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February 26, 2008


Guys are good at saving labor.

(Thanks to Keli Minick)


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Amazing, there is no report of alcohol being involved.

Every time I try to sign up for an online welding course from the local community college, my wife unenrolls me. She doesn't want me to use the family computer in the kitchen while I practice my skills.

He had cars in a shed? I thought that's what garages are for. Where does he keep his gardening tools?

Scott - his gardening tools are in the converted porta potty.

Speaking of tools, he ain't the sharpest one, eh??

Classic example of folks who should not be allowed to breed.

Not My Usual...,

Did you notice this was reported in the Green Bay Press Gazette? That implies that alcohol is *always* involved.

(From a former resident of Wisconsin)

I personally have wanted to burn away the snow for years. What has stopped me is the bushes right next to our sidewalk.

This would have been only a minor setback for two-sheds Jackson.

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