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February 23, 2008


We report; you decide.

Key Quote: Unsurprisingly, fashonistas are jostling to buy a pair.


(Thanks to Siouxie)


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*slinks in*

Super LTTG, but blogging and watching HDTV at the same time - sweet!!!!

Love my laptop, love my laptop...


LOVE the Coen bros. Hope they read this.

And the winner is....

drum roll...

hmm I gotta see that movie!

Cat - you were the winner a couple of days ago. Are you angling for another Wienermobile? ;)

no, one is enough!!!

I haven't seen any of the films anyway!

The only book I've ever asked if I could return to Audible.com was "No Country." (they said, "no")

It was awful. I have absolutely no interest in seeing the movie.

Ok..I am outta here. Nite all...sweet dreams!

Ever notice how they never have a decent closing line for the show? Ever?

Nice closing credits tonight, though.

Cat - very true - they're off to party, party, party.....out before 9 tonight. Wow.

I missed it, who played the part of Halle Berry and Dame Judith Densch?

And eat, probably, for the first time in a week!

I missed most of it, slyeyes. I will confess I was sufing between this and Dexter.

^ r

Oops -- missed saying "nite" to Siouxie.

After she made me breakfast, and everything.

Well, g'nite, blogits. Have to get up earl-

Oh, yeah. Well, have to get up, anyway.

*slinks out*

((((Cat)))) Sleep well.

judi - I saw what you just did. And I am not going crazy. So there.

I saw it Steve and wave form Renaissance Festival mud wrestling is not easily forgotten...even after 7 beers. Ok, that didn't come out right.

Pardon? WTH are you guys talking about? What did judi do?

Gee sly, having a problem with your beloved DVR??? ;)

Doc - thank you; I was ready to join the ranks of the UFO seers. Have another beer, on me.

Diva, she's just messing with us, as usual. I think I'll fire her in the morning.

I'll pass SW, busy day tomorrow. Gotta get both cars looked at for various problems plus be subjected to some sort of birthday revelry from my family. One more year to 40 as of midnight CST. yay...PHTTTTTT!!!!!


*smooches Rick and spanks him 39 times; also pinches him in the location of his choice (you know - a pinch to grow an inch. i'm sure Mrs. Doc will be happy!* ;-D

(And I just want it noted that I did NOT need a reminder of any sort. So there.)

Happy Birthday Doc Rick! May it be filled with Renaissance Mud Wrestling and whatever else your heart desires (as if there could be anything else)!

Happy birthday to the Doc. May there be many more years of willing inept teams to win sporting trophies.

To the hot Cuban chica, many thank for mentioning my name with all those other hotimous guys. I grudgingly concede that we should include Clooney, Pitt and Brosnan as well.

Good morning/afternoon!! Mot, I know hot when I see it ;-P

♪ Happy Birthday to you...Rick!! ♫

*takes out her spanking paddle and waits patiently for the birthday boy*

And, pray tell, what did judi do??


In honor of this momentous day, the piglet of Wacko has been officially closed. (Mental health spreads throughout the world.)

Stay away from Wacko Women.

birthday wishes, Doc......*waves south west* ...have a fun day..

*brings out chocolate birthday cake*

maybe THIS will lure him here...bwuahahaha!!

Congratulations, Doc. Not to worry about next year's milestone. Maturity is still not in the forecast.

And SNORK!@Siouxie's list of Hotimousity.

*zips in*™


For a present I give you the Yankees and the Chargers to root for, 2 teams that may not go all the way, but go farther than any of yours! ;)


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