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February 14, 2008


You can waste huge amounts of time in a productive manner.
(Thanks to ScottMGS)


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Man, I need to send a box to a former lover. These are almost as good as the radio station that is giving away a free divorce for Valentine's Day!

Yes, this is a productive use of my time.



Hee, hee! I got posted on Valentine's Day! Hugs for everybody!

That really looks like a neat idea. To have hearts made for someone.

You should see the funny e-mail they sent promoting it. They were crying because of all the, um, not-very-Valentine-like sayings people were trying out.

They wouldn't send mine. I guess they are cat-lovers. NttAWW...yes there is.

This guy is really funny. He's done some videos that are really good, and has some great humor scattered around the site.

He started out making fun of Amazon for patenting the one-click checkout by patenting the frownie :-( and threatening to sue everyone who used it in emails, etc. But he sold it on the website, free for the plain one. He charged extra for the fancier fonts. I actually bought one, and went through Yahoo checkout for no money.

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