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February 26, 2008


Here's a photo. It would be truly scary to be a houseguest in this woman's home. You get the munchies one night, head for the kitchen, open the fridge and AIEEEEE

(Thanks to many people)


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Shouldn't they be in Tupperware or something?

Do turtles get shrinkage?

Seeing that bottle in the fridge with the critters almost makes me want to swear off white wine.

It's kind of cute, like a mini-storage for turtles.

Listen, can we do something about that annoying little light in here? It's keeping me awake.

will this work with dogs?

It's a rescue ... she's "saving" them.

Did anyone else notice the banner ad, "Are you a good kisser?" IANMTU... right above Mrs. Neely staring into the eyes of her beloved tortoise.

wrapped and put to bed - with the odd bottle-of wine or jar of mayonnaise for company

So she's got all of her ingredients in one place. Big deal.

Turtlesicles for everyone!!!

"Empty upper shell, remove and discard gall bladder, sand bags and thick intestines"...

Not even Rachael Ray and Giada De Laurentiis working together could pull that off... (urp!)

Turtle soup SNORT @ Dread!

I'm worried that the two in teh door bins with their little legs over the rail are going to rather stiff and sore when they wake up.

Really, shouldn't there have been an ad for Turtle Wax™ on that page?

UGH! I just lost my 'Gaul' bladder.
And my appetite. And my luuunn..ch.

I'll never eat French food again

Yes to all the above, but ya gotta admit, "Hibernating Tortoises" WBAGNFARB.

Ok, I'm showing my neophyte blogit experience, but what does WBAGNFARB stand for?



Thanks! I was trying to make it much kinkier.

While we are at it, can someone please tell me why the blogits are always saying "su.so.cal" for SoCal ?
I DID check the acronym page, and couldn't find it.

Psst, Texgal - I've been blurking here for a couple of years, and still don't know all the "secret codes".

sucky southern california?


Not to worry, Texgal; I've been here for ages and I still can never remember whether it's "blogits" or "bloglits." Or both.

Renee - both.

Tex - sunny south California. And they're awfully smog smug about it, too.

AWRIGHT, SIOUXIE ! Come on out !
I gotta chingaso righthere with your name on it !!!

Diva - thanks ! That was me who asked about su.so.ca. We are not so smog, anymore, much less smug, imho. We have our share of issues, but are eternally grateful for our weather.
Which, may I add, does not part when you walk through it, like some other southern cities that will remain nameless, SIOUXIE !!!

"Mrs Neely used to keep her animals in boxes in an outhouse and not all her visitors are used to this new method. "

So that's where the porta-potties went before the hunters got ahold of them!

(I would also like to mention that I think it's very clever, brilliant, even, of the British to leave off the "." on their salutations. Do you think they reap great savings on ink cartridges over time?)

*snork* @ Cat R. !

It will be very scary even if I open it up during the day.

Will the refrigerator be too dry for turtoises?

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