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February 21, 2008


Thank you all for participating. Your entries were scary excellent. We will announce the winner later today, after we see our therapist.


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*Pops a Tic-Tac™ for her bated breath*

Judi and Dave comment during session, "We can't get these horrible images out of minds."

Judi to Dave: "Just say 'No' to contests."

I love you guys!!!!! Good luck with the judging.

CrapPost Alert:

Judi and Dave comment during session, "We can't get these horrible images out of OUR minds."

Judi to Dave: "Just say 'No' to contests."

I love you guys!!!!! Good luck with the judging.

Better act quickly, appointments are limited.

Meanie, why did I KNOW exactly what your link would be???? It's who I thought of too!

DMTA (disturbed minds think alike)

Think they're done reading yet?

....how 'bout now?

Just now recalling the photo of the judges' panel linked from the original post, is it too late for a suubmission involving feces-flinging?

C'mon, how long can it take to read 600 entries?

Well annie, we know you are. Which one of my entries do you predict will win?

*Snorks @ ec's rounding up activities*

Or are you two just printing out the list, hanging it on the wall, and throwing a dart?

SW - I really like the one you posted with your photo on it. ;p

SW, you shouldn't counter your wiener before it's hatched.

Thank you, Meanie. It makes me happy to know that you appreciated my efforts, because I'm quite sure that the judges don't.

What they lacked in quality, they made up for in quantity.

Be patient guys, they are waiting on Simon Cowel to give his input.

BTW, Meanie, sorry about not replying sooner but some eedjit at the office killed the network. It's a tad more than balmy at about 87 degrees in the shade today.

"What they lacked in quality, they made up for in quantity.

Posted by: Mot the Hoople | 09:26 AM on February 21, 2008"

Mot, I'm counting on it. ;-)

(Removes lampshade from head, apologizes to blog for last night's excessive postings...)

"We will announce the winner later today..."
It's later today now, isn't it?
Just asking.

Cat - you had some good ones. Although the night to me was a blur, so....
*stands on shovel handle to get out of hole I'm digging*
Hey, how about that lunar eclipse?

Not yet.

Now. Yes, it is later now.

Did you guys hear that there was a 6.0 earthquake in Nevada?

Hookers at the Chicken Ranch were astounded that they actually felt the earth move... for once.

Heard at the tables on the strip, "No dude, my chips were on the pass line."

Did I win? Did I win?? huh? huh??

I can't wait to listen to Barry Manilow!!!

Thanks, Annie. Back atcha. I normally don't blog at work, but today is my last day here, and blogging is better than packing. I'm going to fight SW for the Weinermobile.

There was a lunar eclipse? Was too busy dodging lightning strikes to notice. Or maybe that was just Siouxie perfecting her machete technique.

He's playing Sunday at the BAC. Go buy yourself a ticket. I'd go with you, but I'm busy that day - have to clean the litter pan...

EC, it'd take more than a 6 . . .

For Wess--, er, Cat R. and Annie and Siouxie.

6.3 in Nevada, yes. I had 6.1 with an over/under of .2.
Cat - congrats, I think. Sounds like you're good with it. I'm in a similar situation. And I think you can take SW for the weinermobile.

Diva, if you're here, that LOLCat.com site is a hoot.

SNORK at Meanie's audio link!

LOL Meanie! love it.

Texgal, I'll be more careful next time I practice ;-P

ec, an impostor poster poser said that...not *I*!! (either that or the clowns have taken over my brain).

*smacks self*


Good luck, Annie. No new prospects yet for me, but all will work out, eventually.

(((((((Cat & Annie)))))))))

Change is good. Ask Obama ;-P


cup for change

(I'll split it with ya, Annie)

The eclipse was truly beautiful last night.


Okay, that was a moment. Now, back for more rabble-rousing. Just love rousing rabbles, doncha' know. Woo-hoo!

For Annie & Cat R.

(For the better, we hope).


Meanie, that was brilliant!

Do you suppose Dave is still in with his therapist ?

LOL at Meanie's link!

Good one, Meanie. My baby's got me locked up in change.

BULLETIN, BULLETIN, BULLETIN - The DaveBarry.com events page says that The Blog will be appearing on the Today show, er, tomorrow.

I found no details, but I can't imagine our astute and attractive judges will fail to provide them sometime soon.

Perhaps Dave is going to announce the big winner then! On the Today Show! Who would have thought it would be such a huge thing?

*Books a flight to NYC*

*Makes emergency appointment with hairdresser*

*counts change in cup ... cancels flight*

Dang! Missed him by a couple of days!!!

Meanie, I'm sure the s.b. will be posting this mañana.

Cat, don't use the Flowbee this time.

Meanie, I loved the "change" link. May now need to change my underwear.

For those of us who didn't get the video from Meanie to download: Then is now.

I want that Oscar Mayer weinermobile.

I want it more.

I want it now.

*sells tickets to the Wienermobile fight*

Dream on, ladies. It's mine.

Do not come between a blogchick and her stuffed Weinermobile.

Cat - glad you liked it! Have you been to the other one?

I need to add to my weinermobile collection.

"Stuffed Weinermobile" WBAGNFA ... never mind.


DIVA!!! What the heck are you doing to me? ROFLMAO. I have to look for a job next week. Just what I needed -- more addictive websites.

the sideways wienermobile is hilarious!

cat - always glad to help! *winky winky*

*Hoping typepoop allows this*

I'm also collecting weinermobiles so stand BACK!

Ooh, Siouxie - is he single?!

Any way you slice it, Siouxie's guy is on a roll.

Alas, the weinermobile may be in trouble.

Hey DeskDiva, have you seen these

Sideways weiner(mobile)s are always inconvenient.

Siouxie - how about we trade?

Guin - the potpie on the head one cracked me up! I love it. :-D

Er, GADFLY! I meant GADFLY. geez. need coffeez.

DONE DEAL, Annie!! keep your weiner and gimme chocolate!!!!


so, did i win?

and...that ^ was #69

ohhhh yeah!

Psst judges, choose my entry, and I'll give you a nice ripe banana.

Is it bwoke?

Not anymore, Elon - you feexed it.

*Steps into blog, sees Siouxie with machete, steps back out quietly*

*WAVES machete @ Hammie!!!*

*waves wienermobile @ Hammie!!*

Hey - I asked yesterday if the Hamlet was off crutches, but you didn't check back. Just wondering. :-)

*Waves carefully @ Siouxie!!!*

*Waves @ DD!!!*

She's still on crutches (and a walker when absolutely no one can see her), but things are progressing well. Probably another month or so.

I'm wondering if there will "prize categories" - cuz I'm a shoo-in for the lamest caption !

Glad to hear of the progression, Hammie! Tell her we all said hello. :-)

*zips in*™

I have it from a very reliable source that Dave will be on the Today show at 7:16a.m. EST.

Siouxie's talkin' weiners and machetes...I'm outta here!

Hammie, I'm glad she's getting better!

* (sigh) sets alarm clock for 7 AM, something I haven't done since I stopped taking the bus to work every morning *

Siouxie, it pains me to see two good friends like you and Annie at odds over the weinermobile. I hope you've both stopped looking daggers at each other long enough to think about the *possibility* that it might end up with someone else entirely. Now I'm not saying that would be a Michiganer necessarily, just that anything is *possible*...

[Michiganers don't count as Damyankees, do they?]

Steve - it's ok. Michiganers don't count, period. ;p

Michiganers can count?

Steve, Annie and will work this out like only real women can...we shall shop for shoes!

I'm hurt. More than that, I'm cowed.

[OK, steered.]

Besides, between Michigan and Florida we may be Hillary's last chance, if they'll only quit squabbling over delegates. Not that *I'll* vote for her; I have too much sympathy for the White House interns to let Wild Bill loose again...

I'll be voting for Obama. The last Clinton left a bad taste in my mouth.

Steve - don't make me come up there.

Not to mention on that tired old blue dress, huh Monica? Still wearin' thongs & stitchin' handbags, sweetie?

crap I actually do work and miss a caption contest....(insert f-bomb here)

To Meanie: for what it's worth, I thought your entry re Ron's photo on the [email protected] dating website was the best caption of the lot. I was surprised you didn't win. Cheers, Tony Field

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