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February 23, 2008


We report; you decide.

Key Quote: Unsurprisingly, fashonistas are jostling to buy a pair.


(Thanks to Siouxie)


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Dana's got nothing on Annie. Butt, I can see how Dana looks like Annie. Sorta. Kinda.

jug, I know I made enough. I think Meanie ate all the bacon though.

oh well.
And yes Rick, Annie is better looking. With or without the machete, sock o nickels or hot wax

*slips out to the video rental store*

Oopsie.... I may have taken too long to hit "post". Meanie fessed up.

next time I'll skip listening to the preacher and show up a tad earlier

I saw the resemblance right off the (moon)bat! :P

Wyo, you're creeping me out, dude.
Jug - just go on Saturday like we do.

Waitaminit! we gotta actually listen to the preacherman?? I thought as long as I show up in church I'm good with the Big Guy. Guess I can't nap no mo.

I was thinking about that Annie, but decided a nap prior to Saturday night's festivities took precedence. Besides, it was Blood Pressure and Donut Sunday. I have no clue why they combine the 2, unless the social calendar is secretly being run by Internists

You can nap if you are a devoted attendee at Our Lady of Perpetual Snoozin

Annie, don't worry, the video store is right next to the liquor store. I have my priorities, a limited budget and they don't rent those kinds of movies, especially to preachermen. (it's a small town.)

I used to quiz my Nana on what the priest said. She didn't like it much. Nor did she pass my quizzes.

Wyo, that sux. I remember watching that movie. Rosie in a corset & garters still haunt my nightmares.


One of the benefits of getting longer in the tooth is the ability to sift through the messages and decide which ones are pertinent to me, and which ones aren't.
And, at this stage of my life I have figured out its Ok to take a Sunday off rather than 'get it over with' as my parents used to say

Rosie in a corset? Oh man, that's not a pretty picture.

Thanks for letting the fat cat out of the bag. We nearly had Wyo renting it. Buncha spoilsports.

"Still waiting for a snarky 'Exit to Eden' comment from SW."

Sorry, had to run out to the video store. I'll be back on in a couple hours. But how will I know which one's Dana and which one's Rosie?

so they didn't have that movie, I got "Gidget Goes to Spanish Harlem" instead, and a bottle of muscatel. (it was cheap)

(thanks to Geo. Carlin, btw.)

Wyo, you live the high life buddy. Wish I had that much excitement going on in my Sunday afternoon. *goes back to watching NASCAR pre-race on FOX...sigh*


I remember that one! She goes to Coney Island with her boyfriend Luna Perrito....

... who was played by Cesar Romero, if I recall...

snork @ Wyo & CJ.

I'm thinkin' we're gettin' old. How many college seniors today, would have a clue who Gidget or Cesar Romero are/were?

I googled them. ;)

Or that Sally Field played Gidget on TV. They might know Cesar Romero as "the Joker" from the old "Batman" TV show.

college seniors were born in/around 1986. Their memories might accurately reach back to 1995 or so.

Holy crap, I'm old.

I thought Sally Field was hot in The Flying Nun. I blame the Cistercian monks for that

*crawls in after spending a warm sunny afternoon on a taqueria patio drinking Negro Modelo and finishing the latest Robert B. Parker mystery*

Afternoon. I see the important things have been covered in my absence. I agree with Machete Mama, Rosie in garters was one scary sight.

Maybe the theme of tonight's Oscar show should be "all corked up and no way to blow" or "this plug's for you."

Snork @ Tex! Of course, if they were corked up the excrement would just move upstairs between their ears then out of their mouths. Oh wait...that happens with or without the plugs. Never mind.

*Uses sanitized butt plug to remove any vestiges of Doc SNORK*

Thanks sweetie! You're the best!!!

Now if you look close Rick, you can see some of them actually have blue eyes, which is an indicator that they are a quart low

LOL Tex! I like this nom de torture.

jug, btw...Sally Field is still pretty hot in Brothers and Sisters.

Butt plug SNORT @ the jug!

You still like me! You STILL really, really like me!

They have writers & editors making them look good most of the time. Tonight, they gotta pretend to be themselves.

Sally Field, in a black Trans Am. (leave Burt out of it)

Forget Burt or Sally, just give me the black Trans Am.

Doc - Yes!

so I had this way cool post with links to a recent Sally Field pix (ewww, she's losin' it) and a cherry '77 Trans Am. Some things don't age as well as others do. But as I posted it, it vanished.

Never-the-less, I'm wit' ya, Doc.

Machete Mama? can't wait to see what the Hot Wax name will be.
And you guys are right, to heck with Burt, I'll take Sally and the card

Last time I saw Sally, she sang to me..."You Can Leave Your Hat On." I make gals break into song, thataway.

*wanders downstairs half asleep, rubbing his eyes*

Mommy Judi? Daddy Blog? Where are you?? (snorf) I'm scared, there's all these strange people sitting in your kitchen eating your bacon and swigging stuff out of a bottle and making fun of Rosie O'Donnell ... When are you coming back ??

Take me for a ride and I'll chip in for gas.

*removes surplus *d*

CNN's running live feed of the stars arriving for the show. Heidi Klum looks fab. And no rain at the moment.

A slightly belated lol at cj's "luna perrito."

Strange??? Us? Who yah calling strange?

We're pillars of society, when we're not on the stroll or leaning against light poles -- or checking out public restroom butt plugs.

you're right machete gal, she's still an attractive woman

Isn't Heidi married to that singer Walrus or something like that?

Some bimbo just walked down the carpet chomping gum. Yes, blonde.

Alright, now I'm interested.

Clooney still has it. Dang.

Clooney has a whole lot of Sean Connery type charisma working for him Annie. He's going to be chasing skirts until he's 6 feet under.

...and since I don't wear skirts...sigh.

Well, then he'll just chase you until you lasso him.

Are these cars going round-and-round on the TV being driven by the celebrities? Nah, not enough crashes....

Apparently cleavage is the fashion trend this year.

Made ya look.

EEeeeww, there's a big wreck! Wait, those can't be celebrities, they were all 4 Chevrolets....

I love Brothers and Sisters. And Rob Lowe is A-OK too.

OK, I have E on. Are we going to talk about the Oscars? Travolta does not have a good hairdo. :(

El, feel free. CJ, Little E has the worst luck in the world the last few years. Must come from all of his good luck with the ladies.

CJ's watching something else, isn't he?

McDreamy is on....

El, he's watching NADSCAR.

OSCAR, NASCAR. I keep getting those two mixed up.

Annie, are you watching the Red Carpet?

I don't want to sound overly critical but Daniel Day-Lewis doesn't have a good hairdo, either.

El, I'm watching the race and flipping over to the CNN pre Oscar stuff. I may not agree with Clooney's politics, but I do respect the man. He and Bono talk the talk and walk the walk when it comes to their social activism.

I just bought a $1150 Armani coat for $209. It has nothing to do with anything, but I just love this coat!

My sales receipt says, "You just saved $940.69"


Ok, why is the Rock at the Oscars? Is "The Game Plan" nominated for a "best excuse not to go see a movie category"?

Ryan Seacrest was talking to Jennifer Garner and Laura Linney and Gary Busey jumped in and pretty much attacked Garner and started kissing her neck. She was totally freaked out and so was Seacrest. It was awful.

Doc - because he can.
El - I'm trying to get there now. Baking sugar cookies from scratch and answering questions about back hair. Really. Mom Multitasking.

Do we want to know why you are discussing back hair Annie? On second thought....

El - just missed it. They were talking about it. Garner looks terrific. Glad I missed Busey.

jug - probably not. El, I'm watching it online. The boys have the tv right now.

Annie, try to keep the back hair out of the sugar cookies.

Cooking tip courtesy of the Food Channel Network.

Can I have a cookie instead?

Cameron Diaz has hair issues. Jessica Alba is gorgeous but hold her up to your ear and you can hear the ocean.

Jug - sure.

Thanks for the tip, Texgal. A french actress just said she was having a 'eunuch' moment. Hmmm....

AW, when you look like Jessica Alba, it doesn't matter.

(And lol to txg's baking tip)

Gary Busey has turned into a total whackjob. Have you heard him interviewed anytime in the last, say, 15 years?

SW - you should put a warning on that link.

Okay - caution: nudity.

That's better.

Stevie, don't ever talk to me again. I never click on anyone's links here because none of you can be trusted (including you, Annie!) but because you've been kind of mellow lately, I decided to look. (No, it had absolutely nothing to do with seeing her boobs, nothing.)
You scared the cr@p out of me. And I don't like to be scared. I jumped and yelled. My heart is pounding.

i hope you're happy.

Okay SW, you owe me a beer since I just hurled mine backwards as I shot backwards in my desk chair from the monitor. How did you get a picture of my ex-wife?

*had a whole lot of "backwards" going on in that last post...still shaken from that pic*

Hair seems to make or break the look tonight. Heigl's hair looked fantastic, Cate Blanchett's was dreary. Blonde needs to shine, girls!

Doc, I think I owe Eleanor more than a beer.

They're weaving back and forth. Definitely celebritles.

*dusts off doghouse for SW*

Good point Steve. CJ, I'll be weaving back and forth by the end of the Oscar/Fontana marathon, just not in a car. *hic*

El, I saw the Gary Busey crap. How strange was that??
I loved it when Ryan said..yeah..we'll talk. I'll see you at THAT party ok?? (NOW GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE!)

Too weird. Maybe he was drunk.

*dusts off doghouse for SW*

Take me there in your cookie-cutter mobile and I'll follow you around like a puppy.

I liked CJ's typo - 'celebrittles.'

Annie-thanks for the cookie. If I ask for a dozen will she deliver them?
SW- Loved the link, but now my sofa smells like Jameson's. You owe me. And, FTR I don't think gary Busey has been the same since he fell off his motorcycle and hit his head on a curb sans helmet. being hard headed sometimes just isn't enough, yanno

Back from making the doughnuts......

Stevie's in the dog house... AGAIN?!!! Shock!

El, I'm texting you a zanX and a bottle of red wine. FTR, you can trust me 'cuz I am too lazy to linky! ;-)

Figured somebody'd catch that...it has elegance.

Ashually, Wyo got me watching Pointy Ball on NFL.com; I can stream "Game of the Week;" pause, tend to kitchen, burp, get beer, watch cars sliding all over the TV screen, it's good! It's also good that I switched over the system to the TV for a minute, or Jessica's boobies would have set off the smoke alarm. Bad, Stevie!

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