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February 11, 2008


(Thanks to Siouxie)


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Don't cry over spilled beer (?)

I'll cry over spilled beer if I want to. The Death Penalty is too good for 'em.

That being said, however, 'Spillage Everywhere' WBAGNFAProgressiveRB

Alcohol abuse!!!

No! My precious ... !

Was it Czech beer?

did someone say beer?

Good morning, guys!

'All the cans came out of the top half of the lorry, and there was spillage everywhere.'

I'm willing to be there was lickage everywhere too.

Joe Bonomassa. Warning: Not a beer related link.

As we say in Arkansas - Some folks just need killin'.

Now, if this involved a different kind of spillage out the top, there would be much rejoicing.

As it is, though, we here in the colonies share Britain's national grief.

rascal, if I had that tiger stripe Les Paul, I would be incented to play more and better.

My flame maple top hand made PRS

I played a PRS once - nice guitar. Better than my stumble fingers can justify.

I have an old Fender acoustic (ever seen one?) that plays nicely and has good compression. I like the way it sounds.

A friend has a collection of high-end and/or antique guitars ($$). If I need to play something different I go see him. He can tell you things like "this guitar is the next serial number after Jimmy Rodgers guitar."

If you want a omwhat more positive story, follow the link to "Victory for Lesbians in Puppy Battle".

If you want a somewhat more positive story, follow the link to "Victory for Lesbians in Puppy Battle".

Souixie, I most certainly hope so!

"we'll be looking out for bits of road in our pints for the next few weeks."

I have heard of Rocky Road ice cream, but never beer....

I doubt if it catches on.

no wonder they're ahead of us in annual per capita consumption- they cheat and pour it out on the roadway...

It's my porter and I'll cry if I want to
Cry if I want to, cry if I want to
You would cry too if it happened to you

Nobody knows why those two blokes jumped on
The truck that carried my beer
Why did they recklessly crash
And lose all that I hold dear?


Then a bunch of thieves snuck out in the night
To grab the spilled pints of ale
Please, officers, hunt them down
And throw those blackguards in jail


All those nice bobbies were helpful and kind
They said they’d recover what’s mine
But my suspicions were raised
Not one could walk a straight line


*snork* at ducky... i was going to use the same song (but 'it's my lorry...' which imho isn't as good as yours)!

Betsy, that is indeed a heart-warming story. NTTAWWT.

and a beer & *SNORK* @ Ducky!! LTNS!! how is you?

They have a death penalty in england don't they?

JD, that's the song I thought of too, but you do songs so well, I'm glad I didn't try. :)

Fallin' out, around the curve
Are you ready for a brand new wheat?
Winter's here and the time is right
Before it's rancid in the street

They're dancin' in from Heathrow
Toastin' "God Save the Queen"
Up from Picadilly

All we need is pretzels, salt pretzels
There'll be pretzels everywhere
There'll be singin', brawlin' and non-pub crawlin'
Pole dancin' in the streets

Oh, it doesn't matter what you wear
Just as long as you are there
So come on, every guy grab a straw
Free pale ale, behold with awe!
There'll be slurpin'
They're slurpin' in the street

This is an invitation
For inebriation
A chance for gals and blokes to meet
There'll be droolin' and leerin' and ground-based beerin'
(Just no wide stancin' in the streets)....

ROFL! Meanie that was excellent!!!

*tosses Meanie and pretzel and a straw*

Beautiful, Meanie!

Still 20th...I need one for the road.

*Applauds Meanie Springsteen, toasts w/beer*

*Inspects beer, sees suspicious floaties*

*Pours out beer (sob!), flaps away to get another*

Springsteen? I thought that was Jagger.

I thought it was Bowie ;-P

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