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February 23, 2008


The heraldists want it back.

Key Name:
Henrik Klackenberg

(Thanks to sjhaller)


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Come here kitty, kitty.

Visualize World Peni's

Dear Heraldry Unit,

I apologize for whacking your Lion's pee-pee.

Men! Always wanting their peni(ses) back.

An emasculated lion is not a pretty sight.

Tip (har!) from Miss Manners: It's just common courtesy to ask before removing a penis.

It seems the heraldists have access to some of those shrinkage pills, too.

The motto has interesting mutilational possibilities. Unfortunately, the lack of a Pee precludes the inclusion of an Apparatus

Ad Omnia Paratus =
Paramount As Aid
Pair-A-Nuts? Am DOA.
It's a... a... a proud man?
I Dam' No A'paratus!

Sweden has a military? I thought we did their fighting for them.

"Ready For Everything" except the unkindest cut.

*snork* at Cheesewiz's Visualization of Whirled Penes.


Suddenly, fire isn't the bocken's biggest worry.

One more time ...

*snork* at Cheesewiz's Visualization of Whirled Penes.

Nothin' gnarlier than unnaturally neutralized neuticle nuts. Nuff said.

Given Sweden's history of neutrality, the gelded lion symbol seems entirely appropriate.

Why is Dave's newspaper sticking their noses in, so to speak, diplomatic affairs of the Swedish military?

Henrik called. He wants his klackenberg back.

Bork, bork, bork!

I cannot look.

Go ahead, Cat. You wouldn't to miss something as eunuch as this.

Sorry for my ^want^ disregard.

Soon to be a CBS Made For TV Movie, "The Lion's Thing."

Will it be a short feature film?

Celluloid Snort @ CJ.


"Men! Always wanting their peni(ses) back (sxi, 10:06am)"

Women. Never wanting to give them back.

"Men! Always wanting their peni(ses) back (sxi, 10:06am)"

Women. Never wanting to give them back.

a hearty snork at CJ's Lion Thing.

A bunch of Swedish women are behind this. A classic case of Penis Svenvy.

I suspect Bob Barker

SW - for you at 2:29, that's a stretch.

Aw, I go to great lengths to appreciate some of your offerings.

SW meant to say he wishes he had Ali's @ss.
Guys - you're welcome.

Whew - my last comment ran away from the next thread...headin' over there to repost and switch to decaf.

Yes, it's a shame to have to look at that twice.

So they removed the penis out of deference for the females in the military . . . are they going to remove the lion's mane next?

And aren't lionesses the ones who do most of the fighting/hunting anyway?

I could understand this if it were Switzerland. I mean, they have no b@lls anyway.

And Cheese - if CJ had a Lion's Thing, I wouldn't be laughin' at it.


Oh, hi, cg!! *erases remainder of post* ;)

Hm. So, wait - The Lion in Winter is about shrinkage in Sweden?

Dangit. I thought I mighta done that.

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