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February 23, 2008


We report; you decide.

Key Quote: Unsurprisingly, fashonistas are jostling to buy a pair.


(Thanks to Siouxie)


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Yes! How'd ya know?

How'd you get a picture of Stevie?

Nice pic, Sioux! Love the outfit.

I'm not into shoes. Prefer to blow my funds on vintage jewelry, but a little more tasteful than what Siouxie's "boss" is sporting in that oh so lovely pic.

Time to nap. I um..gotta work got out tonight.

jug, Stevie's stylin' with the bling bling, no??

I thought it was HIM http://www.thebishop.us/
(need help on the linky)

*kicks extra "t" outta there*

Jazzzzzie's linky

Later pimps and ho's!!!

Have a nice evening Siouxie.

Huh. Shoe stores must be open late tonight.

"Bishop Don Magic Juan? I don't even want to know what Jazzzz was lookin' for when he found that!

you're (not your) right CJ, you don't

*zips in*™

This has been a fun thread to read. Well, except for the lawyer joke, the sexist remarks, anti-shoe people and the spam. ;)
Aside from all that, it's great!
Mot, we do not compare shoe prices to anything else.
The shoes stand alone..

Wyo,I've known a few heels,IYCMD!

Good to see Jazzzz playing around! :)

Whoa! I just read the Dilbert thread and learned that jug is a friend of Stevie's (who knew?) and that Stevie has an alias, "Lee". The fact that SW has an alias is not at all surprising, given....well, ya know. No need to bring that incident up again.

He's also known as "Bishop Don Magic Juan."

El, I took umbrage at the lawyer jokes but Annie make me give it back.

BTW, we have a Stevie Pic!

Oh, like none of you have any aliii.

"Customer Service? Is that what the kids are calling it these days?"

Lol and deja vu, that was a catch phrase back on the old yahoo oddly enough message boards jugs and I used to haunt, before yahoo shut 'em down for (can you believe it?) unruly behavior.

PS Jugs was "cj" there; it stood for a number of things, but he figgered he needed a new monicker here given our own resident cj with whom nobody can compete when it comes to certain things I still can't figure out.

Aioli is, like mayonnaise, an emulsion or a suspension of small globules

is this anything like

ok, never mind.

SW meant he wishes he had Ali's @ss.
Guys - you're welcome.
Catch y'all later.

pssst,Stevie has a non sequitor linky, pass it on...

You know how you click back to the front page of the blog every now and then just to see if there's anything new? Well, I've done that several times today and have repeatedly viewed that picture of those completely ridiculous (although, yes, very stylin') "shoes."

After this, viewing #17B, just need to go on record -- even though I realize that I may be on the receiving end of venomous umbrage from shoe-loving fashionistas everywhere -- I think these shoes are perhaps THE dumbest thing, in any category, that I have ever seen.

There, I said it.


tips hat to KDF

It's been a while. Nice to "see" you.

Pssst, El's post is a res ipsa loquitur. Pass it on.

Wyo - I think "suspension of small globules" is the cerebral scientists' way of saying "How they hangin'?"

And ditto re KDF.

pssst, Blue's doing an ab initio, pass it on...

Lol, mtb.

Pssst. Meanie caught the maximum number of cuttlefish allowed a commercial fisherman. Squid pro quota. Pass it on.

what ya'll smokin' ?

nuttin', Jazzzz, any babies tonight?

none so far........ssssshhhhhhhhh!!!!
The phone rang earlier and I jumped out of my skin....wasn't the horsepistol, only worse....a buddy wanting me to play golf tomorrow. But I can't because I have to watch the f'in telephone.....please kill me..

Aw, tanks you guys. Nice to see you, too.

*is happy to be sporting fuzzy, non-stylin', "toes pro quomfortable" slippers*

Gotta think those reductio ad absurdum shoes would have nothing on a nice pair of slippers.

*Snorkus maximus*@SW

*waves hi to KDF*

Of course those shoes are stupid, but that's not really the point at all,right?:)

El, of course you're right. But I keep giggling at the thought of actually seeing some poor girl trying to "walk" down the street in her "shoes." I think as an observer, I'd be looking around trying to spot the Candid Camera cameras.

And yes, I'll bet that many of us here do rock us a pair o' slippers!

Jazzz is going in loco parentis? Are there cigars in our futures?

I'll smoke one Monday to celebrate being off call !!

What's all this baby talk?

Jazzzz is on gyno watch.

Wasn't Pamela Anderson in that?

Lol, yes, before she got her big bust break.

Ah, the good old days when Pammy was still a hottie and not the ex-wife of 2 rock stars and had only slept with Scott Baio.

J. Lo had twins yesterday. Were you there, Jazzzz?

*hopes that for Meanie and Jazzzz a cigar IS just a cigar*

And back on topic...did anyone else notice that the chick at the top does NOT fit the shoes? They're at least one size too big for her. That's not a selling point, in my book.

Plus, my boobs give me enough back pain. I do NOT need shoes to add to the discomfort!

I've been on "gyno watch" since I was 14!

Best of luck, Jazzzzz!

"J. Lo had twins yesterday. Were you there, Jazzzz?"

Yesterday, no, but nine months prior, possibly.

Lol, pb!

I had twins last night and I think J-Lo may have been involved. Then I woke up. Prima nocta emmissio.

Annie, that was you taking my @ss pic? Shoulda told me so.

CJ's own "I have a Dream" speech. Then he got up and washed the sheets.

Why can't they be both?

*shuffles in wearing her fluffy pink comfty slippers*

*sets out brunch (quiche, eggs benedict, hash browns, bacon, more bacon and extra bacon, assorted pastries & breads, juice and coffee)*

Good morning!!

Morning Siouxie!!

Hhmmmm, nice Sunday morning spread.

*Munching with gusto @ the blog spread. Watching hips spread with each additional bite. SIGH!!!*

Burp! Ah, now I feel better.

So Sioux, how was last night's stroll, um, make that work?

*slinks in*

I'm caught up reading - YAY! Sort of.

Hello, everyone -- thanks for the breakfast, Siouxie.

What did J. Lo have? (In the delivery room, not for breakfast.) I'm hopelessly behind in my celeb news.

A former co-worker (SOB!) handed me the official Oscar voting sheet the other day and I was alarmed that out of all the categories (even foreign language sound and lighting documentary with mayo -- oh, sorry -- "aioli" -- on rye), I had only seen Ratatouille and Pirates of the Caribbean. (Excellent and notsomuch, in that order.)

So? Girl and a boy? Two boys? Two girls? Inquiring minds want to know.

Whoa! Nice wake-up treats, Sioux. Thank you.

*Snags more bacon*

Sorry for the sudden departure last evening. Must have been too much veritas in the vino.

Wouldn't it be fun to stand outside a shoe store at the mall, wear a sultry outfit, and ask guys to buy you shoes?

Posted by: Annie Where-but-here | 02:55 PM on February 23, 2008

We'll get you some pool shoes, the cheap, garish, ugly, plastic kind.

Mornin' Tex, Cat & Meanie!

Tex, I actually just chilled at home...no more street walking night time strolls for me.

Cat, if you're referring to J-Lo with the Cu-Lo and her twins - boy AND girl.

Meanie, rapidus departus is only a bad thing during sex. Annie told me.

Morning Kitty Cat. JLo was equal opportunity -- one of each.

*Snags 2 more pieces of bacon, which are immediately stolen by the canine princess. (Boo munch, followed by huge burp and visible fart) -- um, Boo says "Thank you" for the tasty treat*

Sioux, Meanie wouldn't know about sexual rapidus departus. (Or so he said)

*Sends cholesterol laden kiss toward Meanie*

Hi, Texgal! Sioux's virtual breakfast is making me hungry for real. We had BLTs for dinner Thursday night and the bacon smell just lingers forever. Which is not a bad thing. Unless you come home hungry the next day and realize that aroma is just a tease.

Me too! Somehow my 'for real' whole grain "Promise" slathered toasted bagel, quartered orange, and green tea doesn't make me quite as happy. Of course, it makes Rodan, my physician's assistant and personal @ss kicker, very happy.

*Sheds more than a few tears thinking about the former glory days of cholestrol cuisine. SNIFF!*

Wow. No sooner do I get out of the shower then I need to take another. For excellent reasons, I might add.

You guys are all missing the point. The best thing about blog breakfasts is that they have absolutely no effect on the waistline at all.

So they're kind of like blog sex?

Hmmm...(grabs remaining crumbs and bacon bits)

Who's taking odds on the Oscars? I haven't seen any of the nominees, either, Cat. The Sunday Morning news shows are favoring 'No Country For Old Men' AND say that a couple of the nominees are real downer films.

Has a comedy ever won?

I don't know. Part of the problem is everyone wants to be Oscar-worthy, so they release so many films right at the end of the year. Which is the least likely time for Mr. R. and me to be able to take in a a movie at a theater. We're big on rentals these days. We've got this "Redbox" thing here in Chicago -- movies for a buck a day, vending-style. So we often see the films, but 6 months later.

Mmmm, gratification by proxy? You could be right TG.

Ha! This was fun to read.

Especially the part about how a lot of actors and actresses got a little, hmm, "plump" over the writer's strike, and are freaking out about the red carpet tonight.

I'm not normally jealous and vindictive. But I might just tune in to see how many are showing signs of "back-fat lipo" tonight.

Alas, the smugness will last only a day. My own health regimen will be kicking into high gear starting tomorrow. Nothing like pounding the pavement for employment to make you take another look at those Sunday morning banana pancakes in a new light. (They were delicious, by the way. Since I'm now, at least temporarily, a stay-at-home mom, I figured I'd better polish up my June Cleaver skills. The kids were shocked. "Where's the box?" There is no box. These are from scratch. "You know how to DO that?" Shaddup, kid. Enjoy 'em while you can.)

*slinks out, wishes blogits a happy Sunday*

Look Cat, at least your "health regimen" involves actually doing something healthy, rather than injecting the world's most potent poison mere inches from your heart.

from Cat's article: "Most of the women in LA have been on the Master Cleanse (that's lemonade with cayenne pepper and maple syrup, a saltwater drink and laxative tea) all week."

I'll pass. Literally.

Dang...wish I had had the MoviPrep franchise @ Hollyweird!

...or the butt plug concession in the ladies room.

Now there's a lovely thought.

Only in L.A., the land of fruits and nuts. NTTAWWT Annie. ;)

And the award for best corkage in a snorting hole goes to...

"Corkage in a Snorting Hole" WBAGNFA beer league softball team.

"...or the butt plug concession in the ladies room."

"And the award for best corkage in a snorting hole goes to...

Diarhhea Perlman? I hear she's been looking for a good roll.

Sorry, guys. I was in a club the other night when a guy shared that info about a nearby woman. Nearly dropped my perfectly good beer on that one. Major TMI.

Did the nearby woman happen to be Cate Blanchett? The image of a demur English actress running back and forth to the loo just seems really, really funny to me. In a very disgusting sort of way of course.

Sometimes (like MOST OF) I'm glad to be a hick from Mississippi living in Arkansas. I had no idea people did this crap. I would lose respect for them, if I had any.

Jazzz - any babies this weekend? It was a full moon. Just curious whether's there's more during that time. I've heard yes.

(ot - I walked the red carpet once during a premiere in LA years ago. I'm a nobody, but at the time I resembled a somewhat famous actress, so the cameras were flashing just in case. The whole thing creeped me out. Really)

Been quiet since yesterday morning, Annie. Very unusual! I believe in the full moon theory and it usually plays out. BTW....the somewhat famous actress resembled YOU!!!

After reading the article, I'd just as soon NOT go. Reading about all the anxiety made me anxious. The drugs sounded good, though.

I don't mind watching from the comfort of my couch, though. Anxiety by proxy.

Maybe I'll just laugh instead.

Aw, shucks, Jazzzz. Ya big suck-up...

Back from some retail therapy. Annie, you'd be proud. I hit some realy really good sales @ Macy's.

I guess the Blog & s.b. are taking the day off.

Okay everybody, show a little respect and do not make irreverent guesses about which famous actress annie resembles.


Raul Castro named Cuba's new president.

I'm gobsmacked!

how about famous guesses on which irreverent actress resembles her?

That would be fine, jazzzz.

Siouxie.....Who woulda thunk it??

*zips in*™

Good afternoon everyone! I'm getting ready for the Oscars even though I haven't seen the movies either. Sitting on my kitchen table are 2 DVDs. Michael Clayton and American Gangster,both of which are nominated for something or other. But I can't watch either one of them til tomorrow night when my pal CG comes over. He gave them to me for my b-day on that condition. *sigh*

Jazzzz and I are watching Tiger win yet another golf tourney, but alas, we are not watching together.;)

Stevie, when I was younger, I was told numerous times that I resembled Meryl Streep. I always responded that I wish I had her money.

I'm still wondering who Annie looked like...hmmm


El!! I haven't seen many of the nominated movies either. My daughter wants to go see Atonement this afternoon so that we've seen at least ONE.

Oops, sorry, guys. Had some stuff to do. It was Dana Delaney on 'China Beach.'
Siouxie - congrats on your retail success! I can see the Meryl resemblance from here.
Still stunned at Raul's stunning victory.

are there any leftovers?

Leftover what, jug?

it looked like Siouxie whipped up brunch.

I'm thinkin' Annie's prettier.

You decide:



Annie, I see the resemblance between you and Dana, but your far better looking and I'm pretty sure you swing a better machete. ;)

No contest Wyo.....and funnier

If you mean bacon, jug, all I can say is .... ummmmm, Snork!

Aww, smooch y'all.
Still waiting for a snarky 'Exit to Eden' comment from SW.

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