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February 28, 2008


Male spiders play dead for sex

(Thanks to DavCat)


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So they play dead ensuring longer mating, resulting in more fertilized eggs. Just what this world needs, more spiders. *SHUDDERS*

Nursery spiders? Or nursery rhyme spiders?

The itsy bitsy boy spider wanted action with his gal.

"NO!" said the girl spider, and kicked him down the wall.

Plunk! fell the boy spider, and "died" in pseudo pain.

"What have I done!?!" said the girl, and he scored yet once again.


Yep. Dated her. You'll notice I didn't include SPEAK in the list of commands.

Necrophiliac arachnids? GAG.

The female spider probably thinks she's just about to inherit a lot of spider dollars.

I believe you mean species, not gender... :-) Heh, heh, heh...

Pretending to be injured to get sympathy is something a LOT of animals do. My dog will pretend to have a hurt leg to get a treat or some attention, even though it NEVER works. Playing dead to get sex is just the logical extention of that.

FYI.. It kinda backfires when they kick you or poke you with a stick.

The loser spiders offer food held in their mouth?! No wonder they don't get any. Imagine going to a bar and the guy next to offers you peanuts and beer from his mouth....ewww!

Rosie, that happened to you too?! Musta been the same guy.

Gee, thanks for the credit, I only sent that in on the 26th.

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