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February 26, 2008


Transgender Law Faces Stiff Opposition

(Thanks to Peter Metrinko)


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Oooh! Don't get me started! :-(


There is no religious exemption in the law, so church-affiliated schools, for example, could be used for not hiring transgender teachers.

It was further established that church-affiliated schools could also be used for bake sales and as bingo halls. The irony was apparently lost on opponents of the measure.

It seems perverts are everywhere in government these days. Liberals have to destroy the institution of marriage with gay marriage. Now liberals are forcing this transgendered nonsense into the schools. Next, liberals will be forcing marriage between people and animals.

Liberals are just abunch of perverts.

Gangus, when you have sex with a concenting animal, it's only fair that it should at least have a glimmer of hope that the two of you may one day be married.

BillyJoeJimBob it seems that you aer speaking from experience when it comes to talking about having sex with an animal. I guess the animal found you to be too perverted to marry.

What did you do to make the animal freak BillyJoeJimBob ??

"A new law designed to protect transgendered people is still raising a ruckus in Montgomery County as opponents to the law say it's not what it appears to be."

The same could be said of transgendered people.

LMAO @ Scott!! I feel yer pain!!!

gangus, why don't you take your offensive crap elsewhere?? hmmm?? There is NO need to insult people. If only everyone could be a little more accepting of other people's preferences, we may actually be a bit happier.



Bob Costas: "There's a flag on the play. Let's go to Ed Hochuli on the field:"

We have multiple fouls on this play -- first, unnecessary name calling and trolling forgetting this is a humor blog on gangus, 15 yards. 10 yard penalty on BillyJoeJimBob for using "you have" instead of "one has". Another 15 yards for gangus, retaliation unbecoming an intelligent adult by use of attempted character assassination unsubstantiated allegations in an ad hominem attack.

Bob Costas: "Well, that was just unnecessary."

Kudos to Machete Mama!

Oh Siouxe, shut up !!

Read the comments attached to the article. There's a woman there that tells of one these perverts where she worked that used to use the ladies room. It is really frightening for some women, but you would tell them to "be more tolerant".

I have issues with poorly-written laws even when I agree with the sentiment behind them. Meanness, however, just plain sucks.

In biology, diversity in an ecosystem helps ensure that it can adapt to changing situations. Lack of diversity leads most rapidly to extinction.

Humans rely on our ecosystem. Humans are part of our ecosystem. Human diversity *will* triumph in the long run.

gangus, I'm not gonna argue with someone who obviously has a bug up their ass.

you can come here and make me shut up though ;-P

Gangus, you're entitled to your opinion, as is everyone else here. But, you're bringing anger and hostility to a place that's meant for fun, and your statements invite others to react similarly.

Please find somewhere else to express your views, as there are many places available that share them or that are made to discuss them. Lots of us here have diverse opinions about religion, social matters, and politics, and will disagree about these subjects in other forums. But this isn't the place for debating issues and getting ugly and abusive. If you can't keep it civil, you're not welcome here.

Thanks, Meanie. I meant to say that but the Cubana in me took over ;-)

*pries Siouxie's machete out of her locked fingers*

How is this subject funny ??

A man cuts off his manhood and goes into a ladies room.

Please explain ...

Well...I still don't see the humor.

Please help he to see the humor here...

If the article headline didn't use the term "stiff opposition", it wouldn't have been sent in or posted.

That's the joke, such as it is.

Hi, g. It seems to me that we humans have two ways to respond to something we perceive as absurd. We either get mad about it or we laugh. It also seems that, often, those who get mad can't understand why other people think it's funny. Also, the people who think it's funny can't understand why other people get mad about it. There *is* no way to explain it.

Simple, yes, but hard to grasp from either side. I know. I know from experience.

Scott, spouse of a transsexual.

A transgendered pervert walks into a kindergarden full of little kids.

One of the kids says, "who are you ??"

Pervert says, "I am your teacher for this year."

Bwahahahahaha...that's funny !!

I don't get it. Explain, please? :-)

Whoa! Maybe you folks should all calm down and have a margarita or something. I'm pretty conservative and I live in Massachusetts (Land of Lunatic Liberals) and I don't get as upset. Is this really a huge, emotional issue? Even here, there are not to my knowledge herds of oppressed transgendered individuals roaming around being oppressed. Furthermore, why hasn't anyone commented on the law "raising stiff opposition"? Or maybe I'm the only one left on this blog with sleazy sense of humor.

Whoa! Maybe you folks should all calm down and have a margarita or something. I'm pretty conservative and I live in Massachusetts (Land of Lunatic Liberals) and I don't get as upset. Is this really a huge, emotional issue? Even here, there are not to my knowledge herds of oppressed transgendered individuals roaming around being oppressed. Furthermore, why hasn't anyone commented on the law "raising stiff opposition"? Or maybe I'm the only one left on this blog with sleazy sense of humor.

((((((Scott)))))))) well said, my friend.

(purposely ignoring)

For the record. I wouldn't KNOW if the "lady" next to me in the bathroom was really a lady unless I was peeking and well, that would make ME the pervert, no??

Were those women peeing with the door open??? I don't get it.

i wonder why we're looking under bathroom stalls. trannies live as the sex they feel they should have been born into. that would include using the restroom they identify with. why would this bother anyone? how many gay guys have you been shoulder to shoulder with at the urinal gangus? does it matter?

Christine - surely you jest! I KNOW we all have a sleazy sense of humor here. We're just trying to get back to it.

Scott - Love you, Sweetie. :) ((((Scott))))

gangus - some humor can't be explained. You either get it, or you don't. Sometimes Dave posts something because the headline alone is amusing - not that he necessarily thought the content of the article was amusing. Due to the incongruous nature of the word "stiff," this is one of those times.

(Geez, I said "incongruous." I feel like I'm teaching the mathematics of humor!) :-D

Hi Siouxie! You have it right. So *many* times, people *can't* tell and there are a significant number of people that people will *mistakenly* take as transgender. Wouldn't *that* be embarrassing?! We'd have to get the TSA to staff bathroom entrances, check IDs and, whenever they felt like it... STRIPSEARCH!!! Boy, that sure doesn't sound like the America *I* grew up in!

It does, however, have a disturbing similarity to the world my *kids* are growing up in.

While running for president does Dave Barry stand behind transgender people ??

Bwahahahahaha...Oh, tha's just soooo funny.

This is a humor site.

Hi, Diva. Thanks!

PS - (((((Les, by association))))) :-)

Someone mention strip search???? ;-P

anyone interested, a great and sad interview with susan stanton ran recently. be sure to check the associated link to her son's school essay regarding tolerance.

gangus, some might consider the kind of humor shown in the posting of that headline as juvenile or inappropriate.

All well and good if that's how anyone feels. But at least it's not mean and hateful, which is where you seem to keep returning to, since you seem to resent that not everyone here agrees with your outlook.

Juvenile, in the gutter, low-brow. Yes, we get there often. But we don't insult and abuse people just because we have different opinions. If you don't like what you read here, just go. We won't be changing things around to suit you anytime soon.

While traveling I-95 in Maine one day with my children, we stop in to Burger King for lunch.

I go into the men's room to find the largest collection of homo-erotic graffiti I'd ever seen. I mean it is everywhere in the Burger King bathroom and really vile stuff.

I talk to the manager and she says it's a "cruising site". I called corporate headquarters for Burger King and they say they can't do anything about it because of the "tolerance" laws in Maine.

I call the govenors office and they hangup on me because they want to promote perversion on the kids.

So, I don't see what is funny about the subject.

Maybe if we try pig latin....
Isthay isay ay umorhay ogblay. Ifay ouyay on'tday etgay ethay okejay afteray ourfay explinationsay, ouyay evernay illway. Atsthay ay oodgay ignsay atthay isthay ightmay otnay ebay ethay ogblay orfay ouyay.

Itingwray inay igpay atinlay isay ardhay.

I should probably have said "iffstay" instead of "ardhay". I'll try and do better next time. :)

gangus, if I'm to judge by the number of reported incidents, school children have much more to fear from heterosexual teachers and teacher's aides than they do from homosexual or transexual teachers.

And like Scott, I have personal experience. My only child is a lesbian and I wouldn't change ANYTHING about her. She and her partner are two of the nicest people I have ever met.

Just curious, but your writing is frightening similar to some of the idiotic cr@p I've read in the online comments to Hiaasen and Pitts columns. Yup, thought it was you.

I've been to Maine and found most of the people to be quite nice. Glad I didn't run into you.

Okay, so if i go to a restaurant, I should expect to see "Men" Women" and "Whatever"?

*Sends big hug to Scott and his spouse*

(((((((( Tex))))))))) you GO girl!

Hi !!

I'm back with some more humor for everybody ... it relates to an article I found in derSpiegel.


"Statistics don't necessarily imply a causal link," Böhmer told the German newsmagazine Focus in an interview published on Monday. "But the accumulation cannot be denied. I think it can mainly be explained with a more casual approach to new life in eastern Germany." In the German Democratic Republic abortion right up to the 12th week was allowed in 1972. The women took the decision on their own. Today, to obtain an abortion at that late stage, women are required to receive a professional consultation.

See, the east german women learned under communism to kill their babies after the 12th week.

Let's do dead baby jokes because nothing a liberal finds more funny than a dead baby.


*gives up*

g, say hello to the Fuhrer for me.

Let's see here...google dead baby jokes.

Yup, there's hilarious, complete, sick and evil dead baby jokes.

Any requests for a particular type of dead baby joke out there ??

See, homosexuality, transgender and abortion are the very same topic because they are all a part of the culture of death.

Wait, the first site I am going to has a "Warning Page" because the subject matter is "Offensive" not to be viewed by persons under the age of 18, or individuals who are easily offended by tasteless humor.

It seems the people running this site claim to take the safety of your children ato heart, and do not in any way condone the killing of babies, or any other manner in which harm could come to a child..

Wow, it seems that the people that blog dead baby jokes have a higher sense of morals than the Dave Barry bog.

Dead baby jokes anybody ???

so, I'm guessing the s.b. hasn't been by this thread in a while...? When she does, I'm gonna be over there making up bad movie subtitles until it's safe to come out and play...

**looks around blog** Where AM I? Isn't this still the funny farm?

Rush Limbaugh blog is that a'way ------>

well i could delete the asinine comments, but if i did that all the time, we'd have no blog.


really, though, you guys seem to have handled it pretty well. my feeling is (and i think The Blog agrees): let people label themselves with their own words. it doesn't hurt us to remember that some people really believe that kind of thing.

Thanks, Judi and Dave. It is valuable to be reminded of just how diverse our society is even when we dislike it - from either ALL angles.

Thanks, judi. You (and Dave) are right, as usual.

Thanks, judy. That's why you're key mistress of the blog.

Thanks, judy. That's why you're key mistress of the blog.

Gangus-neoKahn, the name, is kind of funny, but it should be spelled Genghis neoKhan.

This has been your helpful spelling tip of the day.

Rats! Hate it when I pooch the screw.

Dschinghis OldiKhan.

lol @ judi!

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