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February 27, 2008


We could stand behind a candidate like this.

(Thanks to Onterrible)


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Onterrible: Cool name.

It Depends

*stealing Annie's line*

It Depends.

*runs away*

Now that's an interesting psychic simul there.

residents ...are being put to bed too early at night and aren’t getting enough exercise.
hmmmm...a few battery-operated toys would kill two birds with one stone.

um...that Matilda...always getting in the way.

At least our politicians' clothes aren't full of s**t.

It's ok, Matilda. I have others. :)

I thought we have a candidate like him......John McCain.

I'd like to see one of our candidates (all of them) do this.

*it happens at the end of the clip*

To put in context on why he couldn't get elected POTUS, George Smitherman is openly gay and is legally married to his male partner. I don't have a problem with that, but I don't think he'd poll all that well in some of the states.

Well, we could stand behind him, but not closely behind him.


How could you stand behind anyone other than your boss? Did you forget he is running for President, too?

CJ - don't worry. It's not Larry Craig.

random - thanks! I love that clip. :D

New running mate, Dave?

I know how Mr. Smitherman got into this situation:

Smitherman: What will it take for me to win this election?
Campaign Chair: Depends.
Smitherman: Depends on what?
Campaign Chair: No, Depends, the adult undergarment. See, the big paper company needs some pollution waivers...

Hopefully, where ever we stand, is upwind from this guy.

He should go for it. Or in it, either way.

She: "So, boxers or briefs?"
He: "Depends."
She: "Oh.... my!"
He: OnTheWeather! OnTheWeather!"

Richard, sounds like you read "User Friendly", too. I loved that line. :)

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