pig (or actress) poop, which could happen if somebody pops her cork.


There's never going to be a commercial.

Like a cop, whenever you need one, they're no where to be found.

George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Pierce Brosnan, Meanie, CJ, Wyo, Mot, Rick, Prof, Dave (and the rest of the blog dudes) all HOTIMOUS.

*hands El a hanky*

Oops, no jersey for me, Wyo! Johnson ran a 4.24 later on, so he's not gonna sneak past any teams.

Dang it! OK, back to metrosexuals and clothing designers...

Cj - quit with NASCAR. Come watch Oscar with us.
Texgal - did you know George's pet potbellied pig passed away? I tried to comfort him, but with the restraining order...

El - that song was missable. Hope you went then. Ugh.

Did somebody say 'Jersey Boys?' Goddangit, ONE of you is gonna have to see the darn thing!!! (It's in Tampa now, you Floridians).

My life is near complete! A gorgeous Cuban woman referred to me as "HOTIMOUS". I shall now be able to almost die in peace. *I still need my hometown NFL team make it to a Super Bowl, then I can croak. Needless to say I'm going to be around for a long time.*

Da Rock...another Hotimous Hunk.

Oh and Jazzzie, we musn't forget our own resident drug dealer as a hottie!

Ok, nobody saw that stupid movie. My did it when for SFX. Stupid Academy!

Doc, I don't think you need another beer.

*sigh...replaces "My" with "Why". already starting to weave*

Why, thank you...Rick. A simul to boot!

That or proofread occasionally SW.

Did you leave out a word, Doc?

I'm back. Next commercial I have to turn on the dishwasher.

This women's had one cosmetic procedure too many.

Guess we don't speak 'hotimous', El. I don't know what he said, either. Can me buy vowel?

Fine, I screwed up and I admit it. Just got a little miffed and didn't preview. Won't happen again tonight I swear. Oh, and the "No Country for Old Men" bad guy cleans up good.

Javier Bardem is adorable! So cute. I'm glad I'm not going to see the movie and ruin my image of him.

Annie, are there 'hotimous' lessons we can take? and do we care?

I will now translate that for you Gringos...

This is for MAMA! etc..etc..etc.

back to Eengleesh.

Rick if you admit that you screwed up too many times they end up taking away your guy card. Just be careful

Once a year Jughead, thats it. After that, I just blame it on the booze regardless of the reason. Holy Crap! The Rockets are on ESPN. See ya Oscars!


Hi honey! You look good!

They're live blogging the Oscars on HuffingtonPost.com.

VF and a little dirty!!!!

Didn't know that the pig became bacon. Actually, I didn't know that he had a pet pig.

*Hunting for costume snout and pig tail. Maybe Texgal can become a porcine substitute. Might get my belly rubbed. Good plan!*

(French pronunciation) Le Mozart des (English pronunciation) Pickpockets.
I am far too easily amused on my night before moving day.

No, Annie, I was watching the 40-yard runs at the NFL Combines. NASCAR is in California, tonight, so they spun around the track till they got dizzy and then all went to rehab. They finally called the race so they could watch the OSCARS. Which must be on c-a-b-l-e. Which I don't h-a-v-e.

I suppose I could check the internet; where do I check...vapid.com?

CJ/Mr. Snarky, channel 7/ ABC.

Thanx Siouxie.....I just got home from you-know-where, and was reading the blog....I was getting a complex here. Luckily I scrolled down a little before I stabbed myself to death, or looked at SW's Alba pic again. Either one would do.

Eleanor, are you saying if she has one more face lift, she'll have a goatee?

Re: Hotimous guys, Siouxie, if I can have Pierce Brosnan, you can have all the rest. :-)

Speaking of Jessica Alba...

She's pregnant, Doc. And glowing. :-)

I am following the Oscars via THREE different websites/boards.

I have no life.

Dang! She actually did well, unlike myself in my 9:09 post. Good job Jess!

OOoops. Apparently it's on ABC. Which I can't get. Because my livingroom TV (yes, I made it myself) doesn't work very well (at all), above channel 13. I would do something about that, except ABC doesn't broadcast Pointy Ball, much.

But the internet informs me that Tilda Swinton won Best Supporting Actress for standing next to Clooney.

WOOHOO! A movie I've actually seen won an Oscar. Albeit sound editing, but that was part of my training in college once upon a time.

yes she did, CJ, wearing absolutely no makeup at all!

Renee, I'm only here and at Huff Post, and I don't have a life either.

Yes Jazzzz, that was pretty much it. ;)

I don't know what these awards are for, but I loved Bourne Ultimatum so yay!

I gave up the Oscars for Pirates II. Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom - it doesn't get better than this.

Oh great, now it's the local news. So we can see the amazing event that is the rise of the younger scum, Feeble Castro....

Renee - don't be giving away Johnny and Orlando. I call dibs!

Nice new moniker, CJ. I hope the news picks up and runs with it!

Renee! I get to keep all the blog dudes AND Clooney And Depp?? And Brad?? I am a truly happy gal tonight!

HELLLLLLLO handsomes!!

Current temperature in Tampa, 69...everybody drink!

Nope, Siouxie - I called dibs on Johnny!


Kidman got attacked by a barbed wire fence.

Sure glad it's on ABC. I googled 'stiff guy holding sword' and...it wasn't Jon Stewart.

CJ, sure you didn't google 'guy holding stiff sword'?

They might has well given Best Actress to my step-daughter. I haven't understood a word shes said in the past 3 years.


Diva and Siouxie, I'll let you two battle it out over Johnny whilst I make off with Remington Steele.

It's the Parade of Tom Cruise's Exes!

OK, the Blog seems safely in hand and it's a school night sooooooo


Tom Cruise chose not to show up for the awards tonight. He was in Fontana at the NASCAR race. I think I almost, slightly, wanna give the man a little bit of credit for doing something right.

These musical numbers blow bigtime.

They're awful. I've seen the video for the song from Once, sung by those same people that did it here, and it's much better.

Doc, fight the urge!

I'm glad they won. Best song of the group. IMO

Nah. I don't wanna fight with Siouxie. She can have him. :-)

That was so nice, that Jon Stewart brought her back out so she could say what she wanted to.

I think she gave the best speech so far.

Shoot - missed her speech - on the phone pitching a script idea. How LA is that?

Annie, when you win your Oscar, don't forget to thank all us little people!

Annie, just make sure you don't use my real name K???

Er, too late, Sioux. I didn't know your real name is 'K.'

You know you've really made it when you are known by one name; but to be known only by one letter --- Wow.

Yay military personnel!

Sly -what you say.

Just tried to turn up the volume using my mouse. Hic!

*sigh* M

ok ok..so I forgot the , ...sue me!

and YES...Sue = Me.

I love it when movie stars get up there and mumble philosophically.


Is it my TV/satellite, or is the sound REALLY off on the Oscars?

oohh...she said COJONES!!


sly, it sounds good on my end.

I may be warped, but I want Johnny Depp to win. He was incredible in that.

I think it's you. Is it back on?

Daniel Day Lewis! Just as George Clooney predicted.

Sound is ok here. Although Daniel Day-Lewis wife looks a bit gift-wrapped.
Oscar has a nice butt. Can I say that on tv?

I turned the TV off, then turned it back on and all is well now. We'd been pausing, rewinding and fast forwarding through commercials all night and I think it must have messed it up on the DVR. "rebooting" seems to have fixed it.

DVR is a Godsend for commercials.

When in doubt...reboot. And THAT,folks, is why *I* am the computer expert at work!

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