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February 27, 2008


Now: A wallaby.


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Poor wallaby, we hardly knew ye.

Rocko! Noooooooooo ... !

"the python, named Fluffy"

Right then. I'm never going to Australia.

"We figured if it could eat the wallaby, it could easily eat our five-year-old."

Ya think?

The snake 'acquired' the dog? How pc is that?

Snakes. Why is it always snakes?

Wallaby danged.

Doc, because Dave has a thing for snakes, IYKWIM.

i'll go to hell for this but... the first thing that came to mind when i saw the picture was of my first Thanksgiving dinner at my in-laws house. let's just say that my ex father-in-law was a chow hound. i know that he never chewed anything before swallowing. can't figure out why in had such gastrointestinal problems.

in = he

We all know that Dave LOVES slithering slimy snakes as we can see from this crap cam photo.

Ridley does too.

ww - mine,too! He had practically a food orgy in front of us. He was obese, yet blamed his meds for having to have a mastectomy. Yes, whut I said.

Sioux - that'll teach them to write about snakes. Or not.

*SNORK* at Annie!

Speaking of snakes, the jury is about to give the sentencing decision in the trial of the cop who killed his pregnant girlfriend. Hopefully the gets the slow drip to Hell.

Maybe he could room with the snake...for a while...bwahaha....

Wicked, I do hope you got therapy after that one! My ex-boss, Jabette the Hutt, was in league with your father-in-law. I always kept my hands and feet at of range when she was grazing. She still gives me nightmares.

Since snakes swallow their prey head-first, all Australian mammals will need snake protection.

^out of range SIGH!

*wonders if a reticulated python can swallow a reticulated giraffe*

I'd hope the snake could eat that outfit Chris. I don't think the model would be a problem since the wallaby probably weighs 10X her weight.

DPC - excellent point, except you overlook one thing.
Models are cold-blooded.

YIPES, Annie!! Night of the living dead models!

Gulp me wallaby down, snake, gulp me wallaby down!

where did they get a picture of me first thing in the morning? no sh!t, i have a pair of those contacts and occassionally wear them just to scare the crap out of my boss and co-workers. makes the day so much more enjoyable, at least for me.

CJ, I was thinking of "Digesting Matilta."

Wicked, those would have been a great Jabette deterrent. Dammit, missed my chance.


Hi, Hammie! I waved atcha earlier, but you were gone by then. :)

No one noted the fact that this snake ate the wallaby AND her joey which was still in the pouch. Poor little guy.

Aww, DD!!!




diva, i noted it, but failed to comment. i was thinking appetizer.

cg - i love your perspective. :D

If we start getting stories about a giant snake in Southern Idaho/ Boise area..... oooops.

I loved that snake, it ate the neighbor dog that killed our rabbits. -now that was a backwoods sentence-

Actually, I rather liked the photo's caption.
...swallow a wallaby and joy...

No one in Australia will ever smile again.

I noticed that caption, too.

Just judging by all the posts about Australia on this blog I don't even see how Australians can walk outside of their houses and live to tell about it.

Final score:

Reptiles - 2
Marsupials - 0

The F0ster's Player Of The Day is Fluffy, for his game-winning double play. Stay tuned for the Major Species Devouring League wrap-up and highlights with your hosts Syd Ney and Ken Berra.

"Python: Australian for bier."

Tune in Next hour when it will be the Monitors Vs the Platypus.
Should be an interesting one folks. I hear the Platypi are getting poisonous claws for just this event.

Annie- When I did a search for Bier, I found this.

Oops, posted without the link. Many Apologies to all.

The monitors will crush. Those things are huge.

A 'bier' is an enclosure for a corpse, but when I g00gled it, I found a confused restaurant. Obviously they had hired a marketing firm from West Virginia.

I think thats just a norwegian way of saying it. Beer that is.

I think the Germans spell it like that too. Mmmmmmm....Weisbier.

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